Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Kessel Run - Episode II (30 April-15 May)

Stats and mistakes
41 jumps, 1219ly
1 obscured jump target, overshot and dropped out behind the outpost twice, searched 30s for the landing pad after getting lost at the very same outpost, 1 faceplant at a close binary, luckily only 10s cooldown. Total estimated time loss 160s

So, not only were you hilariously faster than anyone else, but you are telling us you had enough to pull it off throwing almost three minutes of shenanigans in it? Ok, that's enough, I'm done with Elite. Now excuse me, but I have a Peggle Nights to reinstall. :D

Curious fact: I had a previous Hauler run ending in a 1:23:something, done with an all-D loadout. I made my best one switching to an all-A, pretty much the opposite as you.

... navigation filters are of course your friend here. Filter on stations only, the instant you drop out of your last jump open left hand panel and your target station should be quick and easy to find and select from a nice short list.

Absolutely this.

Terrific, demanding race as ever, a bit special for me because it's were my "racing career" started six months ago (to think that I used to approach stations in a straight line at 0:07, thinking "damn that's pretty fast!")...let's just hope that for the Kessel III the regulation Cobra won't have to run on E-class fsd, E-1 scoop, no shields and running only on oxygen reserve :p

Thanks Stern Winter!

(my laptop had a corrupted OS and the hard drive was wiped when it was reinstalled, then it needed upgrading to Win10 again, so I only got to reinstall ED on it today...)

That's a real shame, even more so since it's completely superfluous to install the original o.s., THEN Win could have installed directly Win 10 from the start, if you had your laptop updated to 10 for more than one month it would have installed without needing a serial, activating itself by the hardware ID of your machine...and in any case, the latest release of the o.s. available from the official media creation tool would have recognized any Win 7+ serial and automagically upgraded it to a clean Win 10 install.
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Well, looks like you don't need to - that's the exact same order of checkpoints that I took. :D
Interested to know how many jumps your Cobra did HIP 18609 --> Hanneng in... I managed to just about squeak it in 11 jumps after a ton of prodding away at the galaxy map.
Looks like I spent 13.

I knew I probably wasn't getting an ideal route, but I noticed a hole in the FOAM above the Hyades Cluster and decided to wrap through it after spending more time than I liked looking for something more direct. :)
Medal awarding ceremony:

The final scores:

Open Unlimited


Where we bestow the following awards:

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Regulated Cobra mk III


Where we bestow the following awards:

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

The awards will be mailed to the winners.

Congratulations, CMDRs. Thank you all for participating.

Now, on a more serious note:

George Lucas station in Leesti has been vehemently complaining about racers flying recklessly in and around the station. While only minor injuries and material damage has resulted, we have been banned from further racing there.
Subsequently, Leesti Azure Milk have withdrawn their generous sponsorship.
If, when and in what form The Kessel Run will return is an open question. The race management will be thinking hard about the options for next years event.

...let's just hope that for the Kessel III the regulation Cobra won't have to run on E-class fsd, E-1 scoop, no shields and running only on oxygen reserve :p

Hmm, you're giving me ideas :D
in a couple of cases here I think 15 seconds gained might be an underestimate if you get it just right!
Although getting it right is pretty difficult with this technique. I normally de-re-select 2 or 3 times, as overshooting at these speeds is not nice and it comes down to fractions of a second if you'll overshoot, stop some distance away and have to accelerate again or just hit it on the spot and be ready to drop out.

So, not only were you hilariously faster than anyone else, but you are telling us you had enough to pull it off throwing almost three minutes of shenanigans in it?
Yep. :p

Seriously though, I think that there are a lot of mistakes in each and every run on this board. Except maybe Alot's maximum plaid Cobra run.
It might just be many small ones or difficult to measure ones or stuff like that. I think the thing with long races like this is to a) try to avoid too many mistakes, b) have some luck with the planetary alignment and stuff (although it might cancel out over the many legs), c) generally fly fast and d) eat enough Cookies. Also the route might make some difference. :D

The final scores:
Thanks for organizing another great Kessel Run! The small adjustment with the finish location was in my opinion an improvement and the rest of the course is just classy, interesting and diverse. Also I'd have loved to try the Cobra challenge after again only competing in the less challenging Open class, but I really wanted to do the sequel of my first BRC race in "Tin Can" and there were a few dozen kly between me and the start line at the beginning of the race period. And the ceremony and stuff is great! :)

Also thanks to all who participated and made this a wonderful race and Kudos to Alot for baffling everybody again with a time undreamed of, Aken B. for coming in second in both Open Unlimited and the Cobra challenge and all the newcomers for competing in a not-that-easy race! :)

Edit: Video of my run is finally up:
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Well, you two may have a gold award certificate and me a silver one, that's all nice and good, but I have TWO of them, how about this :D

Kudos to cmdr Drakhyr too, I feel almost sorry for being in front of him by a hair, on such a long race it's really more luck than anything else. Congratulations also to ScottGray83 for his outstanding debut performance in the reg. Cobra board, I hope the racing fever has left its bite marks on you too...the first Kessel Run six months ago was my first attempt at racing, just like you I ended with a third place in the Cobra class, and look where I am home, on a chair, crunching snacks in front of a screen, exactly like six months ago. [yesnod]

A closing note, it's not like I couldn't hugely improve my run given some time for at least a second attempt, but Alot's time in the Cobra is the stuff of legends. :D
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