Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club and Elite Racers present: Old World Hustle (11th-19th June)

The Buckyball Racing Club and the Elite Racers present a crossover event which will test your supercruise, speed docking and aerobatic skills in the hottest racing action this side of the Xexedi Cluster!

Hustle over to the Old Worlds to get on the starting grid at Lave Station. From there, plot a course to visit five nearby stations in the order of your choosing. Fly a loop around each station before docking. Return to Lave to land and complete your race entry.

New to racing?
Please refer to the following instructional video, generously commissioned by Anthony and Enoch Lonnegan:
Don't worry too much about all the rules and regulations below. Racing is about fun and community. Competing to post the most convoluted backstory and race rules is part of the fun for race organisers!

  • Choose your race class: Open Unlimited or Regulation Eagle.
  • Start at Lave Station in Lave.
  • Visit each of the following five stations in any order, flying a loop around each station before docking:
    1. Shifnalport in Diso.
    2. Watson Station in Orerve.
    3. La Soeur du Dan Ham in Riedquat.
    4. Brett High in Tionisla.
    5. Patterson Dock in Uszaa.
  • Return to Lave Station and dock - without looping round the station - to complete the race.
Raikogram for this race:

Expand for the full race regulations.
The race runs from Saturday June 11th 3302 at 00:00:00 to Sunday June 19th 3302 at 23:59:59. Entries made wholly or in part outside this period will be rejected. All times are server time.

Only entries made in Open mode will be eligible for classification. Entries from Solo or Private Group mode will be added to the leaderboard as exhibition runs with their entry endorsed with an x notation. They will not receive a final ranking.

Entries may be made in either the Open Unlimited or Regulation Eagle class. See RACE CLASSES below for more details on the classes. Any Open mode entry not explicitly declared as being Regulation Eagle or not conforming to the build requirements for that class will be entered in Open Unlimited.

The start/finish line for this race is Lave Station in Lave.

Racers must visit each of the five checkpoint stations in the order of their choosing. Racers who submit multiple entries may, if they wish, choose a different sequence in subsequent entries.

Visiting a station means docking at any landing pad at the station, having first flown a loop around the front and back of the station, and providing valid evidence of having done so. See Station loop regulations for more details on how to fly the loop. See HOW TO ENTER for details on how to provide evidence of docking at each checkpoint.

After visiting each station, racers must return to and dock at Lave Station to complete their entry.

It is not necessary to fly a loop around Lave Station before docking.

Failure to visit enough checkpoint stations before returning to Lave Station, or failure to return to Lave Station at all, will result in disqualification of the race entry. Docking at a station without flying a loop will also be grounds for disqualification.

[size=+1]Station loop regulations[/size]
Racers must adhere to the following procedure for docking at each checkpoint station. Where screenshots are required, they must show the HUD clock at the top-right of the screen and the time remaining on the ship's docking authorisation, or the station clock if docking has been completed.

Request docking before commencing the loop. Each successive screenshot must show less time remaining on the docking authorisation. [size=-2]Exceptions may be made for competitors who provide satisfactory evidence, for example a complete video recording, of cancelling and re-requesting docking permission while flying the loop.[/size]

You must start your loop from the front of the station. If you dropped from supercruise without the atmosphere shield (the "mailslot" in pilot slang) visible you must first fly to the front of the station.

Take a screenshot showing the atmosphere shield in front of you. [size=-2]The screenshot does not have to be centred as long as it proves that you were in front of the station.[/size]

Fly to the rear of the station. [size=-2]Special note to Elite Racers: this part of the race is similar to a Zero Gravity event but you do not need to loop around the habitation ring.[/size]

Take a screenshot showing the rearmost part of the station superstructure. As with the first screenshot, it does not need to be centred as long as it shows that you reached the rear of the station.

Return directly to the front of the station.

Take a screenshot showing either the atmosphere shield or the station interior. You can take it before or after passing through the atmosphere shield as long as the station's interior lights are visible and you are not docked.

Take a screenshot of your ship on the landing pad having completed docking.

[size=+2]RACE CLASSES[/size]
Only entries made in Open play will be eligible for the race leaderboard.

[size=+1]Open Unlimited[/size]
The Open Unlimited race class is open to all ship types and loadouts. You can fly any ship you choose, outfitted how you choose. Engineer modifications are allowed. Frame shift drive injection is allowed. Anything goes.

[size=+1]Regulation Eagle[/size]
The Regulation Eagle class is restricted to Eagle Mk II builds with the exact loadout below.
Core internalOptional internal
1CLightweight Alloys2DShield generator
2DPower plantUtility mounts
2DFrame shift driveHardpoints
1DLife support-
2APower distributor
1CFuel tank
Please note that "Optional internal" refers to the section of outfitting where the 2D shield generator must be installed. The shield is required for this class. Engineer modifications and frame shift drive injection are not allowed in the Regulation Eagle class. Ship kits, paintjobs and bobbleheads are, of course, allowed.

Visit Ridley Scott station in Zaonce to outfit your Eagle.

Planetary Approach Suite
Note that the Planetary Approach Suite is not part of the Regulation Eagle loadout. If you have a Planetary Approach Suite you should sell it before entering the race.

[size=+1]Open Unlimited[/size]


RSECMDR nameForum nameShip nameShip typeCallsignRaced
11tcookieholecookieholeArrowheadViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Charlie Oscar Oscar[/size]00:21:56
22tAken B.AkenBoschSpirit Of ShenaniganViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Alpha Kilo Echo[/size]00:22:38
31tKliggishrobinjbBoost Fail+Sidewinder[size=-2]DeLacy Kilo Lima India[/size]00:23:11
41tTimothy KnightRankazeCortanaImperial Eagle[size=-2]Gutamaya Tango India Mike[/size]00:24:24
53tSamwell Drakhyrdrakhyral-RassanViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Sierra Alpha Mike[/size]00:24:28
61tAlec TurnerAlec TurnerVanishing PointEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Alpha Lima Echo[/size]00:24:30
74tSenehJhyrrylFrictionless PaperweightViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Sierra Echo November[/size]00:24:38
85tTerrorsidicTerrorsidicMightyShipModsViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Tango Echo Romeo[/size]00:25:28
91<-LightSpeed->superflyguyAmen BreakOrca[size=-2]Saud Kruger Lima India Golf[/size]00:27:07
101TIP TalonTIP TalonSephrenias QuestCobra Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Tango India Papa[/size]00:35:00
Endorsement key

ddocking computer
fFSD injection
jjoker card
mmissing evidence
xexcluded from ranking

[size=+1]Regulation Eagle[/size]


RECMDR nameForum nameShip nameShip typeCallsignRaced
1cookieholecookieholeMomentum ConservationEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Charlie Oscar Oscar[/size]00:26:05
2AlotEsvandiaryEagle 2 LandingEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Alpha Lima Oscar[/size]00:26:27
3Aken B.AkenBoschBoost and a PrayerEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Alpha Kilo Echo[/size]00:27:08
4<-LightSpeed->superflyguyThree ways 'til SundayEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Lima India Golf[/size]00:28:31
5PollyPollyAquila RubraEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Papa Oscar Lima[/size]00:28:53
6KliggishrobinjbTeagleEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Kilo Lima India[/size]00:28:54
=OzricOzricFool of a TookEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Oscar Zulu Romeo[/size]00:28:54
8SenehJhyrrylChallengerEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Sierra Echo November[/size]00:29:09
9Alec TurnerAlec TurnerVarnishing PaintEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Alpha Lima Echo[/size]00:29:11
10Crystal StarbladeRankazeThrillseeker IVEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Charlie Romeo Yankee[/size]00:29:43
11Orange SheetsOrange SheetsLave PotionEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Oscar Romeo Alpha[/size]00:30:57
12Markzx59racer1ScreechEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Mike Alpha Romeo[/size]00:31:22
13Inga StevensonDarkfyre99Junkyard SurpriseEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics India November Golf[/size]00:31:37
14Stern WinterStern WinterBloody PenguinEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Sierra Tango Echo[/size]00:31:41
15BruskiBruskiBruski's EagleEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Beta Romeo Uniform[/size]00:31:43
16TerrorsidicTerrorsidicElite RicerEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Tango Echo Romeo[/size]00:34:12
Endorsement key

ddocking computer
fFSD injection
jjoker card
mmissing evidence
xexcluded from ranking

[size=+2]HOW TO ENTER[/size]
See How to enter on the Buckyball Racing Club homepage for general details on entering the race.

Only entries made wholly within the period 3302-06-11 00:00:00 to 3302-06-19 23:59:59 server time will be accepted. The deadline for submissions is 09:00:00 server time on Monday June 20th 3302. Entries received after that time will be rejected.

Entries must include:
  • Your CMDR name.
  • Your forum name if not the same as your CMDR name.
  • Your ship type.
  • Your ship name.
  • Game mode (Open, Solo, Private Group).
  • Race class (Open Unlimited, Regulation Eagle).
  • A screenshot of your modules panel showing the class and rating of all internal components, hardpoints and utility mounts installed. [size=-2]Multiple screenshots should be provided if the UI needs to be scrolled to fit all modules in view.[/size]
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Lave Station showing the station clock. The time shown will be your start time for the entry.
  • Screenshots of your approach and landing at each of the five stations. [size=-2]You need only submit a single screenshot of your ship on the pad at each station to qualify for a provisional place on the leaderboard. The top three competitors in each class will be asked to provide further evidence as outlined in Station loop regulations above in order to secure a podium position.[/size]
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Lave Station showing the station clock. The time shown will be your finish time for the entry.

Beauty shot
The top three competitors in each race class will be asked to provide a beauty shot of their ship, which will be displayed for all to see at the end of the event.

Beauty shots should be taken using the classified camera (Control-Alt-Space) and should clearly show your ship. The recommended way to take a beauty shot is to jump to a system with a bright star (eg F class star) and orientate your ship so that the star fills the top left quadrant of the screen. Then position the classified camera to show your ship illuminated by the light from the star .

All entries must be accompanied by valid evidence.

Acceptable evidence of completing the course includes screenshots or video of your run.

Expand for full details on evidence required for this race, noting that more evidence is required than is usually the case for Buckyball races.
Screenshots may be taken using the in-game screenshot function (F10 key) or your choice of third-party software.

Your video does not have to show the run in its entirety. You may edit your video for time as long as it shows you launching from the start line and docking at each station, including loops.
If your video is not edited you are requested - but not required - to submit timestamps of the parts which show you docking so that the race organisers can quickly jump to the correct time to verify your run.

Submitting evidence
Evidence may be posted to this thread, sent by forum private message to furrycat or emailed to furrycat <symbol: commercial at> buckyballracing <symbol: dot> org <symbol: dot> uk.

If providing screenshot evidence by email you can attach screenshots to your email. This forum no longer has support for attaching files to private messages.

Alternatively you can create an archive (in, eg zip or rar format) and provide a link by private message or email to a website which hosts that archive. If providing video evidence you should instead link to a publically-accessible video hosting site such as Youtube. Entries will not be accepted if the race organisers cannot view your evidence. The racer organisers will not under any circumstances create accounts on hosting platforms in order to view your evidence.

Evidence posted to this thread should be in image album or video format only.

Evidence in other formats may be accepted at the race organisers' discretion.

It is highly recommended that you record a video of your entire race entry and capture individual frames of the video for use as screenshot evidence. Doing so will free you from the pressure of having to remember to hit the screenshot key in the heat of the action, and will protect you from the momentary lag which can sometimes occur when taking high-resolution screenshots.

Furthermore, recording the race will allow you to play back and analyse your entry to see where you can improve your time.

This forum has direct support for Youtube videos. To post your video in this thread, use the [video=youtube] tag with your video's Youtube ID, for example [video=youtube;6Pk5rjMu11Q][/video].

You are of course free to use a video host other than Youtube.

Image albums
The preferred way to provide screenshot evidence is in an image album. This forum has direct support for the imgur image hosting service.

If you have posted your screenshots (in chronological order) to imgur you can attach them inline by including the album URL in [imgur] tags, for example [imgur]ttYOV[/imgur].

Alternatively, a direct link to the album's URL may be provided, eg

You are of course free to use an image host other than imgur.

[size=+2]SPECIAL NOTES[/size]
Old World Hustle is a crossover event designed to test some of the skills that members of the Buckyball Racing Club and Elite Racers do not generally use as part of their own races.

[size=+1]Special note to Buckyballers[/size]
Elite Racers events test normal space flight skills. You will be required to fly a loop around stations before coming in to dock rather than simply heading straight for the pad as you usually do. Remember to complete the loop from the front to the rear and back to the front of the station.

[size=+1]Special note to Elite Racers[/size]
Buckyball races focus as much on route plotting and supercruise approaches as they do quick docking and undocking. You will be required to choose a route between waypoints and cruise from the jump-in point as quickly as possible. Decide on your route beforehand and remember to use the gravitational field of planets to slow down for dropout to normal space.

Also remember to fly straight round the station without completing a loop of the habitation ring, which is not necessary for this race.

So many screenshots!
All the screenshots are to prove that you correctly looped round the stations. If you record a video of your entry you will be able to capture screenshots from the video later.

What if I drop out of supercruise facing the rear of the station?
You will have to fly round to the front of the station before starting your loop, which means you will end up visiting the rear of the station twice. Try to find a better supercruise approach so you drop facing the front of the station!

Do I have to post an intent to race before competing?
Not if you don't want to. It's cool if you do, so other racers can look out for you on the course, but it's optional.

Is frame shift drive injection synthesis allowed in this race?
It is in Open Unlimited. Not in Regulation Eagle.

Are Engineer modifications allowed in this race?
They are in Open Unlimited. Not in Regulation Eagle.

Am I allowed to fit my ship with...
Yes in Open Unlimited. Anything goes with regard to outfitting. To enter Regulation Eagle you must use the exact loadout specified.

Where can I buy the components needed for the Regulation Eagle class?
Try Ridley Scott in Zaonce.

Can I pimp my ride with ship kits?
Yes! Spoilers, wings, tails, bumpers, bobbleheads and paintjobs of any colour are allowed in Open Unlimited and Regulation Eagle.

Do I have to fit a shield?
No in Open Unlimited. You can remove it to save mass and gain speed. Yes in Regulation Eagle. The shield generator is fitted in the "Optional internal" section of outfitting. The shield itself is not optional.

Why do I have to sell my Planetary Approach Suite?
Keeping the suite will not be grounds for disqualification from the Regulation Eagle class. You don't have to sell it but you are advised to do so regardless of the race class you are entering. When approaching planetary bodies with the suite installed your ship will try to enter orbital cruise and perform an emergency stop if you are going too fast. Removing the suite will allow you to fly closer to the planet's surface and slow down to drop out of supercruise at the station.

I refuse to play in Open
You are welcome to run the course in Private Group or Solo mode and submit an entry. Your attempt will appear on the leaderboard as an exhibition run and be excluded from ranking but you will still be able to compare your efforts to others'.

But the Old Worlds are notorious for being home to characters of low moral fibre!
They certainly used to be. If they still are, which some would argue is not the case, that just makes the race more interesting.

Do I have to fly an Eagle?
Only if you are entering the Regulation Eagle class, in which case you must use the exact loadout described.

Can I fly an Imperial Eagle?
Yes in Open Unlimited. Not in Regulation Eagle.

Why is it Regulation Eagle and not Regulation Sidewinder or Regulation Cobra?
Because the Elite Racers fly Eagles.

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I'm a bit far away from the bubble carrying out some black holes farming at the moment (and won't have that many free evenings either), chances I'll be in the race are thin for now, but I'll grab the popcorns and keep an eye on this anyway. :)

And if I get back in time, you'll surely get some reg. Eagle action from me ;)
Mere minutes ago I'd vowed to head out on an exploration trip (somewhere, anywhere out of earshot of the constant whine of RNGineers, overpowered AI and modification grind that's insidiously starting to make me think this game may actually suck a bit).

On the other hand, I have, mere hours ago, slapped some enhanced thrusters on the Sans Serif #7.

Hmmm, what to do, what to do.

Intent to race/explore [delete as appropriate].
Cmdr Alec Turner.
Open Unlimited.

P.S. excellent race concept and explanation.
Last edited:
Mere minutes ago I'd vowed to head out on an exploration trip (somewhere, anywhere out of earshot of the constant whine of RNGineers, overpowered AI and modification grind that's insidiously starting to make me think this game may actually suck a bit).

Me too! And I totally agree about the whining on these forums, it's got me down so much that I'm not going to look in dangerous/engineers discussion again for a few weeks. Meanwhile I've been tootling about in The Nomad (unarmed as usual) picking up everything I need for a few level 3+ engineer "rolls", I just need an evening prospecting now I think.

Intent to race:

CMDR Raiko
Open Unlimited

@furrycat, are you going to allow more than one entry per CMDR on the leaderboard? I'd like to give this a go in The Nomad, but it's obviously better suited to a smaller ship, so I'll certainly be running the course in my iCourier Spirit of Icarus as well (and once I get a dirty drive upgrade fitted "Spirit" really will melt if I fly too close to a star! I've already had a few warm moments since fitting the enhanced thrusters).

If I struggle to find the Polonium/Yttrium that I'm after, then my entry might depend on being able to transfer stored commodities from Raiko to the raikobot's ship, as I'm carrying too much stuff to even change ships into my courier.

And the cargo transfer will depend on being able to make 1.6 run on my laptop for a few minutes! (Should be okay, but I've not played on the laptop at all since pre-release beta).
If I struggle to find the Polonium/Yttrium that I'm after, then my entry might depend on being able to transfer stored commodities from Raiko to the raikobot's ship, as I'm carrying too much stuff to even change ships into my courier.

And the cargo transfer will depend on being able to make 1.6 run on my laptop for a few minutes! (Should be okay, but I've not played on the laptop at all since pre-release beta).

Did you know that Anuranium has converted his Anaconda into a flying "Junk Yard" and will probably store those commodities for you?
are you going to allow more than one entry per CMDR on the leaderboard?

The race-o-matic is able to generate different levels of leaderboard. Racer's best entry; racer's best entry per ship; all entries; etc. Best entry per ship type is the usual choice for interim leaderboards, if not necessarily the final standing.
OK, this might necessitate a trip to Cady City, buuut...

Regulation Eagle
Eagle MkII, Eagle 2 Landing

... Eagle. :D

Those fins look mighty fancy Alec, might have to get some of those!
Did you know that Anuranium has converted his Anaconda into a flying "Junk Yard" and will probably store those commodities for you?
Thanks, yes I did. :)

That's my backup plan (plan C). I figured that as long as the game works on my laptop, I can use a whole Type-7 for my own storage if need be (plan B), as I won't need the raikobot for a while.

"Plan A" is to find enough Polonium, etc over the weekend that I won't need to store anything. :)
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