Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Seven Sisters Speedway. 13-Jul-3305 to 21-Jul-3305


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On the subject of thanking Alec, Alec has kindly offered to give some community paint-job packs that he won in the Lavecon raffle as prizes in this race.

So there will be pack for the winner of each leaderboard.



There is a Buckyball Racing Club squadron you can join. There are only 2 squadrons I would even consider joining, and I have 2 characters, so it works quite well for me :D
You are going to do that in a T10, there will hardly be any tunnel left once you've scraped through!

Intent to Race
CMDR Crotalus
Type 10
Open Unlimited

Does this have to been done in open or will any mode do? Nevermind I just read the faq
Does it matter if you go through the same tunnel?
Type 10?

CMDR Crotalus never lets us down!

I don't mind, you can use different tunnels or do a bootlegger (in a T10!?) and boost back through the same tunnel. Whichever you prefer. :)
Intent to race open unlimited and possibly kamikaze..however with my flying this may mean nothing at all!

Ready to roll...Anabasii Celeste, The Mean Machine and The Sports Asp all on the tarmac ready to roll. May god have mercy upon my hulls!

So Imperial Courier, Asp and Krait Phantom
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Hmmm, my first run ended in destruction on the walls of Stargazer base.

These Thargoids are like the Rozzers (police) or something! I got Hyperdicted on my way into Pleione by 3 of them, the Basilisk stopped and scanned me, and then when they went to leave she just drove straight at me and smashed into my poor shieldless Hauler leaving me with only 43% hull!

I made it through the tunnels OK, despite dropping out of SC over 30Km from Squirrel's Nest, but got a bit too close on entry into Stargazer ;)
What makes hyperdictions more likely?

I've been in the Pleiades loads (Operation IDA, etc) and it's not happened to me yet.
Remember not to post run times to the thread. I'll be posting minutes only to leaderboards until maybe Wednesday, then revealing the seconds.

So @Fish172's post is fine, but no more info than that for now please. :)

(I usually forget to conceal exact times, so I'm trying to get it right this time)


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Excellent, I like no seconds being revealed at first :)

I'm not sure about Hyperdictions to be honest, I don't think anything makes them more or less likely. We did a lot of investigating when they first started with Canonn and at the time the only real thing we noticed was that if you had never had any interaction with anything Thargoid then your chances of being Hyperdicted were about 0.1% :)

But that was what, 2 years ago now? I don't think even that matters any more.
Hyperdictions seem to be always coming when you don't need them. I'm taking a shutdownfield neutraliser with me, just in case.

EDIT: How about a time bonus for those who manage to counter the EMP when they get hyperdicted to make up for it? ;)
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Second run, second Hyperdiction...

I am a bit confused by something. When you talked about the prizes you said there would be 3 and Kamikaze Cup was a separate one. How does the leaderboard for that work, are there going to be 3 leaderboards?

It's possible I'm being mad, but we have to do everything except for typing the message (and not repairing) in the standard race, and given the crazy time bonuses for the Kamikaze Cup wouldn't it just make sense to do that? If there are going to be 3 tables, then I guess that would count me out of trying for it as the Regulation Hauler is never going to be able to compete.
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