Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Poisson d'avril (Mar 31st - Apr 8th)

One of ancient Earth's more intriguing customs took place on April 1st of each year when people would play pranks on their friends, typically by trying to trick them into believing outlandish claims. The gullible victim would be labelled an April Fool and the day was often referred to as April Fools' Day. In the country of France it was also popular for children to attempt to affix a paper cutout of a fish on to an adult's back without being noticed. Such a fish was known as the poisson d'avril, which can be literally translated as the April Fish.

This April the Buckyball Racing Club celebrates the whimsical old tradition with a race between Poisson Orbital in the Kappa system and Poisson Enterprise in Trevakat. Racers must visit four fish-themed stations along the way, and can earn bonus time by carrying out various optional challenges.

RSECMDR nameForum nameShip nameShip typeRouteChallengesRacedBonusTotal
11BruskiBruskiEccoDolphin[size=-2]Kappa, Okinura, Rod, Liu Baja, Oitbi, Gorynich, Kathaima, Trevakat[/size][size=-2]So long, Thanks for all the fish (5m26s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour, Poisson d'avril[/size]00:36:4500:20:2600:16:19
22MostlyEvilKiwiMostlyEvilKiwiRegulationDolphin[size=-2]Kappa, LTT 4461, Okinura, Rod, Wailladyan, Liu Baja, Kathaima, Trevakat[/size][size=-2]So long, Regulation Dolphin, Fish in a barrel (1m29s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour[/size]00:35:4300:18:4900:16:54
33tAzzie ElbubAshnakLollipopDolphin[size=-2]Trevakat, Pole, Ross 130, Okinura, Rod, Jambaraya, Gliese 4261, Shany, Kappa[/size][size=-2]So long, Fish in a barrel (1m15s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour[/size]00:34:4100:17:1500:17:26
44tAlec TurnerAlec TurnerChampagne CharlieDolphin[size=-2]Kappa, Okinura, Rod, Ross 130, Pole, Shany, Oitbi, Jambaraya, Trevakat[/size][size=-2]So long, Fish in a barrel (1m35s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour[/size]00:35:5200:17:3500:18:17
51tInodoro PereyraOnaneTuna Can IIAsp Explorer[size=-2]Trevakata, Pole, Ross 130, Okinura, Rod, Jambaraya, Gliese 4261, Shany, Kappa[/size][size=-2]Fish in a barrel (1m30s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour, Poisson d'avril[/size]00:33:0300:13:3000:19:33
61tMilnerMilnerMaiden VoyageDiamondback Explorer[size=-2]Trevakat, Pole, Shany, Ross 130, Okinura, Rod, Jambaraya, Oitbi, Kappa[/size][size=-2]Fish in a barrel (1m31s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour[/size]00:32:1800:11:3100:20:47
72tRaikoRaikoThe NomadAsp Explorer[size=-2]Kappa, Okinura, Ross 130, Rod, Jambaraya, Gliese 4261, Manidone, Trevakat[/size][size=-2]Fish in a barrel *18s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour[/size]00:28:5300:07:1800:21:35
85Edelgard von RheinEdelgard von RheinWhisper of FreedomDolphin[size=-2]Kappa, Liu Baja, Oitbi, Gorynich, Kathaima, Trevakat[/size][size=-2]So long, Regulation Dolphin, Fish in a barrel (1m40s)[/size]00:36:2800:12:0000:24:28
96Stern WinterStern WinterFrozen Flipper FiletDolphin[size=-2]Kappa, HIP 46007, LTT 4461, Ross 130, Kathaima[/size][size=-2]So long, Regulation Dolphin, Fish in a barrel (1m40s)[/size]00:44:4000:12:0000:32:40
107GuntharGuntharCeN'est Pas Une PoissnDolphin[size=-2]Kappa, HIP 46007, LTT 4461, Ross 130, Okinura, Rod, Kathaima, Trevakat[/size][size=-2]So long, Thanks for all the fish (5m47s), Regulation Dolphin, Fish in a barrel (1m5s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour, Poisson d'avril[/size]01:16:5800:25:1200:51:46
118tCrotaluscrotalusDelphinusDolphin[size=-2]Trevakat, Hamlet's Harmony, Pole, Okinura, Rod, Manidone, Gliese 4261, Jambaraya, Ross 130, Kappa[/size][size=-2]So long, Thanks for all the fish (1m51s), Fish in a barrel (1m8s), Fly fishing, Turbot hour, Hypoplectrus space, Poisson d'avril[/size]13:15:4100:51:5912:23:42

  • Start at either Poisson Orbital in Kappa or Poisson Enterprise in Trevakat.
  • Visit - in any order - at least four of sixteen waypoint stations named after the bass, pike, ray and sturgeon fish.
  • Optionally complete one or more of the challenges listed below to earn a time bonus.
  • Finish the race by docking at either Poisson Enterprise or Poisson Orbital. You must not start and finish at the same station!
  • Optionally fly the course in reverse!

The race runs from Saturday March 31st 3304 at 00:00:00 to Sunday April 8th at 23:59:59. Entries made wholly or in part outside this period will be rejected. All times are server time.

Only entries made in Open mode will be eligible for classification. Entries from Solo or Private Group mode will be added to the leaderboard as exhibition runs with their entry endorsed with an x notation. They will not receive an official position.

The race can be flown from the start line at Poisson Orbital in Kappa to the finish line at Poisson Enterprise in Trevakat. Alternatively it can be flown in reverse, with the start line being at Poisson Enterprise and the finish line being at Poisson Orbital.

To complete an entry, a competitor must dock at at least four of the waypoint stations listed below, in any order.
  • Bass Dock in HIP 46007
  • Bass Landing in Gliese 4261
  • Bass Port in Wailladyan
  • Bass Terminal in Oitbi
  • Pike Landing in Kathaima
  • Pike Landing in Shany
  • Pike Terminal in HR 5716
  • Pike Terminal in Manidone
  • Ray Dock in Liu Baja
  • Ray Port in Ross 130
  • Ray Terminal in Kamchadal
  • Ray Terminal in Uteran
  • Sturgeon Dock in Jambaraya
  • Sturgeon Landing in Avaticus
  • Sturgeon Port in Gorynich
  • Sturgeon Terminal in LTT 4461
A valid entry will include a visit to at least one of each station named Bass, Pike, Ray and Sturgeon as well as at least one of each station named Dock, Landing, Port and Terminal.

Each waypoint station counts towards both sets of name requirements. For example, Bass Dock is both a Bass _ station and a _ Dock station.

It is permissible to visit more than four stations in order to check off all of the eight name requirements.

The following table summarises the available stations according to the two sets of names you must visit.

BassHIP 46007Gliese 4261WailladyanOitbi
-HR 5716
RayLiu Baja-Ross 130Kamchadal
SturgeonJambarayaAvaticusGorynichLTT 4461

For example, a valid selection would be Bass Dock in HIP 46007, Ray Terminal in Kamchadal, Sturgeon Port in Gorynich and Pike Landing in Kathaima.

Racers can submit as many entries as they like within the race period. They are free to choose a different start and finish line for each entry, and to vary the choice of visited stations and attempted challenges.

Earn a time bonus by completing one or more challenges during a race entry. The benefits are cumulative so if you complete multiple challenges you can save more time. The time it takes you to race to the finish line will be reduced by the sum of all challenge bonuses to yield your final leaderboard time.

So long
Earn a 6 minute bonus by competing in a Dolphin, Orca or Beluga. The bonus increases to 10 minutes 20 seconds if you fly this Regulation Dolphin build.

Thanks for all the fish
Earn bonus time by carrying fish in your cargo hold. The bonus available is calculated on a per-ship basis according to a scrupulously fair formula which takes into account each ship's maximum potential laden and unladen jump ranges as well as their maximum cargo capacity. The more fish you trawl haul, the more time you will earn.

You must leave the start station with an empty hold. You must visit each of the waypoint stations with at least one unit of fish in your hold and you must arrive at the finish station with at least one unit.

Your bonus will be assessed based on the lowest amount of fish you had at any waypoint, rounded down to the nearest second. Refer to the table below for the amount of bonus time awarded for each ton of fish you deliver.

For example, suppose you carried 24T of fish in a Cobra Mk III. The bonus factor for the Cobra Mk III is 6.5920 so you would earn 158 seconds for delivering the cargo.

You will forfeit all bonus time from this challenge if you arrive at any waypoint station or the finish station with no fish in your hold. Cargo other than fish does not count.

Expand to see the list of bonus time (in seconds) per ton of cargo for each ship type.
ShipBonus ShipBonus
Alliance Chieftain3.2859Imperial Courier17.3518
Anaconda0.8501Imperial Clipper2.6151
Asp Explorer1.8781Imperial Cutter1.0570
Asp Scout4.8286Imperial Eagle28.8563
Cobra Mk III6.5920Orca1.8571
Cobra Mk IV6.9667Panther Clipper3.1415
Diamondback Explorer2.4153Python2.3916
Diamondback Scout9.4995Sidewinder48.4330
Dolphin4.1864Type-6 Transporter4.3626
Eagle28.8563Type-7 Transported2.2258
Federal Assault Ship5.1354Type-9 Heavy2.1316
Federal Corvette2.2567Type-10 Defender1.1913
Federal Dropship5.2907Viper26.4738
Federal Gunship5.4407Viper Mk IV7.8414

Fish in a barrel
Earn a bonus for flying without shields, armour or hull reinforcement packages, and without engineering your lightweight alloys, hand completing the whole course without repairing your ship. Each percentage point of hull remaining when you arrive at the finish line is worth a second, up to a maximum of 100 seconds, ie 1 minute 40 seconds. This bonus stacks with Regulation Dolphin.

Fly fishing
Earn a 3 minute bonus by visiting either the Rod or Pole systems. The bonuses stack if you visit both systems.

Turbot hour
Earn a 4 minute bonus by docking at Fisher Terminal in the Okinura system.

Hypoplectrus space
Earn a 30 minute bonus by visiting the Hamlet's Harmony system.

Poisson d'avril
Earn a 2 minute bonus by causing a canister of fish to come into contact with another ship.

April Fool
Complete all the challenges in one entry for a special bonus.

Except to comply with the requirements of the optional challenges listed above, there are no ship type or outfitting restrictions. You may outfit any module - including engineered modules - on any ship.

However the use of frameshift drive injection is not allowed.


[size=+2]HOW TO ENTER[/size]
See How to enter on the Buckyball Racing Club homepage for general details on entering the race.

Entries may be posted to this thread, sent by forum private message to furrycat or emailed to furrycat <symbol: commercial at> buckyballracing <symbol: dot> org <symbol: dot> uk.

Only entries made wholly within the period 3304-03-31 00:00:00 to 3304-04-08 23:59:59 server time will be accepted.

Only entries made in Open play will be eligible for the race leaderboard.

Entries must include:
  • Your CMDR name.
  • Your forum name if not the same as your CMDR name.
  • Your ship type.
  • Your ship name.
  • Game mode (Open, Solo, Private Group).
  • For Regulation Dolphin and Fish in a barrel: A screenshot of your ship outfitting showing your jump range and cargo capacity. For Fish in a barrel you should also show that you do not have shields, armour or reinforcement packages and you have not engineered your lightweight alloys.
  • For Fish in a barrel: Screenshots of your credit balance at the start and end of the race, demonstrating that you did not spend money on repairs. If you don't have a fuel scoop, for instance because you are attempting Regulation Dolphin, you can include screenshots of station services after refueling, showing that the Repair All button remains unclicked. If you are also attempting Thanks for all the fish, a screenshot of your transaction at the commodities market will validate that a reduction in credit balance was due to buying fish, not repairs.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at either Poisson Orbital or Poisson Enterprise showing the station clock. The time shown will be your start time for the entry.
  • For Thanks for all the fish: A screenshot of your empty cargo hold on the pad at the start line.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at each waypoint station.
  • For Thanks for all the fish: A screenshot of your cargo hold on the pad at each waypoint.
  • For Fly fishing and/or Hypoplectrus space: A screenshot proving you visited the challenge system(s), showing the clock. For example a screenshot of the galaxy map showing the navigation tab with your ship's jump range or of your ship's HUD showing the jump-in star.
  • For Poisson d'avril: A screenshot demonstrating that you completed the challenge. For example a screenshot showing the canister in proximity to an other ship, or a zoomed-in radar showing that the canister and ship occupy the same space.
  • For Turbot hour: A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Fisher Terminal.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at either Poisson Enterprise or Poisson Orbital showing the station clock. The time shown will be your finish time for the entry.
  • For Thanks for all the fish: A screenshot of your cargo hold on the pad at the finish line.

Screenshots may be taken using the in-game screenshot function (F10 key) or your choice of third-party software. If you are recording a video of your entry you can submit snapshots of individual frames showing each checkpoint.

Alternatively you can submit a link to a video of your race entry. Video recording guides can be found at the links below:


Who can enter?
Anyone can enter! However some of the waypoint stations are planetary bases so you will need Horizons to visit them. You can choose a different route if you don't have it. The Beluga and Regulation Dolphin challenges also require Horizons so you won't be able to attempt them without Horizons.

What about console players?
Console players can enter as well.

Do I have to post an intent to race before competing?
Not if you don't want to. It's cool if you do, so other racers can look out for you on the course, but it's optional.

Are Engineer modifications allowed in this race?
Yes. For the Fish in a barrel challenge you must not engineer your bulkheads.

Is frameshift drive injection synthesis allowed in this race?

I refuse to play in Open
You are welcome to run the course in Private Group or Solo mode and submit an entry. Your attempt will appear on the leaderboard as an exhibition run and be excluded from ranking but you will still be able to compare your efforts to others'.

Just how "scrupulously fair" is the handicap system for the fish hauling challenge?
It should be reasonably fair. It is designed to be. Any real or perceived unfairness is due to an oversight or mistake on the part of the race organisers and not a deliberate attempt to favour any particular ship type. The bonus is calculated from an elaborate formula which is aimed at giving a bigger time bonus to the ships which lose the most jump range from carrying cargo.

The DBX gets the least bonus and the T9 the most so the system can't be all bad.

Where can I buy fish?
Anywhere. But you must buy the fish after undocking to start the race and before arriving at the first waypoint. You are allowed to visit challenge systems before buying the fish as long as you have it in your hold when you arrive at each of the Bass _, Pike _, Ray _ and Sturgeon _ stations.

Can I substitute rare goods / precious metals / some other cargo for fish?
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Haven't played for 2 weeks so, err, yeah - I guess I'll be taking a shot at this ... as soon as I've reminded myself how all these perverse HOTAS bindings I seem to have actually work (the button combination I could have sworn turned my lights on appears to be engaging silent running!).
You really want to test our abilities for optimization and spreadsheets here.

So, it's either that or just go for it. Probably the latter, and likely in my Dolphin. Whcih means I'll have again to do the run around the engineers.

One question, though: for "Fish in a barrel", can I use engineered lightweight alloy bulkheads on my ship?
Wow ok, need to read that a couple more times!

Does the April fool bonus require you to run in the regulation dolphin build?

I was thinking the permutations and combinations weren't too many and then things really kicked up a couple of notches.

Excellent graphics and concept. I'd like to think I'll have a proper think about route and strategy but I know I'll just end up winging it....

Edit I've just looked up where the hamlets harmony system is, that changes my plans slightly.
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Wow, this is quite elaborate. Definitely something fishy going on!

I am most intrigued by the prospect of trying to fish-bomb another vessel.
maybe fish bomb a vessel in dock at a station? Think that's just a fine rather than death but not littered since 3.0
Is there any online tool to plot routes outside the game? I assume the best way to plot is going to be in game using galmap to optimise the route?
I simply use edtools to give me the basic distance table and then sniff out a route from there. I haven't gone beyond a basic idea yet, and that idea might crash and burn once I start looking at the distances of the ports from the jump points, which I haven't gotten around to do yet.
Intent to race
CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
regulation Dolphin 'Whisper of Freedom'
Getting logged out of the forum repeatedly today... hope the game is better! I might try an Engineered ship later but I'll see how I get on with this first, seems fitting to run the Dolphin before trying anything else.
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