Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: Swoop 'n' Scoop (7th - 9th February) midweek madness

This is a planetary surface race which will test your supercruise, orbital cruise, landing and SRV driving skills as you swoop down to the surface of Orrere 2 B and scoop cargo from the wreckage of a crashed ship. For added excitement racers may play their Win it or bin it joker card to earn a time bonus if they dare to fly without shields or hull reinforcements.

The race runs from Tuesday February 7th to Thursday February 9th 3303.

New to racing?
Please refer to the following instructional video, generously commissioned by Anthony and Enoch Lonnegan:
Engineering is allowed in this race. Refer to the Buckyballer's guide to Engineering for advice.

  • Start at Forward Horizons on Orrere 2 D.
  • Retrieve cargo from the Crashed Ship POI at 43.82, -173.97 on Orrere 2 B.
  • Finish at Guin Survey on Orrere 2 B.
Alternatively, start at Guin Survey and finish at Forward Horizons.
Play your single-use Joker card to earn a time bonus of up to 20 seconds.

The crashed Anaconda appears as a static POI and is visible in the navigation panel when you are within 1000Ls.

You won't be able to see the POI until you land and scan the ship data core at the site. After that it will show up in the navigation panel.

The ship spawns with a number of cargo canisters and materials; you can collect any one of them. The items usually only appear on the target panel of a small ship or SRV so you will probably need to deploy a vehicle, collect the cargo and transfer it to your large ship. However, landing and deploying your SRV is optional as long as you scoop up at least one object.

[size=+1]The joker[/size]
The joker card may be played once per competitor.

A competitor must declare his intention to play the joker within 24 hours of starting his race run. Declarations made after this time will be rejected; the joker card may be retained for later use. Note: Evidence of completing the race may be submitted at any time up to and including the deadline for submissions; only the intention to play the joker must be made within 24 hours.

The joker card may only be used when a competitor meets all of the following conditions:
  • His ship is fitted with Lightweight Alloys with no engineer modifications.
  • His ship is not fitted with any Hull Reinforcement Packages.
  • His ship is not fitted with any Module Reinforcement Packages.
  • His ship is not fitted with a Shield Generator.

Valid use of the joker card entitles the competitor to reduce his final time by 1 second per 5% hull remaining (rounded down) at the end of the race, up to a maximum of 20 seconds. For instance if he finishes the race with 86% hull strength he will receive a 17 second bonus.

RSECMDR nameForum nameShip nameShip typeCallsignBonusRacedTotal
11j,tcookieholecookieholeMomentum ConservationEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Charlie Oscar Oscar[/size]00:00:1800:04:5200:04:34
21tAken B.AkenBoschSpirit Of ShenaniganViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Alpha Kilo Echo[/size]00:05:0100:05:01
32tSamwell Drakhyrdrakhyral-RassanViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Sierra Alpha Mike[/size]00:05:0800:05:08
42j,tMarkzx59racer1ScreechEagle[size=-2]Core Dynamics Mike Alpha Romeo[/size]00:00:0200:05:3900:05:37
51j,tBrother SabathiusWolverineGlint Of The Voids EyeSidewinder[size=-2]DeLacy Beta Romeo Oscar[/size]00:00:1900:06:0000:05:41
61tAlec TurnerAlec TurnerSans SerifImperial Courier[size=-2]Gutamaya Alpha Lima Echo[/size]00:05:5700:05:57
72tCheetahCheetahSolarisImperial Courier[size=-2]Gutamaya Charlie Hotel Echo[/size]00:06:3500:06:35
83tBruskiBruskiVarangian LightningImperial Courier[size=-2]Gutamaya Beta Romeo Uniform[/size]00:06:4000:06:40
94PollyPollyDirigentes StellaImperial Courier[size=-2]Gutamaya Papa Oscar Lima[/size]00:06:4100:06:41
103t<-LightSpeed->superflyguyHome In Time For TeaViper Mk III[size=-2]DeLacy Lima India Golf[/size]00:07:2700:07:27
111tMrDragonRaaarmrdragonraaaarOld FaithfulAsp Explorer[size=-2]Lakon Mike Romeo Delta[/size]00:07:4900:07:49
121tStern WinterStern WinterThe Slow CoachImperial Eagle[size=-2]Gutamaya Sierra Tango Echo[/size]00:08:4400:08:44
Endorsement key

jjoker card
[size=+2]HOW TO ENTER[/size]
See How to enter on the Buckyball Racing Club homepage for general details on entering the race.

Entries may be posted to this thread, sent by forum private message to furrycat or emailed to furrycat <symbol: commercial at> buckyballracing <symbol: dot> org <symbol: dot> uk.

Only entries made wholly within the period 3303-02-07 00:00:00 to 3303-02-09 23:59:59 server time will be accepted.

Only entries made in Open play will be eligible for the race leaderboard.

Entries must include:
  • Your CMDR name.
  • Your forum name if not the same as your CMDR name.
  • Your ship type.
  • Your ship name.
  • Game mode (Open, Solo, Private Group).
  • A declaration or one or more screenshots showing any engineering modifications to your ship. Enhanced Performance Thrusters count as engineering.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Forward Horizons showing the station clock. The time shown will be your start time for the entry.
  • A screenshot of your ship or SRV collecting cargo at the Crashed Ship POI on Orrere 2 B showing the HUD clock.
  • A screenshot of your ship on the pad at Guin Survey showing the station clock. The time shown will be your finish time for the entry.
You may also choose to fly the course in reverse, in which case your first screenshot should be taken at Guin Survey and your third at Forward Horizons.

Video entries will also be accepted as substitutes for screenshots.

Your screenshot for the cargo collection stage should show the CARGO ACQUIRED message at the left of the HUD:

Screenshots may be taken using the in-game screenshot function (F10 key) or your choice of third-party software. If you are recording a video of your entry you can submit snapshots of individual frames showing each checkpoint.

You may also submit an entry with a video. You may edit your video down to a shorter running time as long as the takeoff, scooping and landing are shown.

This forum has direct support for Youtube videos. To post your video in this thread, use the [video=youtube] tag with your video's Youtube ID, for example [video=youtube;6Pk5rjMu11Q][/video].

You are of course free to use a video host other than Youtube.

Do I have to post an intent to race before competing?
Not if you don't want to. It's cool if you do, so other racers can look out for you on the course, but it's optional.

I can't find the crashed ship!
It's at 43.82, -173.97. Fly there once and deploy your SRV. Then you can scan the ship data core. After that the POI will always be visible within 1000Ls.

Are Engineer modifications allowed in this race?
Yes. However in order to be eligible to use the "Win it or bin it" joker card you may not fit any modification which increases your hull strength or resistances.

Is synthesis allowed in this race?
Yes. It won't help very much but you can use it.

I refuse to play in Open
You are welcome to run the course in Private Group or Solo mode and submit an entry. Your attempt will appear on the leaderboard as an exhibition run and be excluded from ranking but you will still be able to compare your efforts to others'.

The joker doesn't offer a very large bonus
It is expected that the best pilots will fly this course very quickly and even 20 seconds will be a significant margin at the top of the leaderboard.
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Your images aren't showing up for me (apart from the joker).

I will participate, haven't yet worked out which ship, but very possibly al-Rassan, my Viper mkIII.
Awesomesauce! Stating my intent not to do any further work on my own race until Friday 10th February.

Hmmm ... I wonder if it's possible to belly flop right on top of the cargo spillage with an extended cargo scoop where one's landing gear would normally protude? Stating intent to maybe try that once I've done a more conventional SRV based run.
I wonder if it's possible to belly flop right on top of the cargo spillage with an extended cargo scoop where one's landing gear would normally protude

You should be able to and doing so would be the optimal strategy. However in testing I found that although I could see the canisters with the Mk I eyeball they didn't actually appear on the scanner. And you can't scoop up anything that isn't targetted because ... err ... hey look, Thargoids!
Hooray, a new race!
I'm out of the bubble until the weekend...booo! (and then I'm leaving on the Silly Ships Expedition).
Great idea for a race and good luck to everyone taking part. (A shame you have to be travelling slowly to scoop in a ship but the max scoop speed seems to be different for different ships - is it a % of cruise speed, maybe?)
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Intent to watch from afar!

i haven't managed to get back to the bubble yet, and probably won't by Thursday. maybe .. just maybe..

have fun!
Intent to watch from afar!

i haven't managed to get back to the bubble yet, and probably won't by Thursday. maybe .. just maybe..

have fun!

I saw you on Galmap.
If you get back for Thursday and compete I think you deserve bonus seconds :)

edit ....
Can't find this anaconda!?!?
ive circled 2b in orbital cruise. not seeing poi show up on nav or contacts list??
what am i doing wrong?? i know it'll be something stupid
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Yayyy, more racing!
Looks like it will be great fun :)
(learning for math exams can wait a bit, right? :p)

Have a look around 43.8, -173.9.

Is it meant to have a selectable POI in the NavPanel or do we have to reach it by coordinates? The way it's written in the rules made me think that there should be a NavPanel entry, but I've only found it manually via the coordinates so far...

Intent to race btw, still deciding which ship :)
OP updated... Turns out you have to go to the coordinates in your SRV one time and scan the ship data core to activate the POI in the navigation panel.
First run submitted.

Boy I've missed racing - that was ace. I'm hanging on to my joker for now, but I fully intend to play it before the end.

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Here in Minnesota, Monday night overlaps a bit with Tuesday morning, so I managed to find the site last night... eventually. It was night there, and the crash site was surprisingly hard to find.

While there, I decided to do a few test scoops in my SRV, and somehow managed to get my SRV stuck on a piece of debris. After fifteen minutes of trying to work myself loose, I set the SRV to self destruct, and ran back to my ship on foot.

To add insult to injury, it turns out that neither base has a shipyard, so I had to go to the Coriolis station to retrieve the 'Slave. Fortunately for me, today's my Friday, so this "midweek madness" falls on my Weekend. ;)
....If you get back for Thursday and compete I think you deserve bonus seconds :)....

I wish! As CMDR furrycat is a gentleman I'm quite sure he won't be awarding bonus seconds that aren't stipulated in the rules. Having said that it'll be a fun challenge for me - i might not even stop for earth-likes!


Volunteer Moderator
If I can then I will, but it's a busy week and I'm not sure if I'll be able to.
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