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Buckyball Racing Club presents: The IronBucky - A BRC standing challenge.



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Note: FT's FoR denotes a run submitted during Fat Tony's Festival of Racing in 3303.


Party Like it's 3301!

Once again, every day is a party day in Weyl Gateway, Alacarakmo and the hottest club in Weyl is Lonnigans, where all the extras are included.

Despite the best attempts by the Feds and the Corps to close down all black market activities in the station, Anthony "Fat Tony" Lonnigan and Enoch "Little Nuk" Lonnigan (aka the Lonnigan Brothers) have exploited a minor loophole in interstellar trade regulations and now the hard working citizens of Weyl are boogying the night away under the Geawen Dance Dust sprinklers at Lonnigans. The bar is fully stocked with everything from Centauri Mega Gin to Wuthielo Ku Froth, and if you need something stronger, then a selection of the Galaxy's finest narcotics are freely available. So whether you want to smoke some Onionhead, snort a little Tarach Spice or inject some good old Wolf Fesh, then Tony and Nuk have got your needs covered.

Happy days? You bet!

Fat Tony can't stop grinnin' as he sits back legally puffing on huge Kamitra Cigars, while Little Nuk counts the credits. Even Mrs Lonnigan is happy these days - Tony's girls are real busy upstairs, but there's still more than enough Motrona Experience Jelly left over for her to enjoy as many of her infamous ultimate spa experiences as she likes.

Yes, all the Lonnigan family are happy these days; rolling in easy credits, and it's all above board too.

The only trouble is, the very same legal loophole that let Tony import illicit contraband into Weyl Gateway has done the very same thing at starports across the galaxy! And that means that The Black Riband, the Lonnigan Brothers' very own "quasi-legal" (okay, okay! totally illegal) Buckyball smuggling challenge has had to be shut down. 'Cus where's the fun in smuggling legal goods?

If there's one thing the brothers loved even more than mountains of easy credits, it was having their very own standing Buckyball challenge - and one that was officially endorsed by the Buckyball Racing Club too!

That threatened to seriously dampen the party spirit at Lonnigans, until Little Nuk had the spectacularly nasty idea of reviving the Iron Bucky Trophy from Fat Tony's Festival of Racing as a standing Buckyball challenge. Advancements in drive technology would be sure to make racers think they could easily break Cmdr Cookiehole's IronBucky record, and many of them were sure to crash out and explode. Tony and Nuk could enjoy watching those explosions from the comfort of their club, and a great start to 3305 would just get better.


Fat Tony and Little Nuk - The Lonnegan Brothers

What is the Iron Bucky Trophy?

Originally a part of Fat Tony's Festival of Racing - a BRC event from 3303 - the Iron Bucky Trophy - the "IronBucky" - requires commanders to attempt to complete all three of the festival's main events - The Station Scramble, The Bubble Tour and The Wasat Rally - in a single session without making repairs or using synthesis. IronBucky runs require pre-registration of an approximate starting time, and the run actually has to begin no more than 15 minutes after this time.


Each section of the IronBucky begins and ends at Brash Dock in the Siren system, and so a full run requires the commander to dock back at Brash Dock three times. The commander has the option to swap ships once at Brash Dock, but no ship repairs can be made and no outfitting changes, and so one of the ships must have a planetary vehicle hangar fitted in order to complete the Wasat Rally section.

The three sections of the IronBucky are as follows:
  • The Station Scramble - a short-range section visiting five stations within 40ly of Siren - well suited to fast, short range ships.
  • The Bubble Tour - a mid-range section visiting five stations, each more than 100ly from Siren - well suited to long range exploration ships.
  • The Wasat Rally - An SRV based section that starts and ends at Brash Dock and includes the 50km Wasat Cup SRV Course.
Runners can attempt the three sections in whichever order they prefer, but the clock keeps running until all three sections are completed. Additionally pre-registration of your start time is required, and your actual run must begin within 15 minutes of the pre-registered time, which restricts opportunities to restart.

No ship repairs can be made, and no synthesis may be used, although SRV repairs can be made in the Wasat Rally section using ship-recall pit-stops (see below).

Unlike the original Iron Bucky Trophy from the Festival of Racing, CMDRs are welcome to make as many attempts at the IronBucky as they like. However, you need to per-register a new start time each time you run, and if you fail to log a complete an IronBucky run, then you must complete the DNF log form before make a fresh attempt.




Race classes are Open Unlimited and Cobra Classic.

Entries in Open Unlimited class may be in any type of ship, and may be engineer-modified.

Rather than the traditional regulation class the Lonnegan brothers prefer to allow you to outfit as you wish, within the limitations of the Cobra design. Entries in Cobra Classic class may be either Cobra Mk IIIs or Cobra Mk IVs, no engineer-modifications or xeno-tech are permitted.

Open Unlimited Class Rules
You may enter any ship class. If entering the Ironbucky Trophy, you have the option to enter two ships.
Engineer mods are permitted.
Tech Broker mods including Guardian tech are permitted.
The use of jumponium synthesis is not allowed.
The use of neutron star or white dwarf FSD boosting is allowed.
The following modules are not permitted, and must not be fitted:
  • Docking Computer
  • Supercruise Assist
  • Hull Repair Limpet Controller
Despite the name, you may compete in open-unlimited class in any game mode (open / PG / solo). Most of the BRC race in open mode though, so playing in open gives you the best chance to bump into other racers on the course, or to be cheered on during your attempt. :)

Cobra Classic Class Rules
You may enter in either a Cobra Mk III or a Cobra Mk IV
Engineer mods, Tech Broker mods (including Guardian tech), jumponium synthesis and NS / WD FSD boosting are not allowed.
The following modules are not permitted, and must not be fitted:
  • Docking Computer
  • Supercruise Assist
  • Hull Repair Limpet Controller
Note: For those without access to the Mk IV, it is a bigger, heavier version of the Mk III, with more internal slots and hardpoints, but the same drives. So it's inferior to the Mk III for most Buckyball activities.


You may complete these three stages in whichever order you prefer, but remember the clock doesn't stop. Once you begin your first stage the clock continues to run until you have completed all three stages.

The Station Scramble
  • Start docked at Brash Dock in the Siren System
  • Dock at each the following five stations in any order:
    • Gauss Terminal [OU Geminorum]
    • Harrison Terminal [LP 254-26]
    • Ehrlich Terminal [Pepper]
    • Vittori Terminal [LHS 1914]
    • Lucid Port [HIP 28774]
  • Return to dock at Brash Dock.

The Bubble Tour
  • Start docked at Brash Dock in the Siren System
  • Dock at each the following five stations in any order:
    • Winne Gateway [80 e Piscium]
    • Greg's Legacy [LTT 4961] Asteroid Base
    • Cheranovsky City [Ngurii]
    • Smeaton Port [Njikan]
    • Mitzi's Den [Runo] Asteroid Base
  • Return to dock at Brash Dock.

The Wasat Rally
  • Start docked at Brash Dock in the Siren System
  • Travel 22.32ly to the Wasat System.
  • Land at either Elwood Camp or Ferguson Prospect on Wasat A 2E.
  • Deploy your SRV
  • Drive approx 50km to the other starport.
  • Request docking permission when 5-7km from your destination and drive into the hangar that your ship lands at.
  • Take off
  • Return to dock at Brash Dock.
The entry forms allow you to submit start and finish times for your SRV section, this will use the landing screenshot at the first surface base and the screenshot when you arrive back in your ship at the second base. The current record for an IronBucky Wasat SRV run travelling from Elwood Camp to Ferguson Prospect is 11m43s by CMDR Tannik Seldon.

SRV section times will be tracked on a single leaderboard, as there's no advantage / disadvantage to open-unlimited vs cobra classic other than possibly hangar location.


Please let us know if you intend to take part, by posting your intent to race in this thread with the following:
  • Commander name
  • Ship name(s)
  • Ship type(s)
  • Class (Cobra Classic or Open-Unlimited)
Standard information on how to enter a BRC race, including example screenshots, can be found on the Buckyball Racing Club website.

For this race you will need to submit either a video, or the following screenshots:
A starting screenshot – showing your ship docked at Brash Dock in the Siren system.
An end of stage screenshot – showing your ship docked back at Brash Dock after competing each of your first two IronBucky stages.
A finishing screenshot – showing your ship docked back at Brash Dock after competing your final IronBucky stage.
Five screenshots showing your ship docked at each of the five stations visited during the Station Scramble stage.
Five screenshots showing your ship docked at each of the five stations visited during the Bubble Tour stage.
Two screenshots showing your ship docked at Elwood Camp and Ferguson Prospect on Wasat A 2E – one before deploying your SRV and one after docking back at your ship. You may make your Wasat Rally SRV run in either direction – common consensus is that Elwood to Ferguson is faster.

The in-game time and date must be visible in each screenshot.

If submitted as screenshots, the best way to submit your evidence is as a hidden Imgur post. You can drag and drop your screenshots easily into the post and then reorder and label them as you wish. Please try to submit your screenshots in chronological order from start to finish.

As that is a total of 16 screenshots required, then I would advise you to make a video recording of your run and then extract the screenshots from your video at the end, rather than risk blowing a prefect IronBucky run by forgetting to press F10.

If you prefer to submit a video recording of your run, then please upload the recording to your preferred video streaming service – eg YouTube. Note although I've got an in-browser VPN that I can use to try and get around YouTube's licensing rules, if I'm unable to view your evidence video due those rules and your choice of background music, then I'll need you to extract some evidence screenshots instead before adding your run to the leaderboard.


No Ship Repairs
Unlike regular BRC events the IronBucky Challenge is only for hard-core maniacs. For this reason ship repairs of any kind are banned. No in station repairs, no hull seal callouts, no use of hull repair limpets.

No Synthesis
The use of synthesis during a run is strictly banned, including refuels and repairs during the SRV section. You may repair your SRV by making SRV pitstops – see below.

No Rebuys
If your ship is destroyed for any reason, then your IronBucky attempt has ended, rebuys are not permitted.

SRV Destroyed
If your SRV is destroyed, then you may restart your SRV section again if you wish. You must begin again docked in your ship at either Elwood Camp or Ferguson Prospect. So if you respawn into a hovering ship then you'll need to dock again before restarting your SRV section.

SRV Pitstops
The SRV section of the original Festival of Racing IronBucky was perhaps a little too difficult, but Tony and Nuk really don't want to allow those sneaky midair synthesis repairs. So if you're getting worried about your SRV hull damage, you may repair it by making a pitstop:
  • Select SHIP RECALL from your SRV lower display panel.
  • Chase your ship as it lands nearby.
  • Dock with your ship, this will automatic repair your SRV hull to 100%
  • Deploy your SRV again.
  • Continue your SRV section.
Please keep a count of how many SRV Pitstops you make during your attempt – the submission form will ask you at the end.
You can expect to lose around minute making a pitstop, not counting the time it will take to get back into a rhythm and up to speed with your "flyving." So bear in mind that the fastest SRV section times will likely be made by CMDRs who can complete a run without needing to stop for repairs.

Mandatory Pre-registration
Unlike most BRC events, it is mandatory to pre-register your run, using this form.
Once you pre-register you are free to begin your run at your specified start time, or any time up to 15 minutes later than your specified time. You are free to select any time, including the current time as your specified start time. Your start time uses in-game time (ie UTC).

Mandatory DNF (did not finish) logging.
Once you pre-register that you are making a run, you must either submit evidence of a completed run, or log your failed run as a DNF using this form. You may make as may IronBucky attempts as you wish, but each attempt must be pre-registered and then either completed or logged as DNF. Little Nuk wants to know about every explosion, every screw-up and every rage-quit - cus' he's a sociopathic little sadist who loves to hear about your pain.

The intention of the Pre-registration and DNF logging is to give each IronBucky attempt a one-shot feeling, so you can abandon your attempts, but can't jump straight back to the beginning without submitting the details.

Thinking of making a run? Fancy some advice? Why not join us in the BRC Discord?

So is it really true? Fat Tony and Little Nuk have gone legit? No more Black Riband?
That really sucks! I was planning to try the Black Riband really soon, and now it's gone forever!

Okay, so Tony and Nuk were thinking that they'll never actually go 100% legit.
And they really do like hosting a smuggling challenge, but maybe they should keep things a little more hush, hush – and a LOT less complex this time!


The Black Riband Returns will launch (quite) soon – the above banner is a placeholder. If you want to discuss this event in the IronBucky thread please use spoiler tags – remember it's all hush, hush. If you want to chat about it without spoiler tags feel free on the BRC Discord.

This new challenge is almost ready to launch now. The event is relatively simple, so the rules will be fairly short. As a heads-up, the easiest way to participate will involve meeting up in-game, in open-mode, with CMDR 'Fat Tony' Lonnigan before making a run, and the smallest ship (in terms of optional-internal slots) that can participate is the Diamondback Explorer, because a 48t cargo hold is required. A few ships such as both Vipers, the DBX, the iCourier and the Hauler are too small to enter. Apologies to small-ship fans, the Cobra Mk III and DBX will certainly manage the new race though.

Once the race is completely ready (which mostly involves me getting Fat Tony ready, as the format is set), I'll make an initial test run with Fat Tony (to get my name on the boards in true ElectricZ style). Then I'll invite current Black Riband holder Bruski to challenge Fat Tony's time - I guarantee he'll beat it so long as he tries - then the Black Riband Returns will be open to all. :)

The event will be open to platforms, as meeting Fat Tony in game isn't strictly necessary - although it is be the coolest and easiest way to participate.

Basically - SPOILER within a SPOILER Warning! - racers will need to start the race with 48t of stolen low temperature diamonds in their cargo hold. On PC you'll be able to meet up with Fat Tony in a quiet corner of the bubble and he'll give you the stolen diamonds (he's a mobster so he can get hold of them easily).
PC Racers can optionally steal their own diamonds to participate if they like, you can acquire the stolen diamonds any way you like, so long as you start the race loaded with 48t. Console players who wish to participate will need to provide their own stolen diamonds, at least until FD decide to make the game truly cross platform - once console players are able to instance with PC players, they'll be able meet up with Fat Tony too :cool:
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The race should be live later today. I just need to sort out and update the old forms from Fat Tony's Festival of Racing.
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The IronBucky Challenge is now live. :)
Don't forget to pre-register a start time before beginning a run.
I've tweaked the OP to clarify that Guardian technology is not allowed for Cobra Classic, but is for Open Unlimited.

For future content that's added, basically everything will be allowed in Open Unlimited, so long as it doesn't remove the skill element of SC approach / planetary braking / docking and so long as it doesn't repair hull damage.

For Cobra Classic, new content is unlikely to ever be permitted so - other than a planetary vehicle hangar and SRV - you can only equip modules that are available in the base game, and again anything that assists with docking, supercruise or hull repair is banned.
The very first run of the new IronBucky Challenge has now been added onto the leaderboards. Buckyball regular CMDR Alec Turner stuck with his single-ship strategy from the Festival of Racing and used his favourite racer, the DBX Bananery Fandango, which carried an SRV named Damage Limitation.

Alec's planned assault on the IronBucky leaderboard has been disrupted by the recent period of Galactic instability, which jettisoned the Bananery Fandango from hyperspace 170,000ls away from Brash Dock on the final leg of his run. This - combined with a galaxy-wide infestation of cookiebots in the approach beacons of stations and a minor error in fuel management - meant that Alec remains in third place overall and CMDR Cookiehole keeps his grip on the Iron Bucky Trophy for now.

Alec did however improve on his Festival of Racing time thanks to an SRV section time of exactly 14 minutes, which is the second fastest SRV time recorded during a successful IronBucky run.


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Two new successful IronBucky runs to report today - one from @Alec Turner and one from @Bruski, plus several DNF attempts by Alec.

The first successful run of the day came from Cmdr Bruski, who became the first to successfully beat @cookiehole's original winning time from the Festival of Racing. Bruski set a new leading time of 01:12:17 using a two-ship strategy with his iCourier Varangian Lightning and DBX RazorBear. It's nice to see Bruski's comments on the Wasat Rally go from this, during the Festival of Racing:
Currently accepting any and all tips on just how to complete the Wasat section. My last attempt ended up with me crawling below 20m/s over 10km on 2% hull, then bumping a tiny rock at 15 m/s, and blowing up I then proceeded to curse the Wasat Rally, the Ironbucky Trophy, Buckyballing, SRV driving, SRV flivving, Elite's stupid damage model, the incomprehensibly ineffective SRV shields, and generally everything within a 50 km radius.

To this last night:
Bruski on Discord said:
Had an amazing Wasat section
I don't know if I'll ever be able to repeat it

Bruski's run temporarily pushed Cmdr Alec Turner out of the podium spots, but an improved run of 01:14:28 this morning - again in Bananery Fandango - moved him back up to third at the expense of @AkenBosch, a great run especially having completed the final 22km with only 2% hull!

I've not had chance to watch Alec's video yet, but perhaps that might have been the perfect time to test out the new SRV pit stop rules?

Alec has also had 4 DNF runs since the last update, two stopped by Cookiebot attacks, one by running out of fuel and one by an exploding SRV as he searches for the perfect run - surely it's just a matter of time before he finds it. :)



Here is a summary of all the completed and failed runs so far, including all the runs from the Festival of Racing:




Runs submitted

Is this going to be like the other standing challenges were a commander can have multiple times per class if done in different ships or it is one time per class
Runs submitted

Is this going to be like the other standing challenges were a commander can have multiple times per class if done in different ships or it is one time per class
I've had to have a little think about this, because of the option to use two ships.

I'll list multiple entries per Cmdr, up to one entry per ship-type for single-ship entries, plus the fastest two-ship entry per Cmdr.

You can also have two listed entries in Cobra Classic class, if you have assess to the Mk IV.

Of course Crotalus would have to ask this... :p
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A few successful runs to report this time. First up A* Challenge regular Cmdr Crotalus makes two runs. One run was in Open Unlimited in his Federal Corvette Calypso (an unorthodox choice for anyone other than @crotalus) in a time of 2:11:10, including an SRV time of 46:40 in his buggy Nameless.

Crotalus also made a run in Cobra Classic class, unsurprisingly taking the lead from Bruski's old 3-day run with a time of 2:39:00. This being Cmdr Crotalus, he chose to make the run in his Cobra Mk IV Goldii. The SRV section time for this run was 59:16.


@crotalus is the first Cmdr to make use of the new SRV pitstops - which weren't allowed during the Festival of Racing - and commented that he needs more practice with SRVs. If the A* Challenge is anything to go by, we can expect the Wasat times to tumble as Cmdr Crotalus makes runs in every class of ship.

The final run of this update was by Cmdr Alec Turner, who after another couple of DNF runs achieved his objective of a near flawless run (just one prang boosting out of a station) to take the lead in Open Unlimited with a time of 1:11:02. As usual @Alec Turner was flying his DBX Bananary Fandango and driving his Scarab Damage Limitation. Alec also improved on his best Wasat section time with a run of 12:06, but remains in second place on that board, with Cmdr Tannik Seldon still the flyver to beat.


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