Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club Extended MWM: The Swift-Walker Econ Sprint (19th - 25th April)

Video and quick Analysis

Here's the video of my first 3:55 run (the second one was generally a bit better but had a worse final SC approach):

Having compared both my 3:55 runs aswell as Aken's and Alot's runs I come to the conclusion that there isn't that big of a difference. (Except those important 1 or 2 seconds...)
Takeoff: Seems I was one or two seconds faster than Alot and 3-5s faster than Aken B. (the Cobra seems to be the best ship here, starting pad is also pretty important.
Jumping: Alot seemed to be a tiny bit faster than Aken and me here, but as expected this wasn't the most important part of the race.
Initial SC (getting away from the star, avoiding asteroids and planets): Different intensities of planetary evasion, but the difference is difficult to measure. Also some differences in layout, there were more planets in the way yesterday than before.
Final SC (starting with 0:06 on the ETA): Double planetary braking. One of the most important parts of the race. I lost some time here, need more practice :rolleyes: Drop out location was also pretty important (to have a straight path into the docking bay), which I didn't completely figure out.
Docking: The pads in the middle of the station (13, 28, 43) seemed to be the best option as you loose more time with the pads in the back and the ones more in the front require more of a change in direction (which is really bad in the Cobra). I still found 12 and 36 to be ok.
While the Viper isn't as fast as the Cobra, it really needs much less distance to slow down than the Cobra and handles much better aswell.
I measured 28s for Aken's docking (actual dropout to docking lock) and 33-35s for Alot's and my landing(s) with the quickest Cobra I could find being 32s and my only good Viper docking so far being 29s.
So the Viper is definetely the better ship to dock (until it gets beaten by these tiny fast things in 2.1...)
A spot-on analysis I must say, here is the side by side comparison between me and Alot, or better, between Alot and not Alot:


I don't blame the Viper for the slow start, as much as me simply being slower to propel it outside the slot (as can be demonstrated by my rocket start in a run together with cookiebot yesterday, but that was an exception :))...anyway, this comparison clearly demonstrates two things:

1) Alot could have bulldozed us all, if not for the Cobra coming to an alt as easily as an avalanche. I literally won the race while he was giving high-five to Traffic Control, and barely even then.

2) You can put "Don't stop me now" on a video of some grass growing in real time, and the grass will seem to grow faster. Or will actually grow faster.

I give up with the rep thing, but you all know I'd have if I could. ;)

@robinjb - Message received! I really don't know when to (and most of all, how to) I could host something in the future, but I'll definitely start thinking/scouting for ideas. ;)
Nice video. I think the system map has stitched me up by not opening in time and forcing me to choose Swift in the contacts. My approach wasn't too far behind Alot's.
Very close race. Great stuff.
Why didn't you plot the route all the way to the station in the first place?
(Very cool station approach, btw.)
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Opening the map to take a screenshot would cause the route to be replotted and forget the station.

Also, and more relevantly, I calculated the optimal loadout to run out of fuel on the NLTT 53889/Maujinagoto/Tatil route whereas the route planner wanted to send me via another system which would have used less fuel, so I had to jump manually.

I mean, sure, I could have tried to win the race instead of trying to arrive with 0% fuel but where's the fun in that?
..or you just could have gone for a different FSD.
Like I did. With A and B FSDs it was dragging me through some bull systems, but after I downgraded to C with 12 LY jump range, it plotted the right systems and wasn't re-plotting them.

Anyway. I do admire what you achieved. :)
Whenever it happens, the next iteration of this will dispense with the Econ theme for a more aggressive racing them...and will be even faster. The number of valid ship types and load out configurations should also be much more relaxed, making it easier to fine tune on the tie-breaker mechanic, which people seemed to enjoy.
@robinjb - Message received! I really don't know when to (and most of all, how to) I could host something in the future, but I'll definitely start thinking/scouting for ideas. ;)
To organize a race, do 3 things:

A) The BRC likes variety, so come up with a new race idea, even if it's just a small twist on something that's already been done. Often that can be as simple as a theme on your race, and a good theme will go a long way towards getting the race promoted in GalNet and Newsletters.

B) Post your desire to host in the BRC's Dangerous Groups thread. Don't post too many details, unless you're looking for help on refining your race idea, in which case, say so. Drakhyr handles the scheduling and will pencil you in...the BRC likes to give priority to new organizers.

C) Once you know when your race will take place, start laying the groundwork.

  1. Prep a banner. Ask robinjb for guidelines and help if you are art-deficient (like myself).
  2. Write an article to submit for GalNet.
  3. Use a spreadsheet program to lay out a leader board with the relevant info.
  4. And obviously, write up the race rules & requirements to put in a race thread. Follow the examples of other race threads, and reference the official BRC site's "How To Enter" section.
Thank you for all the useful information ;), sorry I'm really still noobish around this community!
I may be an adequately fast pilot, but usually I'm really pants at throwing parties and managing things...but I may already have a couple of very simple and quick ideas for some events in a mwm fashion...I'll let you know in the group thread as soon I verify if they're feasible ;)
Re: Landing Pads

May be a bit late to the "Landing Pad Map" party...
I have a spreadsheet open on the second computer while playing ED and one of the tabs on that spreadsheet is devoted to landing pads.
There are 4 images, small/medium/large pads and combined. I can scroll down to the one I need, depending on what ship I am in.
When searching for maps, I wasn't too pleased with what was out there, so I made up my own. Figured I'd share them here, someone might find them useful if they happen to stumble across them.
The colours are Green for small, Orange for medium and Red for large pads. The green light on the toaster is to the right hand side.
In the background I used a screenshot of a station from the outside, which eliminates the white background found in most landing pad maps, which no doubt are intended to be printed out.
The ones I created are meant to be on a second screen. In case I am not the only crazy nutter who gets carried away with spreadsheets, maybe some of you are too, who knows.



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