Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Buckey Ball Raleigh (15th - 17th March) midweek madness

Three stations. Three days. This is no ordinary Buckyball Rally. This is Midweek Madness. This is Buckey Ball Raleigh!

Dash from Buckey Ring in NLTT 57216 via Ball Dock in CD-37 641 to Raleigh Orbital in Ross 720. Observe the fuel restrictions in force for the race. Do not observe the speed limit.

The race runs from Tuesday March 15th to Thursday March 17th 3302. When it's over why not visit the bar in nearby Narita's Inheritance (5Ls from jump-in point) for a stunning view of the star?

New to racing?
Please refer to the following instructional video, generously commissioned by Anthony and Enoch Lonnegan:

  • Ensure that your ship complies with the fuel restrictions listed below.
  • Start at Buckey Ring in NLTT 57216.
  • Dock at Ball Dock in CD-37 641.
  • Finish at Raleigh Orbital in Ross 720.

[size=+1]Fuel restrictions[/size]
The maximum amount of fuel tanks your ship is allowed to fit is limited by your frameshift drive slot.
  • Ships with a class 2 FSD can fit up to 6T fuel.
  • Ships with a class 3 FSD can fit up to 8T fuel.
  • Ships with a class 4 FSD can fit up to 12T fuel.
  • Ships with a class 5 FSD can fit up to 16T fuel.
  • Ships with a class 6 FSD can fit up to 20T fuel.
  • Ships with a class 7 FSD can fit up to 32T fuel.

Expand to see a list of allowed fuel capacity for each ship type.
ShipMax. fuel ShipMax. fuel
Adder8Imperial Clipper16
Anaconda20Imperial Courier8
Asp Explorer16Imperial Cutter32
Asp Scout12Imperial Eagle8
Cobra Mk III12Keelback12
Cobra Mk IV12Orca16
Diamondback Explorer16Python16
Diamondback Scout12Sidewinder6
Eagle8Type-6 Transporter12
Federal Assault Ship16Type-7 Transporter16
Federal Corvette20Type-9 Heavy20
Federal Dropship16Viper8
Federal Gunship16Viper Mk IV12
There is no minimum fuel capacity.

All ships are limited to a class 1 fuel scoop (of any rating). Use of a fuel scoop is optional.

Ships may make any number of refuelling stops at any spacestation or planetary base.

Ships may not be refueled via limpet.

[size=+1]Other restrictions[/size]
Use of frameshift drive injection is not allowed.

There are no other ship type or outfitting restrictions.


RSECMDR nameForum nameShip nameShip typeRaced
21OzricOzricIsilAsp Explorer00:12:34
32JakJhyrrylThe Less Obvious EnigmaAsp Explorer00:12:53
43KliggishrobinjbKhaki MulletAsp Explorer00:13:15
54Inodoro PereyraOnaneDegraded ControlsAsp Explorer00:13:22
61Adt OophoiCMDR MicheyElwoodImperial Courier00:13:27
72CheetahCheetahBrown Alert IIHauler00:13:28
85Heat Shieldracer1JackAsp Explorer00:13:29
91Samwell DrakhyrdrakhyrBlack MariaDiamondback Explorer00:13:34
103Stern WinterStern WinterYellow SnowHauler00:13:37
111Aken B.AkenBoschSuperluminal CoffinSidewinder00:17:02
126TerrorsidicTerrorsidicCombat AspAsp Explorer00:19:07
131AELSONGUERRAaelson.guerraAELSONGUERRA's Cobra Mk IIICobra Mk III00:20:38

[size=+2]HOW TO ENTER[/size]
See How to enter on the Buckyball Racing Club homepage for general details on entering the race.

Entries may be posted to this thread, sent by forum private message to furrycat or emailed to furrycat <symbol: commercial at> buckyballracing <symbol: dot> org <symbol: dot> uk.

Only entries made wholly within the period 3302-03-15 00:00:00 to 3302-03-17 23:59:59 server time will be accepted.

Only entries made in Open play will be eligible for the race leaderboard.

Entries must include:
  • Your CMDR name.
  • Your forum name if not the same as your CMDR name.
  • Your ship type.
  • Your ship name.
  • Game mode (Open, Solo, Private Group).
  • A screenshot of your ship outfitting showing all fitted fuel tanks and any fuel scoop.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Buckey Ring showing the station clock. The time shown will be your start time for the entry.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Ball Dock showing the station clock.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Raleigh Orbital showing the station clock. The time shown will be your finish time for the entry.

Screenshots may be taken using the in-game screenshot function (F10 key) or your choice of third-party software. If you are recording a video of your entry you can submit snapshots of individual frames showing each checkpoint.

The race winner will be asked to provide a "beauty shot" of the winning ship, which will be displayed for all to see at the end of the event. The recommended way to take a beauty shot is to jump to a system with a bright star (eg F class star) and orientate your ship so that the star fills the top left quadrant of the screen. Then switch to the classified camera (default key Control-Alt-Space) and position it to show your ship illuminated by the star's light.

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Oh go on then. CMDR Heat Shield will be racing in a ship TBC. Probably Asp, Cobra mk3 or Hauler as that is all he has :)

What's with the no entry sign at the start of your post - anyone else seeing that? Permissions issue? Edit: Fixed now :)
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I've temporarily hung up my racing goggles and lycra in favour of cornish pasties and a hard hat.

I shall return once I've struck Palladium!

In the meantime I'll leave you with this and wish you all a very pleasant raleigh.


P.S. accidentally posted this in the wrong thread earlier
At the moment I'm a bit out in the countryside for some sightseeing in my new Asp (by the way, what a lovely heavy-bottomed ship, I'm really liking it), but I only planned a short route to Pencil Nebula and back so I should be back in time for some action. ;)

Maybe this is the right one to take the sidey out again for a ride :rolleyes:...
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Sadly the "Sailfish" will not be among the ships on the track this time. As it has once again set its sail for the other side of the galaxy.
But good luck to all of you inside the Bubble or to which have a split personality and can be in two places at once. ;)

God speed Commanders. :)
Please CMDRs,

That race is only for PC players or XBOX players (like me) can participate?

Thanks for reply!!
Are you able to take screenshots and then email them or post them here (as described in the OP)? If so, I don't personally see why not.
And if you're not sure how to acquire the screenshots from an Xbox One, I found the answer before for someone who wanted to enter Buckyball-9

Disclaimer: I do not own an Xbox One, so this might be incorrect.

This method should allow you to save your screenshots and then publish to twitter/one-drive. From there it should be relatively simple to copy them onto imgur, etc.

I'm in BTW, the DWE basecamp that I'm heading for is two days later than I expected, so I've got a couple of spare days for the raikobot at the canonn CGs and to enter this race. :)

CMDR: the raikobot
Ship: not the nomad
Ship Class: Asp Explorer
Thanks everybody for reply.

Is very easy to take screenshots in XBOX, so I will try to participate of this race. I am very excited because is my first event of this kind.
Intent to race...

The Mini Enigma (Hauler)

Guess who crashed his ship on a 2.5G planet, 50 KLYs from the bubble.

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Intent to race:

CMDR Cookiebot
Hauler "Cookiebox"
(mainly restricted by budget, might make it interesting though)
From what my spreadsheets tell me, this race will go to a Hauler or Asp Explorer, so you're probably good. :)
edit: Of course, I was of the opinion that an Imp Eagle should have won Robin's event last week, and it didn't even get entered. ;)
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Thanks for capturing my slowness. ;)

Initial report for other racers...the Hauler probably isn't going to cut it, despite a lack of fuel concerns. If I don't do better with another ship, I'll be posting a difficult-to-read 13:17 with The Mini Enigma, but I'm going to circle around and come back with:

Intent to race...

Scrum Me​ (Diamondback Scout)
Nice one Furry, can probably find some time to race tomorrow, looking forward to it.
CMDR Kliggish
Asp X Khaki Mullet

EDIT: Run Done, and time submitted, nice little quick one furry I loved it. 15 mins is easy to do.
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Volunteer Moderator
Looks nice and simple, which means I'll mess up big time I'm sure :) I'll state my intent to race, but I'm at work and have no idea about the layout of the systems and so by extension what ship I'll be taking, I shall let you all know later.

Oh and the title of the race... Genius, simply genius :D
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The current leaderboard after coming up to 13 hours of exciting and close-fought racing is as follows.

In the lead is CMDR Kliggish.
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