Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Cinco Maxxxxxer Mixer!

I'm afraid I didn't manage that last run :(

Congrats to CMDR Cookiehole who has managed to beat my High as a Kite time in his Orca with 47 tonnes of cargo lol.

It was a fun race :) A nice mix of skills required. Thanks for organising.
Thanks! His unadjusted time was 34:27 though, so you did fly faster! The Orcas just had the cargo bonus available. :D

Is it over? Did I actually manage to come second by any chance?
Yep, the scoreboard is final, and you are still in second! Congrats!

And here's the bonus challenges!

And and obligatory flip video: [video=youtube;WWSRB7XhjWI][/video]
Thanks a lot for organizing this race! Racing was tremendously fun and not being able to get another few runs in due to RL was terribly annoying...

I'll upload the video of my run (hopefully) tomorrow, because while my connection generally has a very high upload speed it is very very slow in the evening...

Kudos to all other racers and congrats to racer1! :)
Nce race, thanks for organising Bruski and sorry I didn't get to run it more. Congrat's to everyone involved and will hopefully have more time to compete just as soon as my Oculus infatuation settles down ... oh, and once I've played with 2.2 which I'm guessing must be dropping any week now?

P.S. got a Mitterand Hollow MWM in the pipeline.
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