Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: My True Love Sent To Me (25 Dec - 6 Jan)

Thanks for organising drakhyr, can't give you any more rep :(

Was good fun, shame I didn't get a chance to do more runs - has been a mega busy time for me of the last 2 weeks.
I wanted to let everyone know that I mostly have the necessary data from Mr. Drakhyr, and still intend to create the rebroadcast. But administering the Distant Worlds Trello boards (a team coordination tool) is taking up a lot of time. Once the expedition is underway, I should hopefully have more time, but it could still be a couple weeks before I have something to show you all.
Timelapsed "Real-Time" Leaderboard Video

The full rebroadcast is still being worked on, and here's proof!

The flickering won't be in the final video...that's just Excel being slow to redraw with each Page Down. :)

edit: hmm, need to adjust formatting on the supercruise column.
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