Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Secret Scramble Mid Week Madness

sorry about the email mistake, cookie bots got in before I put up the forcefield.
AlecT, Seneh I got your submissions thanks for adapting. here's the leader board!


So CMDR Seneh takes the lead in.. er... a ship.. closely followed by alec T in.. another ship. lol.
well played you two for getting out there early. I look forward to seeing improvements in your route.. and time. ;)

Intend to race.Cmdr. Admiral Spoon
Hey Spoon.. are you actually back in the bubble now or still on your way in your Type 9? ;)
nice to have you here.
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Hey Spoon.. are you actually back in the bubble now or still on your way in your Type 9? ;)

Yes I got back in the bubble after the nice people from the Fuel Rats saved me.
And you should have my first result of the race in a couple of minutes.... I mean what race? I don't know what you are talking about. I never heard of any races going on.
I always obey the speed limit D:
Time I can improve on, but I already, um. Looked? 2 routes? :D

Guess I'll try a 3rd. Unfortunately, some routes will be off limits to me without also acquiring a different way of looking at them.
No one has attempted any runs and this is not a leader board update ... am I still running this race.. whos in charge around here.. ????

...yeah I am.. ;) I very much like how you guys are tackling the course...everyones got a different approach. hope you are having fun.
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I take a little holiday from races routine for adding an Asp to the fleet, leave the pilot seat for a couple days (some recent updates took me by force back to that bizarre universe with an X in the name)... and look what I find when I come back :p

It's a real pity I have no route already plotted and no ship already at the pad to participate in a race that doesn't actually exists...
theres no way im doing an another update for the end of day one.. nope!

Theres a lot of denial flying about!
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I just wanted to compliment Robin for putting together a really well-balanced opportunity to sit around and do nothing. I've shifted around in my chair here a few different ways, and every time I see pretty much the same thing.

Well done! [up]
I've been doing a bit of trading recently. I found a good trade route this morning and traded on it a few times in my capacious trading vessel.

Word of good trade routes gets around. I saw Alec Turner trading in the same class of trading vessel as me, after previously seeing Aken B. dock his trader at Pongkala. Then later I saw Admiral Spoon in a tiny little thing with not a lot of cargo capacity at all. Maybe he thought there was a race on or something.
Intent to possibly take part in something.

CMDR the raikobot.

The raikobot is rather poor at the moment, because CMDR Raiko took all his millions with him (presumably to bury them at Beagle Point). So even the raikobot doesn't know exactly what type of ship it will be flying. Is that secret enough?
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