Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club Presents: The Ice-Cool Trucker Bootlegger Challenge - 15 to 30 August 3301

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The Bootlegger Challenge is now over, until next year at least.
The Black Riband is an ongoing event though see this thread for details

Final Standings.




Best Times by Class.


The Black Riband.



The Simulator.


Every day is a party day at Weyl Gateway, but the annual barbeque of local mobsters Anthony "Fat Tony" Lonnegan and Enoch "Little Nuk" Lonnegan - "The Lonnegan brothers" - is famous throughout the Bubble.

The brothers won't settle for anything less than an almost unlimited supply of the best booze and drugs from around the galaxy, plus some nice meat to grill on Tony's barbie.

So for two weeks before the party they run The Bootlegger Challenge - A big festival for the most badass, ice-cool space-truckers and smugglers from across the galaxy. It's the biggest rare-goods hauling event of the year, to prepare for the party of the year. (In the Alacarakmo system at least).

Fat Tony and Little Nuk Lonnegan

The Main Event - The Bootlegger Challenge.

The rules are simple, take off from Weyl Gateway (Alacarakmo) and visit any eight stations from the 21 listed. Return to Weyl Gateway with a hold stuffed with rare-goods from the list, including at least one ton from each of the eight stations. Fastest ship back to Weyl Gateway wins the race.

Each class of ship has a minimum required delivery, ranging from 8 tons for the little fighters and couriers, up to 64 tons for the biggest ships. The minimum delivery is based on the size of internal-bay-2, with the exception of three classes (sidewinder, Eagle, Type-9). You can run with more if you want, but arriving with less means that your run doesn't count.

This run must be made in open mode.

But trucking isn't about speed, it's all about the credits man!

Best Trader League.

As well as race to get back to Weyl the fastest, there's a separate award for the most profitable run. For this award, you can only trade using the commodities markets and black markets at the 8 stations that you choose plus Weyl Gateway. You can only visit each station once, and you must still make a minimum delivery of rares to Weyl as per the main race. Only commodity market profits and black market profits will count, not bounties, exploration data, etc; nor will fines penalise your score. You can deliver more than the minimum requirement to Weyl if you wish.

This run must be made in open mode.

The Black Riband - Sponsored by Evil Juice.

There is nothing that Fat Tony and Little Nuk like to hear more than the sad tales of traders shot up by pirates or fined by the Feds, the rumour is that they both suffer from GRRM Syndrome and actually gain sustenance from the tears of those around them.

For this reason Little Nuk dreamed up The Black Riband - he likes to tell everyone that this trophy is to recognise "the best smuggler in the galaxy", but the reality is that Nuk is running sweep bets on how many pilots will be killed and what the biggest fine/insurance claim will be.

The holder of the Black Ribband is the CMDR who makes a run out of Weyl Gateway and makes it back to make an 8/16/32/64 ton 'minimum delivery' for their ship class the fastest.

To qualify the run must be to the following systems: Bast, Eranin, Kappa Fornacis, Lave, Leesti, Rusani, Tarach Tor and Wuthielo Ku. On returning to Weyl you must have a hold stuffed completely full of Bast Snake Gin, Eranin Pearl Whiskey, Lavian Brandy, Leestian Evil Juice, Onion Head, Rusani Old Smokey, Tarach Spice and Wuthielo Ku Foth - with at least one ton of each product.

There will be no leaderboard for The Black Riband, only the current holder and a list of previous holders.

The Black Riband will run indefinitely. For as long as I'm posting on these forums, I'll continue to maintain the list on behalf of Little Nuk. As the list of available rares changes from time to time, the list may require adjusting occasionally when availability of a particular rare is removed.

If and when that happens the current holder will be invited to make a fresh run using the new list, and that will become the time to beat. If they forfeit then the previous holder will have the chance to reclaim the Riband and set a new baseline time. The eight items on the list will always be either illegal or from notorious pvp systems. And the Riband will only ever be for open-mode runs.

This run must be made in open mode.

This is all well as good, but I hate hauling loads of cargo, my ship's built for speed! I'm a courier and courier missions don't need more than a 4t cargo rack, I'm outta here!

Well in the best tradition of ElectricZ I can only say, if you don't like my race, you can always take a trip to Hutton Orbital. In fact that brings me onto the final event in Tony and Nuk's Trucker festival...

The "Mrs Lonnegan's Ultimate Spa Weekend Trophy"

There is nothing that Fat Tony's long suffering wife Carmela Lonnegan loves more than a nice relaxing Spa weekend, especially after a row with Tony. Her favourite pampering products are kind of hard to get hold of though - A glass of Centauri Mega Gin (and tonic) and an application of Motrona Experience Jelly, followed by sensual massage using V Herculis Body Rub, and last but not least a refreshing cup of Void Extract Coffee from Ehrlich Orbital.

Tony knows that best way to save himself a headache is to give Carmela whatever she wants, so he talked Nuk into including the four pampering products on the race list, but so far no pilot has ever brought even a single canister of the goods back to the finishing line.

So this year, to make Carmela happy and to shut up all those whining couriers and racers, Tony is offering the "Mrs Lonnegan's Ultimate Spa Weekend Trophy" to the fastest pilot to leave Weyl Gateway, fly to each of the four distant stations/outposts and return with a single ton of each product.

This run must be made in open mode.

Also in the best tradition of ElectricZ, I'm going to make the run once myself in The Nomad, so if nobody else is dumb enough to make the dumbest rare run in the history of trading, then I get to win a race! Yay - go Raiko! Take that CMDR Alot! ;)

I've never visited Hutton Orbital, or any of the other three, so I may as well do it once.


What the heck is all this 'open mode' stuff about? I only run in Mobius, open's full of griefers!

Well boo-hoo. :(

All of these events are open mode only, and that's because my grandma could make a rares-run in solo if she were still alive, and the Lonnegan brothers are only interested in your tears. But I realise that not every CMDR has 'The Right Stuff,' and that some would rather stick to solo or run a second ship in Mobius. So for those who want to run solo/private we have....

The Simulator

The Bootlegger Challenge isn't for everyone - hurtling around the galaxy, boosting in and out of stations at suicidal speed and dodging interdictions in some of the hottest systems in the Galaxy.

So Fat Tony has spared no expense putting together an awesome simulator of the bubble for any CMDR to practice their routes and hone their skills - be warned this simulator is no kids toy, you'll be up against the latest AI opposition programmed by the infamous AI expert Mistress Avory, and Fat Tony claims they're almost as deadly as real pirates! What's more, to have a go in his simulator you need to pay Tony a wager equal to the insurance value of your ship plus the value of any simulated cargo that you carry. If you make it back to virtual Weyl Gateway in one piece though, you'll get a big pay-out from Fat Tony equal to what you would have received making a real-life run - As Tony likes to say, "It's just like the real thing, but the plasma balls don't hurt!"

NOTE: (This is a solo/private version of the main event only, with exactly the same rules but no griefers/gankers/murders/pirates/CODE - If you don't like getting shot at by other CMDRs stick to this simulator. There are no solo versions of the Best Trader League, The Black Riband or the Spa Trophy, those three are open mode only).


All of the races except for the Spa Weekend Trophy require minimum deliveries, made up entirely of the listed rare-goods from your 8 stations. For almost all of the ships the minimum delivery is equal to the capacity of the second internal-bay slot in their ship. The only exceptions are the sidewinder and eagle, because it needs to be at least 8 tons, and the Type-9 because if you're racing one of those you need all the help you can get, not some evil rule making you collect 128 tons!

The max-supply caps of most of the listed rares should be enough that averaging 8 tons per station isn't too big a problem, but those with the big ships might find themselves waiting for a commodities refresh and it might not be possible to fly the optimal route. Sorry guys, but you knew that rares running was best for smaller ships. My tip for 'best ship' for this race would be DBX for speed and Anaconda for profit, unless you can make it around the whole route in open in a fully loaded Type-9.

I’ve done the Black Riband run in order to set a baseline time for that race and it was easy to fill a 32 ton hold during the run without waiting for a refresh, but I would have struggled with 64 tons, so take care which stations you pick with the big ships.



The Bootlegger Challenge and the Best Trader League



The Black Riband

The "Mrs Lonnegan's Ultimate Spa Weekend Trophy"


But that's not fair, Leesti sells two rare goods, what about Azure Milk?

It's the Bootlegger challenge, and you seriously want to haul milk? Would that be bootleg Milk? Really?

Now get outta here before Nuk sees you!


Whichever race you enter I need the following screenshots:

  • Outfitting screenshots showing your FSD / Thrusters / Reactor as usual.
  • A screenshot on the pad at every station, showing the station clock before launch.
  • A final time screenshot when you land back at Weyl Gateway showing the station clock.
  • Screenshots from the Commodities Market and/or Blackmarket at Weyl Gateway showing the cargo that you arrived with, plus the station name and clock.
Alternatively if you are going to upload your runs to YouTube or elsewhere, then just provide your start and end time screenshots. Then just make sure that you upload a recording of your best run within 24 hours of the race ending and send me a link to the recording. Or post the link here if you'd like everyone to watch.

For the Best Trader League you also need to provide:
  • Screenshots from the Commodities Market / Black Market for every purchase and sale of commodities your run.

Your score will be the total profits from these screenshots from your 8 chosen stations and from Weyl Gateway. Remember this profits “race” isn’t timed, so take care not to miss out these screenshots, as there is no other way to fairly validate your run.

Unfortunately for the Best Trader League I do need your screenshots rather than a video link, as I don’t think I’ll have enough time to validate scores by checking though YouTube videos. I will however accept screenshots that you’ve taken from your recordings, so it’s worth recording your run in case you forget to hit F10 during a transaction.

Please either put your screenshots together into a zip, rar or 7z file or upload them into a single album on a site like imgur and then email me a link (or a zip file) at the following email address:

For more guidelines about how to enter and compete in our races, please take a look at

So How Do I Enter?

Firstly post your intent to race here, include your CMDR Name, open or solo, your Ship Class and a name for your ship. Like this:

CMDR Raiko
Ship Class: Asp Explorer
Ship Name: The Nomad.

You don't need to list which of the four races you're entering, just open/solo - but remember only the main event race has a simulator version, not the other three events.

Then have a go at whichever races you like, one run could be entered into up to three of the events if you meet all the requirements, although the Black Riband or Spa Trophy systems are unlikely to be either the quickest or the most profitable to visit.

When you're finished email me your screenshots or a link to either screenshots or a video recording.

Please include the following details in the text of your email:

Race: (Bootlegger / Best Trader / Black Riband / Spa Trophy / Simulator )
Ship Class
Ship Name
Total Time (or total profits for the Best Trader League)

To qualify your starting time must be no earlier than 00:00:01 GMT on Saturday 15 August 3301 and your finishing time must be no later than 23:59:59 GMT on Sunday 30 August 3301.

I'll accept emails up to 24 hours after the end of the race, but your run must have finished before the end of the race, and all screenshots / video recordings must be available before the +24 hour deadline

Please send only one email per run, even if your run is being entered into more than one of the events.
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thanx for setting this up! i have traded all rare goods, so just let me warn you: if you go for motrona experience jellys, be prepared to take some screenshots! it's a beautiful outpost which happens to be in a beautiful constrllation of planets/stars, if i remember right.

i'm very relieved that neither those two guys nor their wifes ever heard about gaewen dance dust though...
Sounds like a blast. Signing the Reckless Abandon up for all three.

I will have bounced her off every station in the bubble eventually...
If you cannot wait until Friday night, then I'll accept Black Riband times starting now. I made a run during the weekend of 1h 08m and some seconds in The Nomad (I'll check my screenshots at home later and edit this). So I'm the current holder of the Riband.

It's a very beatable time, as I had shields and boosters fitted, and didn't necessarily have the best route, so I might try again to get the time below an hour. Remember, open mode only for this, so keep your guard up in Lave and Leesti!

If someone is brave enough to make the run without shields they should destroy my time. I've actually not lost a ship since the end of Buckyball-7 and The Nomad has travelled about 200KLY since then, so I really didn't know whether to risk her for that run! I took the chance, but not without defences. :)

I'd actually prefer it if someone else was the holder of the Black Riband by the time the race begins. :D
I do intend to have a go at the Black Riband at some point this week. That said, I'll be running in a fully armed Cobra, so it may not be up to beating an Asp over that distance - we'll have to see!
OK, rules finally read and understood. Definitely going for the main event. Are we sure Mrs Lonnegan can tell the difference between Centauri Mega Gin and Best Snake Gin tho? You'll be telling me the fussy cow wants it served in a Hutton Mug next!
Are we sure Mrs Lonnegan can tell the difference between Centauri Mega Gin and Best Snake Gin tho? You'll be telling me the fussy cow wants it served in a Hutton Mug next!
You wanted a race with outposts, so I gave you Hutton Orbital, Kaku Plant and Pinzon Dock all in the same race. What's wrong with that? :p

Remember though, nobody else is supposed to be dumb enough to actually enter the Spa Trophy, then I get to win something! ;)

- - - Updated - - -

I forgot to say, thank you robinjb for the great race banner. :) I had a go myself, but my banner looked rubbish.
Looking forward to this Raiko, here's my entry:-

CMDR Kliggson
Ship Class: DBS
Ship Name: Box of Trick

Good to see CMDR Angel Rose entering with a vulture.. welcome.
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This sounds like a bit of fun. :D

Open Play (naturally :p)
Ship Class: Asp
Ship Name: Big Bird

No idea when I'll actually be able to enter, mind... But I'm sure I'll find half an hour somewhere!
Alright, in preparation for the race starting in just over a day, I've done a Black Riband run. Raiko... well, you got your wish, but not by all that much. :D

Screenshots on their way shortly!
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Hmmm, so I had a couple of attempts at the Black Riband run tonight. The first, in the Cobra, wasn't great, ending up just under 1 hr 15 mins. Even stripping out the effects of an NPC interdiction, an overshot mailslot, and one particularly long witchspace transition wouldn't get the time down to where it needs to be. So I switched to a Hauler, which went better - until I lost 5 minutes due to a real life interruption. Even then, I don't think I would have beaten Alot :(

Conclusion: more practice (and scouting) needed...
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