Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: The A* Challenge V2.0

Second try! HUGE improvement already. Still fell into a fuel star a couple times. Need to improve curving into the neutron. But hats off to you <2h... you're crazy good at this.
I'll bet I can get closer to 2h.. Under is quite a feat.

Cmdr: Ryphon
Ship Name: Wet Paper Bag | LNGRNG
Ship Type: Anaconda
Class: Unlimited
Time: 2:32:32

Streamed the whole thing:
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I posed something like this, but with a more hardcore twist (as a "test of spirit", rather than "test of mind"). In short, no shortcuts, and you must go from Sol to Sag'A* within 24 REAL HOURS. I pulled it off with 18 hours and 21 minutes, so there is still margin for breaks. I call it "The Sagittarius Sprint"! (Or simply "The Sprint")

For details, I wrote this:
Sounds just like the Classic class of the A* challenge, which is much more of a marathon than the current Unlimited class.

Classic Class entries must abide by the following regulations:
  • (Engineer-)modified modules are not permitted.
  • Enhanced Performance Thrusters are not permitted.
  • Items only available from technology brokers, including all modules based upon Guardian technology, are not permitted.
  • The use of materials synthesis (e.g. FSD Injection or AFM refill) is not permitted.
  • The use of FSD supercharging (from neutron stars or white dwarfs) is not permitted.
Thanks y'all. Still made some mistakes (minor one with my route that i'm still unsure how happened plus a few other issues) so a little room to improve still.

Congratulations on your amazing time @Ravenov. I'll get a board update done this week, as I've got quite a few new runs to add now.

BTW, you're getting quite a few congratulations over on the BRC Discord, but I'm not sure if you're on there?
I am now :)
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