Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Seven Sisters Speedway. 13-Jul-3305 to 21-Jul-3305

Well so far 4 attempts at a run and every single time interdicted. Would not mind but never have the fuel to carry on either..gawd
That has happened to me every time I get hyperdicted too. It's always my last jump before the first dock in the sisters so I've let my fuel drop to absolute minimum. I can always SC back to the star in the system I'm jumping out of but. . .
That has happened to me every time I get hyperdicted too. It's always my last jump before the first dock in the sisters so I've let my fuel drop to absolute minimum. I can always SC back to the star in the system I'm jumping out of but. . .
Might not help much, but I'm okay waving the rule about no-jumponium boosts in the event of interdiction by Thargoids, if a bit of J3 jumponium would allow you to leave the site of the interdiction and continue your run.
Finally tried my luck at a Kamikaze run in the Viper.

  • Showed the Buckyball way to an unaware cmdr at Copernicus, by making my way to the pad at 800 m/s. Entertain the masses!
  • Had my first hyperdiction on the way to Atlas from Pleione. Tried to get away but they got my back. Didn't see anything, just felt strange noises coming from behind me. I felt violated.
  • Had to abort the run at Obsidian, since apparently TC went into full panic and assigned the same pad 13 where a Cobra was already peacefully sitting. Sorry @Raiko , I'm afraid I'll be forced to attempt the next run in solo, really too much people at Obsidian at the moment.


Open Unlimited Class
In Open Unlimited today, CMDR Alec Turner made runs in two different ships. First up he improved on his existing time in his Krait Phantom Void Star. However, while that run is ranked in Nuk's Kamikaze Cup below, it's no longer ranked in Open Unlimited as Alec swapped to his regular Buckyball racer, the DBX Bananery Fandango, and became the third CMDR to make it back to Ohm Horizons in under 30 minutes. Alec now sits in second place, about 40 seconds behind race leader CMDR Darplata94.

Further back on this leaderboard, CMDR Aken B. registered the first Viper Mk III run in the race (no mean feat without the aid of an FSD Booster). Aken B's run is unranked on this board, due to being slower than his existing Keelback run.


Notes: g= Guardian Tech fitted

Regulation Hauler Class
There were no runs registered in Regulation Hauler Class today.


Nuk's Kamikaze Cup
In the cup CMDR Alec Turner's run in Void Star edged a little closer to Cookiehole, with a time-bonus of almost 46 minutes to give an adjusted time of around -13 minutes.

CMDR Ikaru Sulu then became the third CMDR to register a negative time in a run with a time-bonus of over 43 minutes in his iCourier Anabasii Celeste.

The story of the day though was CMDR Aken B.'s run in the Viper Mk III Spirit of Shenanigan where he became the first CMDR to gain a time bonus of over one hour. This allowed Aken B. to gain a lead of around 2 minutes over CMDR Cookiehole.


Notes: g= Guardian Tech fitted; r= Regulation Class run
First, a formal declaration of intent:

Commander: Beth Johanson
Class: Regulation Hauler
Ship: Hauler
Ship Name: Haulin' Arx

After an extremely hectic week work and family wise, and happening to wake up an hour early, I finally had the time to do a dry run on the course. It had to be a dry run, because Cmdr Beth Johanson had never been to the Pleiades before, and so couldn't set up her book marks in advance. The credits from exploring along the way will help fund this race. ;)

It was a good thing too, because there was a lot of fan interference on the course:

First up was this gentleman on the way out to the Pleiades, who mistook her for Cmdr Inga Stevenson, much to Cmdr Johanson's annoyance.

Inga's a heavyworlder. Beth's from a low-g world. They look nothing alike!!! She's never been to the Pleiades before, let alone desecrated a crash site!

And then, on the way to Atlas...

Seriously??? She's not Inga. I don't care if all humans look alike! There's like a 0.3m height and 20 kilo mass difference between the two. At least there will be, assuming we get to customize height and build once we get Elite Feet. :)

On the way to Stargazer, this individual decided a Hauler with only a fuel scoop installed carried valuable cargo. Probably been probed once to many times by Thargoids. ;)

Dropped 45km away from the Squirrel's Nest, which was more than enough time for some of the local spectators to offer commentary..

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a screen shot of me missing the mailslot at Obsidian Orbital after a poorly timed boost. And lost over half of Beth's exploration credits. She's dirt poor at the moment. :(

After work, I can hopefully get a few runs it. Thank goodness it doesn't end today at midnight UST, like I'd originally feared. :)[/spoiler]
So I was thinking about the race a bit. Well, racing in general. I like to fly the courses and I enjoy the fun of the group activity, but I don't really have the true heart of a racer. I'm definitely more of a hobbyist.

Looking at cookiehole's results, he apparently had about 55 minutes of bonus time. That's more than twice the bonus time I got.

That means that when I thought I was going fast, I was actually going about half as fast as him.

What I think of as "fast", he thinks of as "half fast."

Say that a couple times to get the true meaning :p
As I'm sure it's been mentioned before, most of the fun of Buckyball Racing is trying to improve your posted time, not trying to compete against others. As a time-poor player who would rather have fun than grind away, my ships may be engineered, but they aren't maxed out at G5. And for this race, I'm using a barely played alt who literally just unlocked her first two engineers during my dry run, thus the Regulation Hauler.


Volunteer Moderator
First 2 runs of the day end in my nav computer going crazy and taking me a different route to all my previous ones, with 2 non scoopable stars in a row. Quite frustrating that it remembers the Galaxy Map settings across all accounts, which I'd forgotten. And then the second run I was Hyperdicted again.

First, a formal declaration of intent:

Commander: Beth Johanson
Class: Regulation Hauler
Ship: Hauler
Ship Name: Haulin' Arx
It's good to see Cmdr Johanson on the course loving the ship name too :)


Volunteer Moderator
Today is definitely not the day for racing it appears. I got interdicted in Maia and rammed by someone in a FAS, left me with only 35% hull, but I didn't run and I didn't try and attack (which instantly confuses most people). I explained what I was doing and then promptly left! Ruined the run though.
Intent to Impact at High Velocity
CMDR Bruski
Varangian Lightning (Imperial Courier)
Open Unlimited + Kamikaze Cup

Intent to Jumpity Jump Jumparoo!
CMDR Bruski
Phantom Payne (Krait Phantom)
Open Unlimited

Intent to Plod Slowly Along While Overheating and Roasting to Death
CMDR Bruski
Lazarus (Hauler)
Regulation Hauler
Managed a (hopefully) valid run early this afternoon in my DBS but was hyperdicted twice, on top of the sort of rusty flying that you get from being out in the black since the April Update. I'll see if I can improve this evening, or if the Thargoids are any friendlier, before submitting my time. There's no Guardian tech on this ship, which is mostly legacy mods, although the FSD is up to date.

One useful technique to use when hyperdicted is to drop a heatsink before boosting away and turning FA off. Thargoid sensors depend upon heat, so they probably won't notice you to scan you, never mind open fire.

P.S. There's an interstellar factor at Kebe, about 15LY from the start/finish. I bumped a beluga at Celaeno, as there seemed to be a pod of them waiting to undock and I wasn't going to wait for the jam to clear.
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