Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Glorious Bast-erds (A tribute to the Heroes of Bast)


The Buckyball Racing Club salutes the Heroes of Bast!

The Glorious Bast-erds Race has now finished, but if you are looking for some racing action check out Total Recall 2

On 30th June 3301 Newton Dock in the BD-02 4304 system was quarantined due to the outbreak of a plague of unknown origin. The Cerberus Plague eventually spread to over 20 systems and claimed 100,000 lives.

Thanks to a massive effort by a group of independent pilots, a cure synthesised from Ceremonial Heike Tea was discovered and used to treat plague victims at Hart Station in the Bast System. This cure was then mass produced and shipped to other infected systems.

On 10th August 3301 the last infected systems were declared to be free of the Cerberus Plague.

In tribute to the heroic efforts of those glorious BAST-erds and Ceremonial Tea Baggers one year ago, the Buckyball Racing Club is hosting a racing event at Hart Station involving a scramble around nearby medicine production facilities and a speed run to Brunel City, Heike.

Race Overview

Glorious Bast-erds is a racing tribute to the heroic efforts of the commanders (the Bast-erds) who completed several interlinked community goals during July and August 3301 to defeat the threat of the Cerberus Plague; the decisive three community goals were all based at Hart Station in the Bast System. The cure to the Cerberus Plague required the rare commodity Ceremonial Heike Tea.

The race involves starting at Hart Station in the Bast System, racing to a selection of nearby stations that manufacture medical goods, returning to Hart Station and then making a return trip to Brunel City (Heike) potentially using a second ship.

Start from Hart Station in Bast. Visit any FOUR of the following seven nearby high-tech stations in any order:
Suri Park(Anlave), Kobayashi City(Anlave), Chadwick Port(Gladutjin), Aleksandrov Gateway(LHS 115), Tanaka Terminal(LHS 2088), Lacaille Prospect(LHS 3262), Sy Base(LHS 3262). Return to Hart Station, while docked at Hart you may switch ships if you like, then make a trip to Brunel City(Heike) and return to the finishing line at Hart Station.

The clock starts on departure from Hart Station, and ends on arrival of your final visit to Hart Station.

The race will run from midnight tonight (0:00:00 11-AUG-3302 in-game time) until 23:59:59 on 18th 21st August. Participants must begin their run from Hart Station no later 23:59:59 GMT (in-game time) on 18th 21st August to be valid entries. Race evidence should be provided no later than 23:59:59 on 19th 22nd August.

The course

The start and end point is docked at Hart Station in the Bast system.

The first part of the event is a short range scramble around some nearby high-tech stations.
Choose any four of the following seven stations:

  • Suri Park in the Anlave System
  • Kobayashi City also in the Anlave System
  • Chadwick Port in the Gladutjin System
  • Aleksandrov Gateway in the LHS 115 System:
  • Tanaka Terminal in the LHS 2088 System:
  • Lacaille Prospect in the LHS 3262 System
  • Sy Base also in the LHS 3262 System

RETURN TO HART STATION for a mandatory pit-stop prior to the second part of the race. If you are running in the unlimited class you may now swap ships whilst docked at Hart Station if you like. The clock won't stop though, so it's up to you.

Launch again from Hart Station and make the 124.86LY journey to the Heike System and dock at Brunel City. Have a quick drink of refreshing Ceremonial Heike Tea if you like, but don't waste too much time - hit launch and get back to Hart Station to record your finishing time.


This race has two classes "Unlimited" and "Regulation Cobra". Anything goes in the unlimited class: Engineer mods, jumponium, whatever, you can even switch into a second longer ranged ship during the mid-race pit stop in Bast if you like.

There no "standard" class in this race, but special mention will be given to the fastest unmodified, no-jumponium entry.

Regulation Cobra entries must use this build for the entire race: Tony's Hotrod Mk III - Horizons players can remove their planetary approach suite if they prefer. Any disco scanner may be swapped for the BDS if you like. Note the half-sized fuel tank.

How to Enter

Please let us know if you intend to take part, by posting in this thread with the following:
  • Commander name
  • Ship name(s)
  • Ship type(s)
  • Class (Regulation Cobra or Unlimited)

Before you start, take screenshots of the following:
  1. Outfitting screens for your ship (both ships if you wish to enter two ships in unlimited class), covering core internals (showing power plant, frame shift drive, thrusters and power distributor, along with jump range). If entering the Regulation Cobra class, please also provide screenshots of the optional internals.
  2. Launch screenshot, on the pad at Hart Station showing time and date. This is your starting time, so hit launch and get racing!

The following additional screenshots are required during the race:
  1. A screenshot taken immediately after docking at each of your 4 chosen scramble-stage stations, this must show the station clock.
  2. A screenshot taken immediately after docking for the mandatory "pit-stop" at Hart Station in Bast, this must show the station clock and must be taken later than the scramble-stage shots and earlier than the visit to Heike.
  3. A screenshot taken immediately after docking at Brunel City in Heike, this must show the station clock.
  4. A final screenshot taken immediately after docking back at Hart Station, this must show the station clock. This is your finishing time.

Optionally you may also provide the following screenshots as entries in the Lonnegan Brothers' daring challenges (see below):
  • A screenshot showing hull temperature and a visible hyperspace countdown timer, for entry into Fat Tony's Barbeque Challenge. The cockpit clock must also be visible, and the displayed time must be within a submitted complete run.
  • A screenshot showing ship speed during docking, for entry into Little Nuk's Dangerous Landings Challenge. The cockpit clock must also be visible, the displayed time must be within a submitted complete run and must be no more than 30 seconds prior to a successful docking screenshot. The station interior must be visible. The station exterior must not be visible.

After the race, please send either a PM to Raiko, or an email to raiko <at> buckyballracing <dot> org <dot> uk, with the following:
  • Your commander name
  • Your forum user name (if different)
  • Your ship name
  • Your ship type
  • Entry class (Regulation Cobra or Unlimited)
  • Your total race time
  • Your screenshots

Examples of what your screenshots should look like can be found on the How to Enter page of the Buckyball Racing Club website.

Some obvious questions

What's the prize?

The sight of your name at the top of the leaderboard, and the opportunity to say you won a Buckyball Race. And a little warm glow of satisfaction :)

What's to stop me cheating?

Nothing. Like the Buckyball Runs, we operate on an honour basis here. There's nothing I can do to stop you from faking screenshots or using exploits. But where's the benefit in that? It wouldn't get you anything, except a lasting feeling of shame. This is all about doing the race for the fun of it.

Some not so obvious questions

But what about the Bootlegger Challenge?

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding between the Lonnegan Brothers and customs officals at Weyl Gateway, Fat Tony and Little Nuk are currently spending a little time at the EDA-Penitentiary at Hughes Enterprise in the Kunti System. They are in negotiations with Warden Kittibomb to run the Bootlegger Challenge at a later date.

So you mentioned some fun challenges from the Lonnegan Bros?

Yep I did. Fat Tony and Little Nuk remain massive fans of Buckyball Racing and watch every event from the comfort of their jail cell. They're joining us at this event via live-linkup and are running two challenges during the race for their own sick amusement:


Fat Tony loves the smell of burning meat, so he's bringing the experience to your own cockpit with his Barbeque Challenge. The winner(s) of Fat Tony's Barbeque Challenge will be the CMDRs who attain the highest hull temperature during a hyperspace countdown during a completed Glorious Bast-erds racing run. See the "How to Enter" section above. This temperature should not result in ship destruction, but Fat Tony can't really verify that unless you upload a video of the full run, so he'll take your word for it. There will be a separate challenge winner for both unlimited and regulation cobra.


Little Nuk on the other hand loves to see things go boom - and not enough of that happened at the Bootlegger Challenge last year. So he's devised a cunning little challenge to encourage the occasional explosion. The Little Nuk's Dangerous Landings Challenge winner(s) will be the CMDRs who post the highest speeds inside the slot/docking bay prior to a successful landing. See the "How to Enter" section above. Again there will be a separate challenge winner for both unlimited and regulation cobra.

Can I swap the weapons on my Regulation Cobra for something better? I love to pew-pew during races.

No sorry, Fat Tony used this exact build to claim 258 million credits in bounties pew-pewing elite FDLs in a Haz-RES. If it's good enough for Fat Tony, it's good enough for you.

Mind you, Tony's been in jail since before 2.1, so he might be in for a shock when he gets out.

Raikogram of the Route


Heike isn't included in the Raikogram, as it's mandatory that you dock at Hart Station both before and after the visit to Brunel City. The distance from Bast to Heike is 124.83LY.

Glorious Bast-erds Final Tables

Unlimited Class Final Standings


Regulation Cobra Class Final Standings


Little Nuk's Dangerous Landings Challenge

Winner: CMDR Cookiehole, Ship: Crater Creator (iCourier) 606m/s
Reg.Hotrod Mk III Winner: CMDR Bruski, Flaming Onionhead Express 425m/s

Combined Table:


Unlimited Table:


Reg.Hotrod Table:


CMDR Cookiehole enters Lacaille Prospect at Spectacular velocity


Fat Tonys BBQ Challenge

Winner: CMDR Bruski, Ship: Flaming Onionhead Express (Reg. Hotrod Mk III) 410%
Unlimited Class Winner: CMDR Cookiehole, Ship: Fireball (Hauler) 240%

Combined Table:


Unlimited Table:


Reg.Hotrod Table:


CMDR Bruski BBQs his Regulation Hotrod Mk III to Glorious temperatures


The Lonnegan Brothers' Scale of Hotness


For an alternative much longer ranged event, check out The Long Haul!

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A really great tribute to Bast, unfortunately I am at Jaques Station right now, and will be on vacation come tomorrow.

I wish all the participants the best of luck. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun.
A really great tribute to Bast, unfortunately I am at Jaques Station right now, and will be on vacation come tomorrow.

I wish all the participants the best of luck. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun.

Thank you. :)

Unfortunately most of the BRC regulars are also at Jaques, so I'm not sure how this one's going to go down! hehe!

Might be a good one for any CMDR looking to sneak in a BRC win though! ;)
Thank you. :)

Unfortunately most of the BRC regulars are also at Jaques, so I'm not sure how this one's going to go down! hehe!

Might be a good one for any CMDR looking to sneak in a BRC win though! ;)

I'd like to run. Might or might not have time; things are very busy right now RL-wise. If I do run, it might be a one-and-done kinda thing. But I'll try to get at least one run in if I can.

If I can find the time, I'll be bringing Joyeuse; she's by far the most race-prepped ship I have at the moment (I haven't even begun modding Cortana yet).

Really, it's a shame I don't have Cortana ready, I could do this Gutamaya Racing Team style - use Cortana for the short legs and Joyeuse for the long one.

...of course, the short legs are short enough that I might be able to do it with a Grade 1 FSD mod, which is fairly trivial to obtain... then I'd just have to get Cortana down to Maia to visit Professor Palin...

...dangit. I don't have time for that. But I might have to find a way to do it anyway. I like the idea too much. Not even because I think it would be significantly (at all?) faster than just using Joyeuse. It just sounds fun.
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This race looks AWESOME! Especially the extra challenges. I look forward to dying many times while trying both. :D
Unfortunately my main account probably won't make it back to the bubble in time, but I do have a spare (underfunded) one, so I'll be sticking to the Cobra for the time being.

Intent to Race
CMDR Bruski (under second account)
Cobra Mk III
Regulation Cobra
Splendid, especially the option to change ships for the longer section. It's only missing a joker card rule to shoot pirates for a time reduction and bonus payout from the Lonnegans.
No, a year on I still won't let it go. Thanks for asking.

While the best part of Buckyball Run X was winning, the second-best part was when some fool pirate interdicted my Fer-de-Lance on the little x and I blew him out of space. I was so hoping that would happen. It was half the reason I ran Excalibur in that race to begin with So many good runs ruined by pirates.

I didn't get a good time on that run, but it was 100% worth it.

And for a race that will reward blowing up pirates on the way... well, I'm still trying to find a suitable location for my Gateway Shuffle idea... in which racing a combat ship is required, and killing pirates is encouraged! Which reminds me, when RL cools off for me a bit, I've had a couple of locations recommended to me that I need to check out.
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This sounds like tons of fun! I love the dual ship possibility (and also great that it's not mandatory) and the extra challenges are a great idea! :)

Intent to race:
CMDR Cookiehole
Probably iCourier Crater Creator and maybe Hauler Fireball

I'll definetely have to do some planning before deciding exactly what to do.
I might also give the Reg Cobra a go, depending on how much time I have.
For anyone else doing Regulation Cobra, here's the list of stations selling the Cobra Mk III with appropriate modules. Stephenson Station in BD+75 58 appears to be the closest (8.80 ly, 1,696 ls), Savitskaya Ring in Bhotega is closer to its star though (21.21 ly, 178 ls).
Unfortunately most of the BRC regulars are also at Jaques, so I'm not sure how this one's going to go down! hehe!
Might be a good one for any CMDR looking to sneak in a BRC win though! ;)

Hi! As I'm "casualty" in the bubble (after starring for 10 seconds Jaques orbit), I'm ready to take this. :cool:

Intent to race...
Commander name: Inodoro Pereyra
Ship name: Dark Target
Ship type: AspExp
Class: Open Unlimited
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Ooo I do love to sit by the fire with new young commanders and tell them all about the crisis at Bast and the other systems around there. I think the warmth of the fire sends them to sleep dreaming of that exciting time as I proudly tell them every single detail I can remember.

So I hope I'll be able to complete a run. Thanks for commemorating the event
Just as another headsup to those competing, my Space Bear Race-o-matic Estimatron, while notorious for being temperamental and unreliable, thinks that while the right ships could complete an Unlimited Run in under the suggested 30 minutes, a Regulation Cobra Run will likely be in the neighborhood of 50-60m. For those who like to plan out their game time, or carve it mercilessly away from the rest of life.

@Raiko Ugh that regulation loadout is CRUEL! But the route for it was really fun to optimize. :D

However I look forward to Fat Tony getting out of jail to experience patch 2.1, and to suffer for that build he has inflicted upon us. :p
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Fat Tony just wants to help you do well in the barbeque challenge.

I've got to admit, I didn't think about the regulation race when I estimated 30mins, as there wouldn't have been a regulation class for a MWM version of the race. And even with unlimited I wasn't sure if I should have picked a longer estimated time.

Estimates are a bit of a problem for me at work too, I'm ever the optimist! :)

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That Cobra should boost quite fast through the slot for Little Nuk's challenge as well.

Stopping could be a problem though...

Fat Tony just wants to help you do well in the barbecue challenge.

Crashing in the external side of the toast rack applies for BBQ Chanllenge?
I was roasted for some time until recovered situational awareness in Brunel... not speed nor temperature but pride.[mad]
I got a reference time (after the roasting and a couple of very un-optimized landings). Serious Cmdrs (I try to belong to this population bracket, with no success) should be close to 20min.
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I got a reference time (after the roasting and a couple of very un-optimized landings). Serious Cmdrs (I try to belong to this population bracket, with no success) should be close to 20min.

Yep, with 45s jumps, 3 min dockings, and 2 FSD injections, the Space Bear Race-o-matic Estimatron thinks the winning time will be around 22:30. Now watch Cookiehole prove it wrong. :p

And for the Cobra it's spitting out 49:00 with 45s jumps, 4 min dockings, and no FSD injections. However I'm not sure that fully takes into account the Flaming BBQ nature of Fat Tony's Hotrod Mk III, and it's Anemic Fuel Scoop Mk 0 Grade F. It needs 13.6 seconds of max scooping time per max fuel jump, so I think those two legs to Brunel and back are going to be KILLER. I just made the run to Jacques in a cutter that required 14.5 s of scooping time per jump, and my average time per jump was just a hair under 60 s. However that was with basically no heat issues, which I do not think will be the case in the Hotrod. Currently trying to come up with an appropriate name for my Cobra, so far I've got variations on BBQ/Flaming/Charred Onionhead Express.

Anyways, if you arrive by a miracle with an empty tank at the end of each leg, one might be able to get away with 8s of scooping per jump (assuming no unscoopables, which I haven't checked yet). So I'm going with 51s/jump on those last 20 jumps, adding 2 min to the time, and making the Space Bear Race-o-matic Estimatron 51m for the Cobra winning time. Hopefully that 4min docking estimate isn't too slow.

Also I may have a slight spreadsheet problems, but that's ok because my wife does too. Anyways, thanks Raiko, I've already enjoyed this race even before running it, excellent optimization problem!

I'm having some compy issues and reinstalling windows and bumping around accounts, but I hope to get out on the course later today or Friday, and hopefully post something under an hour. Hopefully.
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After a few BuckyBall races under my belt, I thought it was time to try a stock challenge so here we go.
Intent to Race.
Talons Folly
Cobra Mk III
Regulation Cobra

Thanks Bruski for the heads up on where to get one close by[big grin]
We have a problem...
There's no way to make the loadout screenshots
A screenshot from the System Panel will work?

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Well, that was fun! Finished and submitted my first run. My time was meh, but I got a decent amount of heat and speed. :D
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