Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: The A* Challenge V2.0


Apologies, I've never quite managed to find time to write up a full report of the runs since Drakhyr's last update and prior to me taking over hosting the A* Challenge.

I believe that the most significant event of that period was on 30-Sep-3304, CMDR Up2d4t3 took advantage of new technological breakthroughs to retake the Unlimited Class record with a great time of 01:53:29 in his Guardian FSD-Booster equipped Anaconda Goldie.

Congratulations CMDR Up2d4t3! o7

The galaxy held its breath for the expected response from CMDR Alot, but so far Rhonda the Conda remains in dock. Can any other CMDR step up to the challenge? Until they do CMDR Up2d4t3 is officially recognised by the Buckyball Racing Club as the fastest CMDR in the galaxy.

During this period the following CMDRs also made runs to Sadge, congratulations to each and every one of you.

15-Aug-3304, CMDR turkwinif, Anaconda, Liberty One – 08:05:42
12-Sep-3304, CMDR tomparkes1993, Sidewinder, Run#13.37 – 45 days 23h46m
16-Sep-3304, CMDR turkwinif, Alliance Challenger, Xeno Chew Toy – 14:38:22 – Class Record until 01-Apr-3305
23-Sep-3304, CMDR Darplata94, Alliance Crusader, Amoracchius – 15:20:53 – Class Record
15-Dec-3304, CMDR Darplata94, Krait Phantom, Lividus – 08:45:31 – Class Record
30-Jan-3305, CMDR Darplata94, Alliance Chieftain, Esperacchius – 12:11:20 – Class Record
01-Apr-3305, CMDR Darplata94, Alliance Challenger, Fidelacchius – 13:43:20 – Class Record


16-Sep-3304, CMDR Darplata94, Asp Explorer, Naja – 06:01:28 – Class Record


11-Aug-3304, CMDR Crotalus, Federal Corvette, Calypso – 04:44:05 – Class Record
15-Oct-3304, CMDR Crotalus, Federal Dropship, Hecate – 05:23:22 – Class Record
15-Dec-3304, CMDR Crotalus, Mamba, Polylepis – 05:20:41 – Class Record
31-Jan-3305, CMDR Howard Hughes, Anaconda, CONSTELLATION – 01:58:56
17-Feb-3305, CMDR Crotalus, Type-10 Defender, Tigris – 04:34:07 – Class Record
03-Apr-3305, CMDR Edelgard von Rhein, Federal Dropship , Hippogriff – 1 day 00h34m
19-Apr-3305, CMDR Boni58, Asp Explorer, Patanyska One – 03:46:06
26-May-3305, CMDR Crotalus, Viper mkIII, Enyo – 05:40:43 – Class Record

Update including recent runs to follow...
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All the action so far, since my friendly takeover of the A* Challenge has been in Unlimited Class.

CMDR Crotalus took the opportunity to snatch two more vacant class records, setting times to beat of 04:30:50 in his Cobra mkIV Goldii and 04:43:21 in Eleanor an Alliance Crusader.

The run in Goldii was particularly noteworthy, as Crotalus jumped straight out of his Type-10 Tigris at the Seven Sisters Speedway (leaving it wedged inside a tunnel at the Squirrel's Nest space bar), into his Cobra mkIV and headed off to Sadge.

CMDR Henkka77 has been planning to make an A* Run for a while and arrived at Sadge on 10-Aug-3305 in his FSD-Boosted Anaconda Reluctance in a nice time of 05:17:45. Congratulations Henkka77, enjoy touring The Core. o7

Another A* Challenge newcomer CMDR Numerlor has made several unlimited runs in his Anaconda Raia, the fastest of which was made only last night, and beat Up2d4t3's record by a slim 26 seconds – that's only one second per kylie!

Congratulations CMDR Numerlor, the new A* Challenge record holder with a Sol-Sadge time of 01:53:03. o7 CMDR!



I've managed to update all the "Ship Type Record History" tables, to include all changes since Drakhyr's Last Update. I've also added all pre-A* Challenge records to those lists, including BBRA* records and both Zulu Romeo's and Anuranium's pre-BBRA runs.

I've also knocked up an extra table with the full list of Sol-Sadge record holders from Zulu Romeo to Numerlor.




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Definitely going to give this a try. I want to see if I really can best the Anaconda with a shorter range ship purely based on technique over range.

Commander: Payperheirplain
Ship Name: Canterbury
Ship Type: Krait Phantom
Class: Unlimited (FSD Booster, Jet Cone on the Gal Map)

Will update when I get the run underway.
So it seems I announced my return a bit prematurely, because work threw me a curveball that has kept me from being able to play Elite at all (much less make a run) for the last few weeks. That said, I should be clear of that now.

Now I just need to get in a few game sessions to work my flying back up to spec before I attempt my run.

CMDR : Up2d4t3
Ship Type : Anaconda
Ship Name : Goldie
Class : Unlimited (FSD Boost + neutrons + FSD Guardian)
Time : 1h52m10s

Start : Source:

End : Source:

I think it's a new record :p
Most impressive, Commander! o7
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