Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Secret Scramble Mid Week Madness

The secret weapon has been more effective at killing me than I could have ever imagined.
Does that qualify as success? don't even know anymore. Where's my old ship?
no more updates so far.. ( no really.. that's not me just saying that and then ill post a board update.. )
less that 5 hrs to go If you fancy entering.. I know I know.. you see cookiehole at the top.. and think.. man.. not again..
its the taking part and the banter that's the fun bit. ;)
Best of luck to all competing.
Come midnight the secrecy will be lifted and we can dissect it.
Wow, these are nice stars over here! Totally different from the rest of the bubble. :D
And while everyone here seems so eager about trading, the Cookiebots tried mining today. They might not really have understood the difference between asteroids and stations completely, but so far I'm nearly happy with how they perform. They don't find the best mining spots in the Galaxy either, but at least they check out the integrity of everything they come close to.

It was made sure that no offense of law happens due to careful and faithful programming of Cookiebot OS. Cookiebots are friendly and totally harmless AI, just don't linger inside the station airlock and protect computer systems and accumulations of biscuits by appropriate measures if they are nearby.
Two more attempts (at trading), the first ended with a planetary faceplant, the second was perfect ... and 16 seconds pounds slower less profitable than my previous best (trade run). Looks like I've bottomed out again - ho hum, that's me done for the night. Have a good evening those of you that are still out there!
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Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong tonight, including hitting a Cmdr in a Fed Corvette leaving the station, he had gone at a really strange angle once he got through the slot. I saw Cheetah on the course and we went our separate ways, I reckon we would have finished with almost the same time if I hadn't of dropped out of SC half a second too early :mad:

7 runs, no completions I was so frustrated I even deleted my photos of my last time even though it was over 30 seconds quicker... I'm going for a smoke!
Look. There was no way I was racinTrading! Or trading. I simply slipped and fell down the stairs. Yes, that was it.

You know what, it's not just the actual racing (yeah I've said it ... come on, I know you're all at it too) that I love. When there's a race on (yes damn it, A RACE) these threads are just the best thing on the forum. I literally just snorted tea out of my nose at that stairs remark. :D
Ok there isn't time for one more quick update.. to spur you on for one last go.

Cookie hole improved his time you'll all be pleased to hear ;) and we have a new entry from Cheetah at 10
2hrs to go till we find out all the secrets.
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Oh hurrah for Cookie :p only joking it's not cause I'm jealous :D

I finally got something reasonable together tonight. That's me done!

To give you an idea of how good my night has been, when I went out for a smoke I swallowed some kind of flying insect whilst walking :(
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The Secrets out!


Well its over and the secrets out!
So I don't think ive got any more submissions coming.. if you've done one in secret now would be a good time to submit it to me..
I think ive got all the current times down for you guys.. but let me know if you see any mistakes..

It certainly looked like fun , frustration and good banter was had.. and that's buckyballing.

So for a tentative race round up on the 12th ...I think BRC event weve had.
Congrats to cookiehole for winning! thats a few youve won now chap.. how about your prize.. is to host a race.. ;)
great to see a cobra mk3 winning.. i couldnt have done it better myself.
Furrycat.. a minute off in 'white whiskers' excellent second place..
Aken B.. great cobra action.. 30 seconds ish off Furrycat.. Ozric.. your swap to a hauler.. managed to put you in 4th just ahead of Alec T. in 5th.. who was
convinced singles were the way to go.. im sorry to break your heart chap. it should have been.. but rosy and bale upset the balance.
Seneh.. some great early action on the course made you the one to beat.. in your DBS, your in 6th, Heat shield takes 7th in the lone asp in the field.
8th for Stern in 'yellow snow', crazy adder entry at 9th from birdnose.. a late entry at 10th from cheetah running in an unnamed courier.. and last place.
11th for Admiral spoon in 'Sailfish' Kudos to you for running a Type 9 on a speed docking scramble. The BRC salute you!

If i had more time itd be great to do a map with everyones route on with coloured lines.. i may still do that if i get some time tomorrow. itd be good to see what everyone chose in one quick gander.

So i wanted to do a scramble where it was a play up between singles and doubles.
if rosy and bale were 800 ls from drop in like Benapus and Yun dun, i think i might have acheived it.. as is .. i think doing rosy and bale and 4 singles was the best route, before I reduced it to 6 it was 7 and 8.. which would have just been a bit too long.. I did change the course in the last few days before the race.. originally Tjapai was the start system.. at one time.. Rosy was the start system.. and bale the end system as I tried to eliminate its advantage as a double, that might have worked.. but it all got late in the day and I suddenly got swamped with RL work.
I know some of you have programs where you just enter all the systems in and it spits out the fastest route.. easy mode is not my style, but for creating a course it would have helped im sure.
Many thanks to all of you that took part.... buckyball racers..... you are the best.
I hope this gave you something to keep your buckyballing skills warmed up, I know for me ...the best bit of the game is the buckyballs. anything else isn't.
I look forward to spring break, I will have to run it on holiday on my laptop though so I hope it can cope.
would be good if more of you suggested MWM events.. I think the sweet spot is 20 mins. if you need help developing ideas.. please get in touch.. or post up In the group thread.
I hope we see more of CMDR Admiral Spoon in upcoming races. i think wed all like to buckyball in a type 9..wouldnt we.. guys.. guys.. ? maybe theres an idea for a race.

Look at the majesty of that boosting out the slot! well played.
Special thanks to those of you about at midnight for a chat during the event at Aiken City, sorry if I missed anyone.
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Excellent race robin (we CAN say "race" now can't we?) - thanks for organising (again).

So my route was as follows ...


Basically I discounted the systems with a long SC to the station, discounted flying between multiple stations in the same system (because that's clearly gonna take longer than jumping to a new system ... right? ... Right?? come on, who's with me? ... oh) and then wrote a piece of software to place my remaining circuit of 8 stations into a sensible order (OK OK, but hey, I wrote my own software so I don't think that's so bad).

The challenging thing was keeping the Imperial Courier down to 1 jump between all systems. Originally had shields and a D rated power distributor but found that lacking in boost and eventually sacrificed the shields and half a fuel tank for the A rated booster. Have to say I really REALLY love the Courier for racing.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this, which would have worked BRILLIANTLY if I'd managed to win but instead now just seems slightly delusional. Ahh well :)

WARNING: explicit lyrics


P.S. how cool is the timing of that "cars reversing" line? :D
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Well, I thought it could be done, but whether or not it should have been done another I present the totally incomprehensible race route guide :-

Just look at all those lines!.... what it all means , and did I get it correct.. I haven't a clue ...thank god we didn't have more competitors. ;)
err.. actually looking at it.. we can see cookies fastest run was yun dun and rosy and bale.. double double.. and poor old benapus didn't get a look in for the final submissions.
I should really have put directional markers on.. but then you could easily understand it ;)
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I know some of you have programs where you just enter all the systems in and it spits out the fastest route..

Really??? I had no idea people took things that far. I just muddle by in ignorant bliss :D

I had considered doing the double at Rosie and Bale, but with the amount of hassle I was having on the last night I settled for completing 1 run (don't worry Alec I did actually think it would be slower too). So I actually dropped that system and went for ones that were closest, my run was almost a reverse run of Alec's.


I was a little disappointed I couldn't get a decent run in with the Eagle as I do really enjoy racing that thing around multiple stations, but I knew it wasn't going to cut it once I saw the leaderboard on the second day. I still don't think there's any way I could have knocked over a minute off my time to get into 3rd, let alone 3 minutes!

Thanks a lot for organising another one of these Robin, it was... bloody frustrating :D but also great fun.
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Well done cookie. Interesting route. I tried a route with all three double systems and it was more or less the same as my final route. I didn't try Alexis Centauri and Yun Dun, though. Perhaps I should have.

Bale and Rosy can be fast.
I'm actually perversely kind of glad I was so far behind. I knew I would be possible to shave a fair amount of time off my route and yet despite several attempts I couldn't actually manage to do so. For whatever reason I couldn't get my head in the game yesterday. It would have been frustrating to lose by a few seconds knowing I could have made up the difference, so a convincing winning margin is actually easier to deal with!
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