Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: The A* Challenge V2.0

CMDR: Goosefraba
Ship: Phoenix
Ship Type: Anaconda
Class: Unlimited
Time: 1:35:07

Not an actual speed run attempt but the little Cobra Mk3 Warp Factor Potato that I set a Buckyball A* time in has been out and about again, I thought she was a fitting ship to take to Cmdr Drew Wagar's finale to the Lore Tour. Here she is with the fleet before a mass warp out :
CMDR: Ravenov
Ship: Wake Turbulence
Ship Type: Anaconda
Class: Unlimited
Time: 1:31:59

Apologies for the screencap from the video for the end, had an issue with the map not showing location (actual arrival by the map was 1:31:57 but the screenshot from that time stamp has no location shown). Spoiler'd is a cap from the game at 1:32:00.



Congratulations yet again @Ravenov on becoming the first Cmdr to break the 1h30m barrier!

Incidentally if it helps shave a few seconds off, it's still okay to use a launch pad screenshot for the start of your run, I'd just like a station services screen from less than 5 minutes earlier to verify the date. I'm going to use @Dr_Chives screenshots from his last run as examples when I update the OP.

I'm finally starting to update my leaderboard spreadsheet now, so as long as I don't get interrupted by family stuff I should have a full update done later today.

Congrats again, it seems that @goosefraba19 was right and significant improvements were still possible - how can he or @Esvandiary respond?
The spreadsheet is all up-to-date now, but it's a little late at night to start writing an update post, so I'll be back in the morning to write that and post the updated leaderboards (including any runs submitted overnight).
I might give another go with a ship that's NOT a Cobra, but that's not high on my to-do list. Still, I haven't seen my name on the board, as of this writing. I should be at or around #100.
I've updated the original post now, with all the new runs. Apologies for the delay in writing a post - I've had some technical difficulties as the Classic Leaderboard is now too big to add as an attachment - even if I shink it!

I messed around for a while and then gave in and uploaded it to imgur instead. I guess the forum rules must have been changed. It's a bit of a pain as I can't access imgur from work, so I'll need to do all updates from home now.

Proper update report post incoming later today hopefully.
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