Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents The Lion's Back (2 - 10 September 3303)



Back in the depths of history, early humanity was restricted to the surface of a single planet, giving the visible stars a fixed apparent magnitude and position in the sky relative to each other. This led those primitive folk to group them into pictures based purely on how they appeared from the ground with the naked human eye. Since the beginning of regular spaceflight, such an Earth-centric view has ceased to have any relevance, but this does provide an opportunity for a race to run between the main stars of one of those historic constellations.

The Lion's Back is a simple run across the major star systems of the constellation known as Leo, with a bit of variety of waypoints along the way.

The Race

Start at Elgin Hub in the Chertan system.
Call, in any order, at the following waypoints:
  • Regulus (α Leonis): pass within 200m of any resource extraction site orbiting Regulus 1
  • Denebola (β Leonis): pass within 200m of Denebola A A Belt Cluster 2 (i.e. cluster 2 of the asteroid belt around the star Denebola A)
  • Algieba (γ Leonis): dock at Olivas Station
  • Zosma (δ Leonis): just visit the system (since there's nothing there apart from two stars!)
Finish back at Elgin Hub in Chertan (θ Leonis).


The evidence required varies for each waypoint:
  • For the start: screenshot on the launchpad at Elgin Hub, prior to launch, showing the station clock
  • For the the waypoint at Olivas Station in Algieba, and the finish: screenshot docked at the station showing the station clock
  • For the waypoint in Zosma: screenshot from the galaxy map, showing a current location of the Zosma system, plus date and time
  • For the waypoints in Regulus and Denebola: screenshot in normal space (not supercruise), showing a position within 200m of the required location (resource extraction site or asteroid belt cluster), and the ship clock (see example below); it is not required to be stationary*.
Alternatively, evidence may be in the form of a video of the complete run.

* if you are going to go through the asteroid belt and ring at full speed, video capture is highly recommended, as at that speed it can be quite difficult to hit the screenshot button at the right time!

Screenshot example for waypoint at asteroid belt cluster:

Note that for the waypoints in Regulus and Denebola, the requirement is to pass within 200 metres of the nav point (you will need to drop out of supercruise to achieve this), not kilometres.

Entry Classes

There are two classes available for entry: Regulation Adder and Open Unlimited.

Entries in Regulation Adder class must be in an Adder outfitted as follows (full spec on Coriolis here):
  • A-rated Frame Shift Drive (3A) and Power Distributor (2A)
  • C-rated Thrusters (3C)
  • All other core modules D-rated
  • Full size (3C) fuel tank
  • 3C Fuel Scoop, 2D Shield Generator, and a discovery scanner (or any other module with a mass of 2T); other optional internal slots empty (or cargo racks)
  • Empty hardpoints and utility mounts.
No engineer modifications are allowed.

Adders are for sale at Elgin Hub, along with all the required modules.

Entries in Open Unlimited class may be in any type of ship, and may be engineer-modified.

For both classes: FSD injection is not allowed; FSD supercharging from neutron stars or white dwarfs is not allowed.

How To Enter

Standard information on how to enter, including example screenshots, can be found on the Buckyball Racing Club website.

Please take particular note of the information above on the non-standard ring and asteroid belt waypoints.

In addition to evidence from the start, finish and waypoints, entries in Regulation Adder class must provide evidence of outfitting; either screenshots from outfitting at a starport, or (preferred if video) a view of the modules list in the right-hand cockpit panel immediately before or after the race run. Entries in Open Unlimited are not required to provide any evidence of outfitting.

The race runs from 2nd to 10th September, so runs will be accepted with start times between 00:00:00 GMT on Saturday 2nd September and 23:59:59 GMT on Sunday 10th September.

Please submit entries through the online entry form.

Final Leaderboards



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Intent to Shave the Lion's Mane:


CMDR Bruski

Regulation Adder
The Pakistani Ambassador

Open Unlimited
Diamondback Explorer


Should be fun...Bruski says the Reg. Adder is going to be challenging for fuel. :)

To say the least. Jumping on fumes will be optimal I suspect, although I don't even know if it's possible to stretch fumes that far. How good do you feel about precision fuel scooping?
Seeing as how this is arguable the 50th BRC race, I think it's time to dispense with the Enigma naming convention. We'll be starting off with a re-christening of the Enigma Shuttle, which sport a new look after resolving the store debacle of a few weeks back.

Intent to race...

Regulation Adder
Sloop Dog (Adder)

That's supposed to be an orange engine trail...ehn. I am disappoint.
Open Unlimited
Red Rocket (Dolphin)

Navigation Eclipse Event Detected!

So, Olivas Station orbits Algieba 2 in about 5 hours, and it definitely obscures routing options during a portion of that time.
Race starts tomorrow and my preparations for it amount to null :eek: (blame it on Okinura)

I'll see if I can have some ship and a route ready for this in the next days but I can't promise anything yet (some rather busy days ahead, plus some recent personal news that I would gladly not have received, equal to not being sure to be in the proper shape/mood). Intent to have an intent to race for now.

Slick race banner. Me likes it. [yesnod]

Oh, and what's up with all this Adder love as of late? :p
First run submitted, I'm off back to the Trade CG now, but will be at the races again tomorrow. :)

Sorry I missed your message cmdr ZX Spectrum, I was away from my pc for a while.

Fly fast cmdrs! o7
Pace time for regulation adder has been submitted. Should be really easy to beat, as I'm not feeling very great at the moment. Better times should arrive later in the week.
After the first day of the race, I'm pleased to see that we have a few entries.

The first entry came from Cmdr Jak, which was only expected since he'd been hanging around the course since Thursday! Piloting the Dolphin Red Rocket in Open Unlimited class, and with the aid of a bit of fuel management, Jak set a respectable early benchmark time of 16:44. That didn't stay top of the timing charts for long, though, as a couple of Asp Explorers arrived a the track. Cmdr ZX Spectrum was the next to go, in Henry Gordon Jago, and proceeded to take the early lead (and be first to break the 15 minute barrier) with a time of 14:53. This was then followed by Cmdr Raiko in a real veteran of Buckyball Racing, The Nomad, who slid in to second with a time of 15:29, well within sight of ZX Spectrum.

It's interesting to note that these three entries took the waypoints in three slightly different orders.


In the Regulation Adder, only one entry so far, as Cmdr Jak's Sloop Dog sets a pace time of 22:06. It's worth pointing out that, unlike Advanced Options earlier in the year, this race is purely about speed rather than acrobatics, so Jak doesn't get any extra points for having gone through the mailslot at Olivas Station backwards...


Note: Cmdr Bruski has submitted entries in both classes this morning, one of which would have taken the top slot in that class, but they're not on the board as I haven't been able to view the race evidence yet.
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