Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents The IronBucky - A BRC standing challenge

Completed a run in solo mode..will check to see in video but was jailed..dam thats a tough race for an old git Still the time was more competitive nevertheless.
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No proper updates to report for the IronBucky, but just posting to let everyone know that the challenge is still active.
CMDR Alec Turner has made a "few" more attempts to regain the trophy from CMDR Bruski, but so far without success. Many, many new SRV wreckages have been spotted littering the surface of Wasat A 2E though - it's a real shame SRV wrecks can't be persistent.




I really wish that I thought of including and updating Robin's SRV graveyard map from the original Wasat Rally. I completely forgot about it until far too late though.
Wait a minute. How did I not know this was a thing !!!

A standing BRC involving my beloved SRV (mk something cause there have been mucho many).
Oh yeah, I'm in :geek:(y)

(as soon as I'm back from hols. Is it wrong that when I saw this I just wanted to be back in front of my PC?)

It's OK, I've been maintaining a map ..
Ha, I see gaps in there for a few more headstones. I fully expect to add a few :eek:
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