Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Art of Pandemonium! (15-23 January)

Well, day 1 has come crashing to a close!





First up, the Short Circuit has seen a good bit of activity today, notably from CMDR KliggJr, who has muscled his way past Drakhyr's Cobra into the lead in the Asp Explorer Grey Mullet. Drakhyr's mentioned what appear to be several attempts at copying Cookiehole's revolutionary space-bending docking strategy from Buckyball 9, but so far the station seems to be all too solid for him. More to come from both these pilots, I'm quite sure! For now though, he's the Kligg of the Castle.

No doubt intending to repeat the feat using the Boost Fail, Kligg also posted a solid time in the Circuit's Sidewinder class. However, at least for now, it wasn't to be. Buckyball veteran Cookiehole has been throwing everything at the wall from minute one to see what sticks, and apparently enough has stuck to suspend Blueshift at the top of the Sidewinder Challenge board for the time being. This is a tricky course with lots of room for adjustments, though, so I'm hoping for plenty more competition over the next week or so.

Next up we have our first entry in the Black Sheep, courtesy of Alec Turner and the Diamondback Explorer The Fokkest Uppest (which I'm sure enjoyed the trip to Fokker Dock). Who's going to step up to try and knock Alec off his perch? It could be you!

Finally, we've had quite a few additions to the Staging Area! GeoFalke is back, hoping to unseat Alec in the Black Sheep, and Jhyrryl is breaking The Mini Enigma out of storage to take a shot at any class he can get his hands on. We've gained a furrycat and a Black Rat for the Short Circuit, along with freedom4556 whose excellent favourite system name of Hotas has definitely helped pull us at least slightly out of the gutter. :D

Looking forward to seeing lots of action over the weekend! I'll try and drag the Samborca down to Friedrich Peters Ring for at least some of it; I heard the bar is in need of a restock...
Intent to use the knowledge gleaned from the last race. Wait, I wrote this down... "math", "learn2route", "less stop more go" and "go" is underlined twice, so that's probably important. In any case, I will throw a Sidewinder at some larger objects with the intent of getting it in the slot. No innuendo; that's actually the plan.

CMDR name: Tayo
Ship name: Ach Crivens
Ship type: Sidewinder
Class: The Short Circuit - Sidewinder Challenge
Favorite System name: Bang*

*The sound of percussive docking.

I will have another go at a different board if time and insurance permit. Still getting used to a new (to me) AspEx after flying all the wee ships: An object in motion stays in motion unless it is acted upon by a larger, station-shaped, object or force; Parking shields do not protect a boosted egress that doesn't; Orange paint is not armour plate. So many things to learn and premiums to pay. <3

Now to route: A > B... Loop of Fame, carry the one...
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Since failed to launch to the big run today, I'll intent to try this then.

CMDR name: Orange Sheets
Ship name: Dad's Van
Ship type: Adder
Class: Black Sheep
Favorite System name: Villing
Intent to use the knowledge gleaned from the last race. Wait, I wrote this down... "math", "learn2route", "less stop more go" and "go" is underlined twice, so that's probably important. In any case, I will throw a Sidewinder at some larger objects with the intent of getting it in the slot. No innuendo; that's actually the plan.

Welcome back, CMDR! Look forward to seeing (and possibly hearing) those percussive docking attempts. :D

Since failed to launch to the big run today, I'll intent to try this then.
Sorry to hear about the failure to launch, but not sorry to see this! Looking forward to seeing you dodging Dad's scans on the way round ;)

today i are mostly been.....giving large amounts of credits to my insurers!
Not too large, I hope... I'm sure they appreciate your custom, though!



Just print out the BRC badge (image is on the BRC website somewhere) so the end result is 75mm in diameter - bingo!

Oh, and Kerren ... I did know you had tax discs in other countries but I didn't know whether they'd just phased them out there too thereby leaving you with a vacant tax disc holder!

Anyway, enough of this ... back to the racing.
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Another intent to race (well, technically it've already done the run but missed to post the intent before that):

CMDR Cookiehole
Imperial Courier "Crater Creator"
Short Circuit Unlimited
@Alec Turner: Only visual rep left for the tax disc holder idea, I'm afraid. Tank's empty.

The "car" we have is a perfect representative for this race's Sidewinder kit: No frills, handles best when on the slower side, tops out a little shy of "hurry", and will barely hold cargo. There aren't any passengers when we have baggage... or groceries... or a spare jacket.


*Parking Garage* PLOT


"Where the hell are you going and what's that?..." SCAN DETECTED



No banana, and the resolution is not the best. I computer like I route plot :eek:.

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i've completed a Short Circuit & a Black Sheep, now decided the time is right to vamonos to Distant Worlds.

I'll certainly miss you guys and will keep an eye on the events and boards over the next few month - wow, it really will be that long - BRC 30 might be my next one!

fly, just flippin fly fast
see you from the other side
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Day 2 draws to a close!





Plenty of jostling once again in the Short Circuit's unlimited class; both Cheetah and <-lightspeed-> (who boldly committed Grand Theft System Name) posted solid times whilst muttering something about needing improvements. Despite these efforts, and an improved time from Drakhyr, it looked like KliggJr would hold onto his lead for another day... And then Cookiehole turned up. The Crater Creator may well have lived up to its name on test runs, but it's crash-landed into the top of the board for now. Will the Grey Mullet's range advantage be outmaneuvered by the nimble Courier? Or will Kligg fire the Lakon back into the lead? Only time will tell.

No movement in Open Sidewinder today, although the little warriors are piling up in the Staging Area so I'm hoping for some more action soon!

Over in the Black Sheep, yours truly set a positively blistering time in the Samborca... Only to see Dad's Van casually saunter past and park Orange Sheets ahead of me on the leaderboard. Neither of us were able to touch Alec Turner though; looks like that new PC is indeed paying off!

A couple of additions to the staging area, too: CMDR Tayo is prepping the Ach Crivens for launch, and Hanekura Shizuka is bringing the Heliotrope in for a rather shorter run than the Sol-to-A* trip that it currently holds the ship record for.

Finally, some cheeky so-and-so submitted the following for a finish line photo; fortunately, they also submitted a second image where the UI had loaded enough to have the date on it and so (after much deliberation in the bar of the Samborca) it was deemed legal. Making the seconds count!
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I'd been wondering who that grumpy-looking fellow who likes correcting people was, over in the corner of the Samborca's bar... You know, the one not racing... :D

As for earlier posts... Alec, fantastic idea with the BRC disc!

And Hanekura, for that explanation you are permitted to have an entire sector as your favourite system name. :D
On the planet, the quiet planet, the Cobra sleeps tonight... A-Huemuae, a-Huemuae, a-Huemuae, a-Huemuae...
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