Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: On The Rocks 20-27 August 3304

Oh yes I completely forgot to mention that, I had no idea that if you pressed Enter Hangar, and then pressed Launch, it would override it and pull you straight back up to launch!

It does?!?! Well holy crap ... I never knew that! [haha]

Me Either..blimey!!!

Make that four :|...

A keelback? Nice! I love my keelbacks!

Who doesn't? :D
Finest hunk of junk traversing the space lanes.
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Just be sure to finish all your station business (refueling, trading, route plotting, paying fines, browing Galnet) before you get pulled back into the dock. If you miss that point, you will have to go through the entire door closing and opening sequence. Also, it's easier to pull of on larger docking bays, as they take longer. (Alternatively, you loose more time on those, if you just need to do one or two things.)

I also had another nice picture, but Imgur isn't cooperating.
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