Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Bucky Files:- The Case of the Missing Comet (23-25 May)


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Once again interest had picked up. It had been over 4 human generations since anyone who really knew what was going on in Pareco had been alive. Sure I had been manufactured back then... but my memories are not so good... someone's definitely been fiddling around there.

I can remember deciding to move to Pareco, well I remember the decision being made for me at least. Private detectives are not normally welcomed with open arms and cyborg ones even less so. I found Pareco, a little backwater system with no planets, but there were stations and outposts there... orbiting... no, no just there. I remember old Tom, I remember him being the only one who would answer any of my questions. Folk told me to ignore him, said he'd taken too much Onionhead when he was younger and didn't know what he was talking about, I'm not so sure. One night he came to see me, all excited about something and that's the last I remember. 3 maybe 4 days of black, Tom was nowhere to be found and no-one in any of the stations had heard of him. I knew there and then to stop with the questions and just play blissful ignorance. But things are changing.

In the last 18 months there's been a lot more pilots flying through Pareco, trade has picked up in the system and so has curiosity and now I have a new case. I got contacted by Bucky, he wanted to make sure that his recently set up supply lines with two of the distilleries here would not have any problems with what may, or may not, be in this system. I don't know who messed with my head the last time, but I know one thing for certain, I would take annoying them over Bucky any day.

So I need all the help I can get to see if we can find out what's going on in this system. Maybe you'll bump into something while flying between stations, or maybe you'll bump into someone in one of the bars.


The Race
If you've never been to Pareco before then you're in for a treat, it's one of those quirky systems that Elite throws up every now and then. In fact when you're docked at one of the outposts you can see an Orbis station clearly in the distance. I think in some cases the longest part of this race will actually be getting to the starting line :D It's only 10k Ls so don't worry, though you really won't be able to tell what on Earth is going on until you get to within 0.5Ls then it will become apparent.

This one is more of a docking challenge than anything else, which fits in with the Midweek Madness theme, so grab you small speedy ships and get on the start line. There are 4 stations and 2 outposts in the system, but what are they orbiting?!? Pick any station or outpost that takes your fancy to start from and then visit every other one in any order you like. You need to complete 2 laps (finishing at your starting position) and the second lap must be the same order as the first.

Not challenging enough for you?
Then try the Shieldless Stock Sidey challenge. This is fairly straight forward, buy a Sidewinder (they sell them at the 4 stations), sell the shields and only the shields, try and complete the course without repairing. This will be the last shieldless challenge before 1.6/2.1 raises the threshold on how much it takes to damage a ship on landing without shields (I'm not sure if that only applies to the initial threshold though) so it may be interesting to use as a comparison ;)

How to Enter
State your intent to race, including:
  • Your Cmdr name
  • Your forum name if different
  • Your ship type
  • Your ship name
  • Race type: Unlimited or SSS
Once the race opens take a screenshot of your modules using the outfitting screen (for the last time sniff) Take a screenshot of the time before you launch and then one at each station/outpost as you dock. You will have a total of 13 station shots as you will have 3 of your chosen start/finish point.

If you are doing the Shieldless Stock Sidey challenge then you will need an additional 2 photographs of the Station Services main menu before you start and after you finish, so that I can see your Credit amount and check you haven't repaired.

Once you have gotten all of your screenshots together and hopefully uploaded them to imgur (or similar) then send me a link in a PM.

Unlimited Leaderboard

Shieldless Stock Sidey Leaderboard

The doors to the bars are open, so break another rule.
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Cmdr: Alec Turner
Ship Type: Imperial Eagle
Ship Name: Diminishing Return
Class: Unlimited (but I will be returning for an SSS attempt aswell)

Just had a quick practice ... Oh. My. God. This is going to be fun [yesnod]

Also, well worth a visit even if you're not racing ... I thought I'd seen everything in ED but this is ... something new.
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Intent to a) race the shieldless Sidewinder challenge or b) miss the event due to travel commitments. Delete as applicable.
Sounds interesting. I've come across stations by themselves in a system but not more than one. It will be interesting to see how to best make speedy approaches without gravity braking - I've done this a few times but it's easy to mess up and I've no idea if my way is faster/slower than anyone else.
Intent to race:
CMDR name: Edelgard von Rhein
ship type: Imperial Eagle
ship name: Toya
class: Unlimited
oohhh, spooky. looking forward to this. should be interesting seeing other racers in a single system. where's the best bar?

CMDR name: <-lightspeed->
ship type: DBX
ship name: Aceeid!
class: Unlimited

and probably a sidey too

Heading over now.
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I think this is going to be the point where I finally need to work out the name for my Viper...

That was one of the hopes of this race, to try and bring into play more ships that don't normally get much of a look in.

Intent to a) race the shieldless Sidewinder challenge or b) miss the event due to travel commitments. Delete as applicable.

If you mean in game travel commitments :D I've been watching you closing in on me.

Sounds interesting.

I think you may be surprised when you arrive ;)

where's the best bar?

I personally like the bar in Garden Ring (slightly misleading name for an outpost) because of the view out of the window.
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The Aken-Machine 2.0 is up and running, and if I didn't screw up with copying and exporting folders over from the previous ED install, it should be up and running too. And if they both are up and running, I should also have a Viper Mk III going by the name of "Spirit Of Shenanigan" parked somewhere, and ready to go up and running. Literally. :)


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The Aken-Machine 2.0 is up and running, and if I didn't screw up with copying and exporting folders over from the previous ED install, it should be up and running too. And if they both are up and running, I should also have a Viper Mk III going by the name of "Spirit Of Shenanigan" parked somewhere, and ready to go up and running. Literally. :)

Glad you (hopefully) got everything sorted and we'll see you on course.


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I've a dilemma. I've just returned from Beagle Point and I've got my exploration data that I'm thinking of saving in case it can help me with an engineer. Or I could race! What should I do guys?

Don't race the Shieldless Stock Sidey challenge :p

I've been selling data for 2 hours and had 3 CTDs when exiting the Station Services menu, don't do that and you'll be fine ;) From what I've seen none of the engineers wanted you to sell exploration data to access them, but the latest changes they proposed won't come in till after 2.1 is released anyway... decisions, decisions.
Apparently the revamped thing is working as intended, good to see that the game folder and profile didn't mind the move to Win 10 at all [yesnod].

The key bindings remained the same as before, the joystick remained a lousy mess as before, home sweet home. The view from Garden Ring is lovely indeed. And the "Spirit" stripped to bare hull is hilarious to fly, even without engineers around tinkering with it. Ready-set-go. :)

Cmdr Aken B.
User AkenBosch
Ship name: Spirit Of Shenanigan
Ship type: Viper Mk III
Going unlimited

A SSS run will very probably follow, as will some calls to my long time no-see insurance friends...
Slightly confused as I only see 5 stations (Asire, Garden, Webb, Crown & Phillips) which means 12 screenshots (including outfitting).

Today's time submitted (via pm) nevertheless.
Can we rename this "The Bucky Files: case of the missing station"?

I'm pretty sure I've counted six stations yesterday evening (last one was an Orbis type "Neville something")...spooky [where is it]...
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Hrrmph, my bad I guess. Tune in same time tomorrow to see whether I've managed to find the missing station.
Ozric, I suggest you just quietly move my submission to your Trash folder and we'll say no more about it.


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Haha and I was about to say that we have our first entry submitted... You had me thinking for a minute that they'd added the new station into the Beta, but at least I'm not the only person who's come across a different number of stations.

Maybe there is something more going on in this system after all *cues the x-files music*
Damn, and I was just getting ready to jump in the Samborca when I read that "outpost" part... :p

OK, here goes...

Cobra MkIII
Ballistic Doorstop

Dent Collector
Shieldless Stock Sidey

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