Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Art of Pandemonium! (15-23 January)

Managed another run. Only improved by a minute or so no change in standings. many mistakes but not 12+ minutes worth.

Looking forward to seeing the routes of the winners, damn them ;)
I managed to improve my Token Ring time, although frustratingly I still took over an hour. Several attempts to improve my Black Sheep time were all hampered by interdictions on final approach to stations, and my only attempt tonight at the short circuit was ruined by my own foolishness!

Thanks for running an excellent race Esvandiary, see you all in Turbo (or perhaps at Beagle Point for those who're heading that way).
Managed another run. Only improved by a minute or so no change in standings. many mistakes but not 12+ minutes worth.

Looking forward to seeing the routes of the winners, damn them ;)

Those warm up beers in the bar before the last run may have caused me to forget about the plotter issue between Epsilon Hydri and Cardea - so I would have knocked 4-5 mins off if I'd remembered :(

Big thanks to CMDR Alot for organising, good fun as always. Ship now docked at Turbo :)
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The Sidewinder route:

  • Pandemonium to Kutjalangai can be plotted using the ship's planner in three jumps.
  • Kutjalangai to Jotunheim could be done in three jumps if 10% refuel worked. It doesn't so the ship planner works just as well for four jumps.
  • Jotunheim to Futhorc can be plotted for three jumps.
  • Futhorc to Epsilon Hydri is technically possible in three jumps via Shapsugabus. However, I'm fairly certain it can't be done with the regulation build. No combination of 10% refueling at any of the previous stations would leave you with just the right amount of fuel to make the long jump.
  • Epsilon Hydri to Cardea can be done via Vistaenis as we know.
  • Cardea to Flesk is where the fun starts. I called at Bok Hub, an outpost less than 80Ls from Textovices.
    • Cardea
    • Azrael
    • Exioce
    • NLTT 7789
    • ICZ FW-V B2-7
    • Textovices Bok Hub
    • ICZ BQ-Y D111
    • ICZ EW-V B2-2
    • ICZ EW-V B2-5
    • Flesk
  • Flesk to Pandemonium can be done in five jumps.
    • ICZ EB-X C1-20
    • Tir Na Nog
    • LHS 1071
    • ICZ JX-T B3-6
    • Pandemonium
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Plenty of action on the final day! But first, the board...






In the Short Circuit, Aken B. decided that once was not enough, and decided to see what the Adder Happy-Go-Bucky could bring to the board. Quite a bit, as it turns out, as he popped in right behind ... himself. :D
But it was KliggJr who got closer than anyone else to Cookiehole's dominant time, in the Cobra MkIII Bingo Wings. Despite a spirited run, however, the Crater Creator could not be moved.

In the Black Sheep, runs from drakhyr, Tayo and Terrorsidic shuffled the middle of the board around nicely. But an almighty thump (and some clinking) was heard as Aken B. landed the Bucket of Bolts straight onto the top of the board in a final-day tour de force!

Finally, Raiko hedged his bets by improving his own time at the top of the Token Ring board. Not necessary in the end though, as nobody could touch him!

It's been a great fun week of racing, and we've seen some very impressive stunts (and more than our fair share of wrecks, I'd say!)
Once again, thanks to everyone for taking part, and I hope everyone had a good time. Also, if I've messed anything up on the board, do let me know - although I'll almost certainly blame it on the cookiebots!

See you all at Turbo in a day or two, I'm sure :D
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Great bunch of races Alot.. does that count as 3 you've done;)
congrats to cookie , raiko and aken.
see you guys at the turbo event.. unless your off to distant worlds for some reason I cant fathom because its not racing.. fly unsafe.
I think for future runs Ducktape is gonna have to be at full hull for multi leg trips :I

Oh well, I doubt I'll be able to make it to turbo hour ether as this CMDR has work AND school to contend with.

Have fun and run a few stupid ships for me :D
I learned some, laughed some, exploded some... good racing! Thanks a lot, Alot! :D

Congratulations to cookiehole, Aken, and Raiko! Well done to us lot who pressure the boards, keep the insurance agents busy, and explore new and exciting ways to go fast... into things :).

See you in Turbo after a small decompression. Not really, I am already docked there. I have a problem :eek::p.
Wall of text

By the way: my last attempt at the Short Circuit last night ended because the station graphics didn't load! I was 3km from the station, but it wasn't actually there and didn't appear in the contacts list. Does anyone know how to fix that quickly? I exited to the main menu and restarted in open and the problem was still there. So I gave up that run.
Happened to me at BBR9. Got it on video somewhere in that thread and I believe Alot posted a recording from inside the station too. Works pretty well to get inside a station but seems it doesn't help with any dashclocks to take a screenshot of.

Fine, you win, cookiehole.
That was pretty close! I think I had the big luck that my first attempt on the Sidey challenge (after the scouting run) was successful and not that bad. All the four succeeding attempts failed either due to bugs, Type 9s, or forgetting about disc space when recording. Twice. :eek:

I'm hopefully making one or two more runs at each race before the end, I don't think that I'll manage to get a Sidewinder challenge run in though.
The biggest challenge in the Sidey challenge really seemed to be the bugs and surviving, to get a time on the board. 42mins could really have been possible if the game and the servers (and maybe the Sidey hull) had been stable enough.

The Sidewinder route:
Agree. The one jump that would have been saved with a functioning 10% refueling was annoying, and I crunched the numbers on the Futhorc - Epsilon Indi leg and came to the conclusion that it would only have been possible with between 69.5% and 71% fuel, so certainly not worth bothering with.
For the long Cardea - Flesk leg I went with a slightly different route with pretty much the same outcome: First 3j to NLTT 7789 (same three jumps as in the stock route to Flesk), refueling at an Outpost approx 180ls away iirc and then 6j to Flesk, using economical routing. It could have been possible to do the whole leg in 8j, but as the systems at the halfway point of that route weren't inhabited it wasn't possible fuel-wise. For the leg from Flesk to Pandemonium I went with a 5j route too, the last jump leaving me with probably around 0-2% fuel in the main tank, leading to that screenshot I posted after the first run.

In the Courier it was one jump between all the stops except for the Cardea - Flesk leg (3j) and the Flesk - Pandemonium leg (2j). With a completely stripped down ship the leg from Cardea to Flesk could have been doable in 2j, but I think the A-rated thrusters and power distributor and the shields enabeled faster docking, and if 7s can be saved at each station it's worth the one jump more. I don't know how the docking times compare there, but I imagine it was worth going with shields, especially with the rather bumpy landings I tend to bother Crater Creator with. :D

My attempts on the Black Sheep and the Token Ring were a bit lukewarm, as I didn't have as much time this week and lacked some understanding for the distance a Type 6 needs to slow down - pretty similar to the nightmare of the Asp, at least with the feeling of a better handling at higher speeds (I think?). Was fun though, didn't fly a T6 for a long time and the footage of the crashes was worth the insurance money.

My statistical breakdown for this race:
  • 5 Sidewinder attempts, the 1st one being the fastest. 1 slower run, 1 aborted attempt after a collision with a T9, 2 runs missing the last minute of video and thus no time, while the last run was probably a bit faster than the first. Approx. 1h of route scouting ingame and some fuel calculations with edts.
  • 4 iCourier attempts (Short circuit), the last one being the fastest. All runs completed (iirc; I don't have all the footage anymore), not always improving the time due to smaller or bigger mistakes. 20mins of getting an overwiev about the track with edts.
  • 1 Type 6 attempt on the Short circuit, not handed in due to extremely bad server behaviour and a loss of ship
  • 2 Type 6 attempts on the Black Sheep, the first one being aborted after a RUD (Rapid Unplanned Disassembly) around 10 minutes in, the second one including one Beauty Shot after faceplanting a planet and one insurance claim.
  • 1 Type 6 attempt on the Token Ring, one Beauty Shot.
  • 8 insurance claims over the whole racing period (not all during attempts but all racing related): 3 Sidewinder Mk. I, 2 Imperial Couriers and 3 Lakon Type 6-Transporters. Causes: 4 crashes with inner station walls, 2 crashes with various structures in the docking bay, 1 crash with outer station wall, 1 crash with external station parts, 1 crash with the port wingtip of a Type 9 (if I remember them all correctly, I've deleted too many videos)

Starting the upload of the Sidey and Courier run recordings, they might be avaiable Soon(TM).

Congrats to Aken Bosch and Raiko and thanks to everyone who raced, it has again been great fun, especially the attempt of racing together with Kerenn and Orange Sheets despite all the server problems and me being unable to see wing chat (curse you, 2.x!) :)
And of course a big thankyou to Alot for organizing this event, especially the return of the Sidey challenge combined with the interesting courses has been great!
Thanks Alot, a really terrific race (well, three really terrific races actually) and it's a Buckyball first for me I believe ... a podium place for my Token Ring run. Absolutely delighted.

Congratulations to all the winners!
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My first victory in a Buckyball event, something to brag about at last! :D

And with far less calls for insurance than expected, too! I still can't stop laughing seeing furrycat's footage of my abrupt and flaming demise against the hull of that T9!

Pity I didn't find the time for a run in the Token Ring too...or to be honest, I had the time, but I mostly wasted it trying to best my time in the Short Circuit (in vain).

Thanks Alot, again, those have been some great races to wreck our ships into!
And congratulations to all other winners (and even close finishers) of course, but mostly thanks to cookiehole and furrycat for...showing up in the Black Sheep with a T6, and not showing up at all (respectively) :D...we all know how it would have ended otherwise, don't we? :p

To all participants, can't wait to cross your trails in the Turbo Hour!
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Well done to the winners and to Alot for staging the race! I may not have been taking part but it was fun reading about it! And slightly scary: there seem to have been more insurance claims for this race than any other I remember. Try to have enough Cr left for the next one!
Fly fast!
Good times all and jubilations to the winners. Many thanks to Alot for organising the whole thing.

I'm off for yet another crack at the Black Riband and will be decamping to Turbo on Tuesday.

fly sparky
After forgetting the whole youtube thing yesterday and a long, long upload today I've at least one video online now.
As I've said there were no real specialities in this run and the basic strategy was just "Take a fast ship with >25ly range and fly fast, don't crash too much". :)
Well, and there's the second one. A bit late, but just for documentation. Isn't really worth watching anyway.
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