Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Seven Sisters Speedway. 13-Jul-3305 to 21-Jul-3305

Sgurr hesitated before opening the ramp. Between the Alliance call for materials and the Thargoids interferring with access to DD5 (just not on goidsy!) he could really use a rest but the race was only open for another 2 days and he wasn't going to miss the party this time.

Having heard stories about buckyballers being less than welcome because of previous 'incidents' he'd told the controller that was just visiting and didn't hang around docking in case there were questions, instead quietly making his way to the shipyard and waited for the dealer to be free. As well as rest he really needed to eat but was sure he'd be able to rustle up something in the galley in whatever the 'regulation' ship was.
He really should have read the regs more closely to know but looking round the yard there was the usual assortment of Sideys, Eagles, Vipers and even a DBS for the cheap seats. He hoped for the DBS, loved that ship, but all viable he thought. Even the Sidey was practical and built like a tank for it's size, he liked that.

"What can I do you for?"
Sgurr internally rolled his eyes and looked up at the dealer, "Here for the Buckyball, regulation class. Been told you can get me what I need?"
The dealer sighed, "Oh right," turned away and started towards the hanger, they'd clearly been hoping for a more lucrative client.
"Follow me, last one's back here" they said walking round a few ships and towards an Eagle in the corner.
That's fine thought Sgurr, then frowned as the dealer walked around it. "It's got access on this side and I'm sure it's fine, don't need the tour"
He heard the dealer snort, "Yours is back here"
Sgurr was confused, there was room for another ship in the corner? Walking round the Eagle he realised his mistake, there was a opening to another yard.

Except it wasn't a yard. In the dim lighting Sgurr could make out junk piled everywhere with a few clean gaps where ships had been recently removed.
"This one here."
Sgurr turned and stared in disappointment, it must've shown as the dealer smirked.
"At least it's cheap" they said taking out their tab, "Whaddaya wanna call it?"
"You cannot be serious ..." Sgurr started.
"Odd name but here you go" replied the dealer holding out the pad for approval.
"I didn't mean ..." Sgurr started, "ah smeg it, as good as any I guess"

The dealer wandered off whistling to find someone with a more expensive taste in ships while Sgurr just shook his head.
"It better fit a galley in there"


Intent to race:
CMDR Sgurr
You cannot be serious (Hauler)
Regulation class and possibly Kamikaze

PS: Skimmed the thread, some great stories and screenshots o7
Flew the courier real hard..maybe too much some would say..well at least it exploded on the pad of ohms saving me a trip back sniff!
So 835 m/s is NOT a viable landing speed...never said that in the manual.

View attachment 137956
I respect your attempt CMDR, but I must differ in my analysis. 835 is minimum viable landing speed! :D

goes back to the workshop to see if I can eek a few more m/s out of the Varangian Lightning
Aaand after having completed a new Unlimited run, I just noticed a fundamental flaw in my route. Meaning that I have to run again for all three boards if only to amend my mistake. Oh well, being dumb is something I can only blame myself for.

Tomorrow will hardly be race day for me, so I'm left with what I can come up with on Sunday. Saddle up! 😅


Open Unlimited Class
At the top of the Open Unlimited Leaderboard, race leader CMDR Darplata94 was out again in his DBX Rolled Gold, taking the opportunity to extend his lead over Alec Turner, whose own run was cut short by a "right of way" disagreement with a Type-9 Heavy. Darplata's time now stands at 27:55, 45 seconds ahead of Alec.

Ikaru Sulu's fourth place was taken away by the return of BRC regular CMDR Bruski in his favoured ship the iCourier Varangian Lightning. The first of Bruski's runs today was an excellent 31:45.

The final Unlimited Class run of the day came from veteran buckyballer CMDR Edelgard von Rhein. Edelgard crossed the galaxy to make it back from DWE2 for the race, and chose to make her first run in her DBS Head in the Clouds - the same ship in which she competed in the original Pleiades Hip Hop event in 3301. The nimble scout has considerably upgraded drives these days and CMDR von Rhein's time of 37 minutes exactly was enough to take 10th place for now.


Notes: g= Guardian Tech fitted

Regulation Hauler Class
The first of today's Regulation Hauler runs saw CMDR Darplata94 navigate the course in 37:59, snatching second place from CMDR Ozric by a mere 4 seconds in his Hauler Limiting Factor.

Further back on the board Buckyball newcomer CMDR Haresus made it back to Ohm Horizons in a nice time of 49:36 in A Solid Investment. Welcome to the BRC Haresus! o7


Nuk's Kamikaze Cup
The lead changed hands once again in the Kamikaze Cup: CMDR Bruski's second run of the day in Varangian Lightning made full use of the iCourier's powerful drives to amass a massive time bonus of 68:49, giving Bruski a lead of almost 10 minutes over Aken B.


Notes: g= Guardian Tech fitted; r= Regulation Class run
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Since my afternoon attempt to make a run ended early with a loss of connection to Frontier's servers, and as of this writing I'm still unable to connect to the internet at home, I present...

What Beth Johanson was doing over the last five days, instead of racing:

Cmdr Beth Johanson frowned at the door to her cell at Station Security, wondering where the local Pilots Federation representative was. She’d been in lockup for four days, after yet another reporter mistook her for Cmdr Inga Stevenson, despite her being half her age, taller, more lithesome, and, in her opinion, much prettier. Okay, maybe she shouldn’t have thrown that punch, but journalists really should learn to be thorough with their research...

At least the Feds had some interesting movies to watch, between the propaganda, of course. She was currently watching “Gone in 60 Seconds,” and wondering why she couldn’t be mistaken for actress playing Sway for a change. They looked quite a bit alike, after all.

Currently it was approaching the climax of the movie, and Sway was sneaking across a landing pad towards a classic Crowell & McGrath Cobra Mk III. In fact, it looked like a model from the late 32nd century, judging by the two protrusions at the front, which increased allowed for greater retro-thruster impulse. She'd apprenticed aboard such a Cobra III when she'd been 14, right before the new Frame Shift Drives had started coming out. She had fond memories of that ship, even if she'd felt like the Universe was pranking her at the time.

"Why this one?" asked Sway's partner.​
"Are you kidding?" Sway replied. "It's refit 3187 C&M Cobra III. They don't make them like this anymore. It has better retro and ventral thrust for superior maneuvering, especially over a planetary surface. To the right buyer, with an eye for the classics, she could be worth six million, easy."​
Beth nodded in agreement. She didn't know who did the writing for Sway's character, but unlike some of the dialog in the movie, her's was spot on. Her jargon was realistic, and the actress herself actually seemed to know the right way to properly secure a Remlok suit to a Commander's command chair. Unlike Memphis' actor, who didn't even bother to line up the magnetic catches.

The camera lingered lovingly over the Cobra III's clasic lines, and then Beth saw something that made her blood run cold. "It can't be. I don't frelling believe it! That's the Slave!" Sure enough, in elegant cursive writing, the words "Slave of the Empire" were stenciled across the side of the ship.

She watched, stunned, until the credits started to roll. Right after the actors credits (Sway was played by Abby Wong) came a special thanks to the Buckyball Racing Club for providing ships and stunt piloting. Among the names listed was, of course, Cmdr Inga Stevenson. To rub salt into the wound, among the credits were pictures taken from the set, including one of Inga and Abby, dressed identically with similar hair styles, with the caption "Separated at Birth? Cmdr Stevenson and Abby Wong aboard the actual Slave of the Empire."

She was seriously thinking about turning off the monitor and getting some sleep when one of the guards opened her cell door. "Hey! Commander 'Stevenson,' you've got a visitor."

The young woman groaned, unsure which was worse: the guard's attempt at humor, the inevitable lecture from the Pilots' Federation rep about not embarrasing them publically, or the fact that the Universe really needed to find someone new to torment. Or at least get some new material.

She was led to another room, where seated behind a table was not the local PF Rep, but a richly dressed woman with a neutral expression on her face. Apparently, the Universe had found some new material. Beth hesitated for a second before asking, "Milady Narang. It's an honor. What brings you here?"

"Well, I'm here to watch the race, of course. We all have our vices, and mine is watching less than legal racing. When I found out you had enrolled, I was pleased about having a familiar face to root for. Instead, I find you here, manifestly not racing. My family has always taken our responsibilities seriously, and that includes the children of our slaves, even after they've completed their term of service.

"Please, have a seat."

Beth meekly sat herself opposite her father's former master, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks.

"You really need to get over this thing you have about Cmdr Stevenson. If anyone should feel insulted, it's her. Not that your cousin would care, of course..."

"Wait, cousin?"

"It's an oversimplification of your relationship, of course, but the two of you are related. I won't bore you with the genealogical details. Inga, thankfully, doesn't take after her father. You, unfortunately, take after yours..."

"Hey! My father..."

"Much like Cmdr Stevenson's father, your father took far too many risks, gambled with money he didn't have, and worked with shady individuals from a position of weakness. Unlike the late Eric Stevenson, your father realized that when he fell, he'd bring down his young daughter with him. He had the strength and sense of honor to swallow his pride and come to me for help. So in exchange for his service, I bailed him out of the mess he had made.

"You've made quite a mess of your life as well. Not only are you in debt to the Pilots' Federation, but you betrayed some rather ruthless 'businessmen' for short term gain. That Hauler of yours is barely running, and I can't help but wonder if your hoping to lose yourself among the chaos created by the Thargoids in this region. Not that that would deter any properly motivated mob enforcer.

"My father, when he accepted Inga Stevenson into his service, discovered that having a member of the Pilots' Federation in our service has its benefits. Membership has its privilages, after all, and they're very careful about who they admit these days. When a business loses exclusive access to a Commander, it finds itself unable to maintain its clients, its ships, or even a profit.

"This is where you come in. In exchange for a five year contract, I'm willing to make this all go away. I will cover your debt with the Pilots' Federation, as well as make arrangements to deal with those you wronged. All you have to do is prove that you have your father's virtues, as well as his vices."

The older woman pushed a sheet of paper across the table in front of the younger one, and then placed a pen beside it. "Do we have a deal?"

Commander Beth Johanson took the paper and read it. It was the simplest version of an "Imperial Slave" contract, relying heavily on the honor of both participants, as well as Imperial regulations, to enforce it. It was, word for word, identical to the contract her father had shown her when she was younger. After staring at it for a few minutes, she reached for the pen and signed it, before pushing both back across the table.

"Excellent," Patron Roshni Narang said. "Ms. Castro, you may come in."

Beth stared as a second woman entered the visitor's room. The woman wore a flight jacket with the stylized letters "SWA" on the shoulders. Patron Narang handed her newly signed contract over to the other woman with a smile. "Beth Johanson, I'd like you to meet the chief of staff of your new master, Gyeong Castro. Ms. Castro, please accept the service of Cmdr Johanson, with my compliments and my apology. I very much believe that my father took advantage of Cmdr Stevenson's situation, and this, I hope, will cancel the debt I believe my family owes her."

Beth stared at both women, a horrible thought occuring to her. "What's going on?"

Chief Castro smiled gently at her. "It's quite simple, Cmdr Johanson. With Cmdr Stevenson on an extended vacation half way across the galaxy, Stevenson Whirlwind Adventures is barely breaking even at the moment. Most businesses aren't willing to pay top credit for non-PF pilots, many of the parts we rely on can be bought very cheaply via the PF, and we've lost access to remote engineering. We need a Pilots Federation member to function efficiently, and I will not stand idly by while what my Patron built crumbles around me. That's where you come in.

"Welcome to Stevenson Whirlwind Adventures, Commander Beth Johanson. I'm sure you'll like it here. Your first assignment is to show us how you perform in a race. We've got a brand new regulation Hauler waiting for you on docking pad 12. And remember our motto: 'If you're not willing to wreck your ship, you're not really in a hurry!'"

It was official. The Universe was having far too much fun at her expense.
First completed run has been submitted. It was a regulation hauler along with the Kamikaze Cup as a bonus.

As always, plenty of room for improvement. I lost four minutes alone when I got too aggressive during my braking maneuver at Obsidian Orbital, and then overcompensated afterwards. :rolleyes: Dropped too far from the Squirrel's Nest again, landings could've been better (I'd forgotten I can request better landing pads), forgot to put "There's fast, and then there's Buckyball" in my clip board, and other minor errors. I'm hoping to cut out six minutes, just from not making the major mistakes I made in this one. :D

Video is currently uploading, so you can laugh and wince at my antics in about an hour and a half.

Next run will have to be after work.
Normal racing is nearly impossible now with interdictions....even one buggers the times.
Yeah got interdicted, but i'm submitting it anyway. With time running out i'm not going to get clean runs.

So definitely a learning experience, I've not been on ED much lately anyway, and newbie baller. Lessons:
  • don't engage silent running trying to undock (finger / button fail)
  • git gud at orbital breaking
  • git gud at fast docking
  • don't panic and fail to FSD (finger / button fail)
  • find the right tunnel (to be fair, Mrs started talking to me :/ )
  • don't over fuel (hangover from Fuel Ratitng to keep topped up)
  • general flying incompetence (ugh, general git gud)

Here for your viewing pleasure :rolleyes:



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4 seems to be the number of the day today.

I've just been Hyperdicted 4 times in 1 run!

No racing for me today ...
I was expecting more dodgy accents ;) but still looks highly entertaining

Here for your viewing pleasure :rolleyes:
Haha that tunnel incident is brilliant 😂

Gravity braking is particularly tricky on this course I think because you have so many different types of situations to deal with (planets, no planets, ring systems, tight orbit around a Gas Giant). A nice wide variety to keep you on your toes.
Haha that tunnel incident is brilliant 😂
I did so many things wrong in my reg hauler run, but yeah that didn't help. Not that I could knock off enough time anyway to get near 36 mins like Cookiehole :eek:

Might do a bit of laser-mining to relax for a bit...


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I did so many things wrong in my reg hauler run, but yeah that didn't help. Not that I could knock off enough time anyway to get near 36 mins like Cookiehole :eek:

Might do a bit of laser-mining to relax for a bit...
I've been doing Buckyball racing for over 5 years now, it took me about 3 to drag myself off the bottom of the leaderboard :D Still I'm a much better flyer overall because of all the lessons I've learnt along the way. Just focus on your initial time, and then the surrounding people on the leaderboard once you've done your second run. How much do you think you can improve your time by then.
I've already improved my initial time by over 4 minutes, and I think I can get around Cookie's time... but it will take me the near perfect run to do. And without any Thargoid interference.

Come on girls, I mean I've never shot at a Thargoid or done anything nasty to you lot. Give me a break :)
(just for those who weren't aware, all Thargoids are female)
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4 seems to be the number of the day today.

I've just been Hyperdicted 4 times in 1 run!
Me too last night, on my first ever run! The 4th was by 2 cyclops and a Basilisk, thought I must've really p'd them off with previous, how shall we say, interactions.

Come on girls, I mean I've never shot at a Thargoid or done anything nasty to you lot. Give me a break :)
(just for those who weren't aware, all Thargoids are female)
I guess they're just being busy.

Still got a submission but I'm definitely having another go.

Haha that tunnel incident is brilliant 😂

My exit to Squirrel's nest was pant filling, thankfully I went through the brandy and not into the station:


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Nope, racing is impossible today. 5 runs attempted and every single one of them had at least 2 Hyperdictions in them. They add around a minute and a half for each one but I can take consolation in the fact that when I was starting the journey back to Ohm on 3 occasions I was on par to get close to first place (assuming the run back was flawless ;)) but every run should have been an improvement.

I will try to drag myself up for trying again tomorrow.
Nope, racing is impossible today. 5 runs attempted and every single one of them had at least 2 Hyperdictions in them. They add around a minute and a half for each one but I can take consolation in the fact that when I was starting the journey back to Ohm on 3 occasions I was on par to get close to first place (assuming the run back was flawless ;)) but every run should have been an improvement.

I will try to drag myself up for trying again tomorrow.
Hey @Raiko ... can we turn this into a feature? How about a 1 minute Kamikaze bonus for every Thargoid that people manage to ram? :LOL:
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