Buckyball Racing Club presents: Turbo Hour (Jan 25th - Feb 12th)

Turbo Hour is a timed endurance race in the style of the ancient 20th century automobile races such as the 24 hours of Le Mans and the 12 hours of Sebring.

Racers compete to see who can fly the greatest distance in a limited time, looping between a set number of stations in the order of their choosing.

Competitors who are daring enough to fly without shields may play their single-use "Win it or bin it" joker card to earn valuable extra minutes on the course.

Prizes, in the form of free paintjobs will be offered in six categories, which means five entrants can win without even having to beat CMDR Alot!

New to racing?
Please refer to the following instructional video, generously commissioned by long-time race fans (and sponsors) Anthony and Enoch Lonnegan:
And please don't be intimidated by the length and detail of the race rules and regulations. Racing is about fun and about community. Competing to post the most convoluted backstory and race rules is part of the fun for race organisers!

Do you need some roleplay motivation to go racing? Or do you just like looking at pictures of robot kangaroos? Either way you need only expand the spoiler tag to get satisfaction.
Shouted conversation, laughter, clinking glasses and the low hum of a robot's power unit filled the air, drowning out the sound of the bar door opening. So it was that the entrance of a tall man in a white suit went unobserved by most in the room. He headed purposefully toward the bar and was still in the process of clambering on to an empty stool by the time the bartender appeared in front of him.

"Your drink, sir?" the robot's metallic voice asked, in what its designers no doubt thought would approximate a polite tone.

"My name's Hector LeMans," the man started to introduce himself.

"Your drink, sir?"

For a moment LeMans was taken aback by this kangaroo-shaped chrome automaton which had interrupted him so cordially. Recovering quickly, he pulled a credit wallet from his jacket pocket and presented it to the droid.

"Pearl Whiskey, double, on the rocks." A whirr from the bartender's motor as it scanned the wallet then turned to collect a tumbler. "As I was saying my name is Hector LeMans, director of station entertainment at Kanwar Horizons in the Turbo system. My card." Protocol demanded that he hold out the business card but LeMans knew the droid wouldn't take it, so he carried on talking. "I'm looking for a representative from the Buckyball Racing Club."

"I am not aware of anyone here fitting that description, sir." By now the drink was poured and the tumbler placed in front of LeMans. The droid would hover for a second or two then move away. He had to talk fast.

"Tell them I'm organising a race."

"If the person you are looking for should arrive," gesturing in the direction of an empty booth at the far side of the room, "I'll send him or her to your table, sir." More whirring and humming as the robot's servo motors engaged to move the droid back from the bar and rotated to face another client.

"It's an endurance race. Something new for the Club." No response from the bartender, by now moving away.

"Run as many laps as you can in an hour. Greatest distance wins."

"I'm offering prizes!"

The metallic marsupial stopped in its tracks, paused for what seemed like an eternity but could only have been a split second, then once again turned to face LeMans. A cluster of LED lights, in the part of its head where a real kangaroo's mouth would be, flashed in cadence as it spoke.

"Hector LeMans, Turbo Kanwar Horizons station entertainment director. My apologies sir, I misheard you. You are seeking the Buckyball Racing Club. Naturally you have come to the right place."


The droid pointed to a door by the side of the bar which opened as it spoke. "Through that door, sir. Commander furrycat will see you presently." LeMans rose from his stool and downed his drink. The bartender was already pouring another. "On the house, sir."

On the other side of the door LeMans found a dimly-lit office with a desk, across which a man was leaning with an outstretched hand. "I'm furrycat," he said, "and you must be..."

"Hector LeMans," the two men said in unison as they shook hands.

"Please, take a seat. I see Buckybot has your drinks order covered." LeMans nodded. "Now," furrycat continued, "I understand you want to organise a race."

"Something like that, something like that. You see I'm director of station entertainment over at Kanwar Horizons in the Turbo system."

"Suitable place for racing."

"Haha, yes, it would be. Though what I have in mind is more of an air show and ship exhibition event. You know the sort of thing." The Commander raised an eyebrow in a way which could imply either that he didn't know the sort of thing or even if he did wouldn't be averse to a quick recap of the sort of thing. "Various ships docked at the station for people to have a look at. A sychronised flying squad doing a flyby. Ships looping round the station so you can see them out of whichever window you're near. Kids love it."

"Sounds like wholesome family entertainment."

"It is, it is. And may I thank you for saying so. The thing is, and you didn't hear this from me,"

"Of course not."

"The whole health and safety aspect really puts a damper on these events, you know? They punters will never admit it but they come to these shows hoping to see collisions, crashes, ships running into each other or the side of the station,"

"Firey deaths. Huge insurance claims. Twisted hunks of broken metal floating above the landing pads."

"Precisely! I knew you'd understand. Did you know that Federal regulations specify a minimum clearance between ships of fifteen hundred metres?"

"No, I didn't know that. The Feds can be such killjoys."

"And only then for licensed aerobatic pilots."

"The synchronised fliers. Federation trained I expect."

"Exactly. For everyone else it's three kilometres. Imagine trying to sell thrills and spills to a crowd when ships are running out of weapons range from each other."

LeMans shrugged and sat back in his chair. Across the desk, furrycat stroked his chin and affected a sympathetic demeanour.

"I have to admit, Mr LeMans, that it would be a hard sell."

"Now let us suppose your fine organisation were, hypothetically, running a race in the vicinity at the same time."


"Suddenly people are looking at ships smashing into pads, flying on the flashing red side, colliding with system authority vessels. Much more carnage. Much more destruction."

"Altogether more exciting."

A broad grin from LeMans. "It'd be a marketing dream. People would pay handsomely for that kind of publicity."

Both men fell silent. Commander furrycat interlocked the fingers of his hands and laid them on the desk in front of him. Looking LeMans in the eye, he continued the conversation: "Quite handsomely, I'd imagine."

LeMans cleared his throat and leant forward slightly. "Needless to say," he began, "it would be inappropriate for senior administration personnel on a Federation space station to endorse, and certainly not sponsor, illegal racing."

The Commander opened then closed his hands in a gesture of acknowledgement.

"In fact if anyone ever asked me about it publically I'd have no choice but to condemn such behaviour outright."

"Public relations is a necessary skill for someone in your position." The observation was met with a nod from LeMans.

"I'd think, however, that with the varied demographic profile of people attending these events you'd have a very good chance - a very good chance - of finding, for instance, a paint shop owner or other race fan who'd be willing to offer up a reward of some kind for the winners."

Another moment of silence, as though the interlocutors were performing some quick tortuous mental arithmetic to calculate the exact likelihood of that happening.

"And when would this varied demographic you speak of be in attendance?"

Hector LeMans permitted himself a small smile. "The air show runs from January 25th until February 12th."

At this, furrycat stood and offered his hand once again. "It's been a pleasure talking to you, Mr LeMans." Another handshake.

"Likewise, but I can see you're a busy man."

LeMans straightened his tie and turned to face the door. Meanwhile Commander furrycat was operating an intercom on the corner of his desk, into which he now spoke: "Buckybot, please see that Mr LeMans has his glass refilled. No need to trouble him with a bill. And please contact Commander Drakhyr. Tell him to clear his calendar for a week from January 25th."


This is the abbreviated classification, showing each competitor's best entry per ship type. See the full classification below for every entry in the race, along with the classification key.


RSECMDR nameForum nameShip nameShip type[size=-2]Distance[/size][size=-2]Penalty[/size][size=-2]Lap distance[/size]LapsAllottedBonusRacedTotalBest speed[size=-2]Average speed[/size][size=-2]Fastest lap[/size][size=-2]Average lap[/size]Award
11jcookieholecookieholeCrater CreatorImperial Courier681.4700:01:25131.295.1901:06:0000:06:0001:07:2501:07:25623.54606.500:12:3800:12:59Race winner
22jAken B.AkenBoschThe Crippled EndeavourImperial Courier681.4700:02:03131.295.1901:06:2400:06:2401:08:2701:08:27610.65597.3400:12:5400:13:11Runner-up
1jAken B.AkenBoschMillenium FaulconCobra Mk III656.4500:02:12131.29501:06:3600:06:3601:08:4801:08:48591.54572.4900:13:1900:13:45
32jKliggJrrobinjbBingo WingsCobra Mk III637.6700:00:09131.294.8601:05:5000:05:5001:05:5901:05:59613.03579.8500:12:5100:13:35Best single lap speed
3jcookieholecookieholeDestinyCobra Mk III637.6700:00:26131.294.8601:02:2300:02:2301:02:4901:02:49626.85609.0800:12:3400:12:56
44jTayoMakcNajaCobra Mk III637.6700:01:43131.294.8601:04:2800:04:2801:06:1101:06:11590.8578.0900:13:2000:13:37Best average speed
55jAlec TurnerAlec TurnerBig Chris #5Cobra Mk III594.500:02:15131.294.5301:04:3000:04:3001:06:4501:06:45540.78534.3800:14:3400:14:44
61<-LightSpeed->superflyguyBe PreparedDiamondback Scout594.500:03:44131.294.5301:00:0001:03:4401:03:44569.45559.6800:13:5000:14:04Fastest average lap
71Samwell DrakhyrdrakhyrPocket CalculatorAdder525.1600:01:31131.29401:00:0001:01:3101:01:31527.5512.2100:14:5600:15:22
86d,jCheetahCheetahJetpacCobra Mk III525.1600:03:30131.29401:01:5500:01:5501:05:2501:05:25514.86481.6800:15:1800:16:21
91RaikoRaikoThe NomadAsp Explorer506.3800:02:40131.293.8601:00:0001:02:4001:02:40488.27484.8300:16:0800:16:14
1jAlec TurnerAlec TurnerThe Fokkest UppestDiamondback Explorer498.0600:00:26118.264.2101:04:1400:04:1401:04:4001:04:40470.43462.1200:15:0500:15:21
3<-LightSpeed->superflyguyBasil BrushImperial Courier478.1900:01:51113.174.2301:00:0001:01:5101:01:51496.84463.8900:13:4000:14:38
107jTerrorsidicTerrorsidicCobraCobra Mk III473.0400:02:14118.26401:01:0200:01:0201:03:1601:03:16474.09448.6200:14:5800:15:49
118MekajinnMekajinnYakheadCobra Mk III473.0400:02:40118.26401:00:0001:02:4001:02:40478.89452.9100:14:4900:15:40
124MilnerMilnerBobImperial Courier471.4600:02:12113.174.1701:00:0001:02:1201:02:12476.51454.7800:14:1500:14:55
135Hanekura ShizukaHanekura ShizukaVenom StrikeImperial Courier471.4600:02:29113.174.1701:00:0001:02:2901:02:29481.57452.7200:14:0600:15:00
149jMarkzx59racer1FiftyNineCobra Mk III452.6800:02:56113.17401:01:5200:01:5201:04:4801:04:48442.36419.1500:15:2100:16:12
152mJakJhyrrylScrum MeDiamondback Scout409.3400:03:28113.173.6201:00:0001:03:2801:03:28407.41386.9800:16:4000:17:33
xfurrycatfurrycatDemo runType-7 Transporter382.8500:01:59113.173.3801:00:0001:01:5901:01:59393.25370.600:17:1600:18:19
1Markzx59racer1JuggernautImperial Clipper31400:01:20113.172.7701:00:0001:01:2001:01:20437.61307.1700:15:3100:22:06
166c,dDastardly Devine_Dastardly_The PinballImperial Courier113.1700:45:10113.17101:00:0000:14:5001:00:00457.77113.1700:14:5001:00:00
1710cOzricOzricSlippery When WetCobra Mk III113.1700:47:31113.17101:00:0000:12:2901:00:00543.94113.1700:12:2901:00:00Fastest single lap
Highlight keyEndorsement key

Race winner
Best single lap speed
Best average speed
Fastest single lap
Fastest average lap
Competitor's best non-prizewinning entry
Competitor's other entries

centry cut short
ddocking computer
fFSD injection
jjoker card
mmissing evidence
xexcluded from ranking


  • Start at Kanwar Horizons in Turbo and dock at each the following stations in any order:
    • Bell Station in 49 D Orionis
    • Watts Dock in Unkulcay
    • Rolland Port in Vasak
  • Return to Kanwar Horizons and dock to complete a lap.
  • Complete as many laps as possible within your allotted time of one hour, maintaining the same order of stations on each lap.
  • Don't immediately stop when your time is up. Continue to the next station on the route and dock. The time it takes you to do so is your penalty time.
  • You can use your joker card to increase your allotted time by up to fifty seconds for every lap completed within the first hour of the race.
  • You should keep going beyond the first hour if you think you may want to play the joker card.
  • Cover the greatest distance with the least penalty time to win the race.
Raikogram for this race:
49 D OrionisTurboUnkulcayVasak
49 D Orionis25.5144.3243.17

Expand for the full race regulations.
The race runs from Monday January 25th 3302 at 00:00:00 to Friday February 12th 3302 at 23:59:59. Entries made wholly or in part outside this period will be rejected. All times are server time.

Only entries made in Open mode will be eligible for classification and prizes. Entries from Solo or Private Group mode will be added to the leaderboard as exhibition runs with their entry endorsed with an x notation. They will not receive a position and they will not be eligible to win any prizes.

The start/finish line for this race is Kanwar Horizons in Turbo.

Racers fly as many laps of the circuit as they can in the time available. A lap (or complete lap) is defined as a journey from Kanwar Horizons visiting each of the following stations exactly once then returning to Kanwar Horizons:
  • Bell Station in 49 D Orionis
  • Watts Dock in Unkulcay
  • Rolland Port in Vasak
Racers may visit the stations in any order but must keep to the same order for each lap of the circuit. Racers who submit multiple entries may, if they wish, choose a different lap sequence in subsequent entries.

Visiting a station means docking at any landing pad at the station and providing valid evidence (see HOW TO ENTER) of having done so.

The start/finish line only counts once in a single lap, and only when visited after all the other stations in the route.

Failure to visit the stations in order, or changing the order mid-race will result in disqualification of the whole race run. Disqualified runs are ineligible for any prizes.

A part lap is defined as a journey along the chosen route which finishes at one of the three stations named above but does not reach as far as Kanwar Horizons.

The distance between any two stations is strictly defined by the corresponding entry in the chart below:
49 D OrionisTurboUnkulcayVasak
49 D Orionis25.5144.3243.17

Distances and times
A racer's lap distance is defined as the sum of the distances between stations visited on a single complete lap of his chosen route.

A racer's total distance is defined as the sum of the distances between stations visited on his chosen route in complete and part laps.

The regulation time for this race is one hour.

A racer's allotted time starts the moment he launches from the start/finish line and lasts for at least the regulation time. During the allotted time racers must fly as many laps as possible before the time is up. The allotted time may be extended beyond the regulation time according to the rules set out in the section regarding the joker below.

After the allotted time ends a racer is permitted to proceed to the next station in the lap and dock. The race clock stops as soon as docking is complete. The racer's penalty time is defined as the time elapsed between the end of his allotted time and his arrival at the final station.

A racer's total time is defined as the sum of his allotted time and penalty time, unless the entry ends before the full amount of allotted time has been used, in which case the total time will be the allotted time. See the section regarding entries cut short below.

A racer's race time is the time elapsed between launching from the start line and visiting his final station. This may be less than his total time if he does not use his full allotted time.

Racers who enter a ship without shields, armour or hull reinforcement packages may play their "Win it or bin it" joker card to extend their allotted time beyond regulation time by one second for every two percentage points of hull remaining at the end of each lap completed entirely within regulation time, ie in the first hour of the race, if and only if no ship repairs were carried out during the lap. A further bonus will be applied if no repairs are conducted throughout the entire attempt. See The joker for restrictions applying to the joker. The additional time imparted by the joker is referred to as the bonus time.

Loadouts and endorsements
Racers who play their joker card will have their entry endorsed with a j notation.

There are no restrictions on ship class or loadout, other than those relating to use of the joker card.

Racers who fit a docking computer will have their entry endorsed with a d notation.

Entries cut short
A racer may at his own discretion choose to race for less than the allotted time, in which case he is said to cut short his entry.

A racer is deemed to have cut his entry short when:
  • He explicitly states that he stopped racing at a particular point of his choosing along the route.
  • He provides valid evidence of visiting one or more stations along his chosen route within his allotted time but does not provide evidence of visiting any stations at any point at or beyond his allotted time.
For purposes of ranking an entry which has been cut short will be treated as though the full amount of allotted time had been used. Additionally, the racer will receive a penalty time equivalent to the time remaining between the point where the race was cut short and the full allotted time. That is to say the penalty time will be the difference between the race time and allotted time. Where such a penalty is applied the racer's total time will be deemed to be the same as his allotted time.

A racer may cut short an entry whose allotted time has been extended by the use of a joker card, in which case his penalty time will be calculated relative to the full allotted time including bonus time.

A racer may cut short an entry to avoid disqualification, for example if he mistakenly visits a station out of order or if his entry would extend beyond the race period. He will receive a penalty time and remain eligible for any prizes.

A racer will not be disqualified for continuing to complete laps after his total time has been used, however all but the first stations visited after his allotted time is up will be disregarded for ranking.

In the event of ship destruction a racer may choose to continue from the last docked station or cut short his entry and accept a penalty time. Continuing after ship destruction counts as carrying out repairs for the purposes of determining joker eligibility.

Frameshift drive injection
The use of frameshift drive injection is provisionally allowed in this race.

Racers using FSD injection must declare each use when submitting their entry. A competitor who is found to have used undisclosed frameshift drive injection will be disqualified.

Racers who use FSD injection will have their entry endorsed with an f notation.

The race organisers reserve the right to exclude entries using FSD injection from classification. If it is determined that FSD injection offers an unfair advantage, all entries which use it will be excluded from ranking and be made ineligible for prizes. Entries will not be excluded individually. Either injection will be allowed for everyone or banned for everyone.

The decision on whether FSD injection should be allowed will be taken by the race organisers in consultation with race competitors.


The winner of the race is the competitor who travels the greatest total distance - measured in lightyears - during the race.

In the event of a tie, where two or more racers have travelled the same total distance in their race time, the tied competitors will be ranked by shortest penalty time and then by total time. If competitors are still tied, precedence will be given to those who did not use the joker card.

The runner-up is the racer who is ranked second only to the winner, taking into account penalty time and joker usage if the racers are tied.

The winner of the fastest single lap is the racer who finishes a complete lap in the shortest time.

The winner of the fastest average lap is the racer who finishes one or more complete laps in the shortest average time. It is calculated as total time / (total distance / lap distance).

The winner of the best single lap speed is the racer who finishes a complete lap with the best average speed, measured in lightyears per hour. It is calculated as lap distance / lap time for the shortest lap time recorded on the run.

The winner of the best average speed is the racer who maintains the best average speed, measured in lightyears per hour, while finishing one or more complete laps during the race. It is calculated as total distance / total time.

There is no restriction on the order of stations visited when taking into account eligibility for the above accolades.

[size=+1]The joker[/size]
The joker card may be played once per ship type per competitor.

A competitor must declare his intention to play the joker within 24 hours of starting his race run. Declarations made after this time will be rejected; the joker card may be retained for later use. Note: Evidence of completing the course may be submitted at any time up to and including the deadline for submissions; only the intention to play the joker must be made within 24 hours.

An accepted declaration to play the joker is final. Once a racer has declared his intention to play the card he may no longer use the joker while flying the same class of ship, even if he subsequently fails to submit evidence of completing the course.

Racers are advised to continue flying for at least 1h 10m before docking at their final station if they are considering playing their joker card, to ensure that their entry is not cut short.

The joker card may only be used when a competitor's ship:
  • Is fitted with Lightweight Alloys.
  • Is not fitted with any Hull Reinforcement Packages.
  • Is not fitted with a Shield Generator.
Each time the ship docks at Kanwar Horizons within the first hour of the entry, having not being repaired at any other station, the pilot's bonus time will be increased by one second for every two percentage points of hull strength remaining, rounded down. For example, arriving at Kanwar Horizons with 57% hull strength would earn 28 seconds of additional bonus time.

No bonus time will be awarded for laps which finish within the additional time itself. Only laps completed before the end of regulation time will contribute to the joker bonus.


A racer who carries out running repairs at any station other than Kanwar Horizons will not earn any bonus time when completing his lap. He may still earn bonus time in subsequent laps.

A racer who continues his entry after his ship is destroyed will be deemed to have carried out repairs on the lap in which the ship was destroyed.

A racer who does not carry out any repairs throughout his entire race attempt may claim double bonus time. Double bonus time will be forfeited if repairs are conducted at any point during the race entry, including within the bonus time itself.

A racer will be deemed to have carried out repairs when he submits evidence of arriving at one station with a more hull strength remaining than when he left the previous station.

The decision of the race organisers will be final when determining if repairs were carried out during an entry and thus if that entry is eligible for bonus time. If it is deemed that no laps should earn bonus time the racer's joker will be rejected and returned for later use.


Prizewinners will receive their choice of game extras from the Frontier Store up to the values specified below. Prizewinners may choose any paint job, paint pack, bobblehead or other item subsequently added to the Game Extras category by Frontier before the end of the race.

Winner: Two items up to £10 each.
Runner-up: One item up to £10.
Best single lap speed: One item up to £5.
Best average speed: One item up to £5.
Fastest single lap: One item up to £3.
Fastest average lap: One item up to £3.

Prizes are restricted to one prize per competitor. In the event that a racer meets the criteria for winning multiple prizes he will receive only the highest value prize and will automatically become ineligible for lower value prizes. The lower value prize(s) will be awarded to next-best eligible competitor(s).

An example may help illustrate the rules of the race.

[size=+1]CMDR Thrust[/size]
CMDR Thrust chooses a route from Kanwar Horizons to Bell Station then Watts Dock and finally Rolland Port before returning to Kanwar Horizons. The point-to-point distances for that route according to the official chart are 25.51Ly, 44.32Ly, 24.56Ly and 18.78Ly. Thus CMDR Thrust's lap distance is 113.17Ly.

CMDR Thrust completes 4 laps of the course within the regulation time, touching down at Kanwar Horizons after 59m 44s, and quickly sets off to start his fifth lap before the clock expires. He is on his way to Bell Station where he docks 1h 3m 11s after starting the race. CMDR Thrust's penalty time is 03:11 and his total time is 01:03:11 during which he covered a total distance of 478.19Ly (four laps of 113.17Ly plus one leg of 25.51Ly) with a fastest lap of 14m 54s.

CMDR Thrust's average lap time is 00:15:47 (01:03:11 / 4) and his average speed is 454.10Ly/h (478.19 / 01:03:11). His fastest lap is 00:14:54 and his best lap speed is 455.72Ly/h (113.17 / 00:14:54).

[size=+2]HOW TO ENTER[/size]
See How to enter on the Club homepage for general details on entering the race.

Only entries made wholly within the period 3302-01-25 00:00:00 to 3302-02-12 23:59:59 server time will be accepted. The deadline for submissions is 09:00:00 server time on Saturday February 13th 3302. Entries received after that time will be rejected.

Entries must include:
  • Your CMDR name.
  • Your forum name if not the same as your CMDR name.
  • Your ship type.
  • Your ship name.
  • Game mode (Open, Solo, Private Group).
  • If using the joker card, when you repaired your ship or made an insurance claim.
  • If FSD injection was used, each occasion you used it.

Beauty shot
Entries may optionally include a beauty shot of your ship, which will be displayed for all to see in the event that you win a prize.

Beauty shots should be taken using the classified camera (Control-Alt-Space) and should clearly show your ship. The recommended way to take a beauty shot is to jump to a system with a bright star (eg F class star) and orientate your ship so that the star fills the top left quadrant of the screen. Then position the classified camera to show your ship illuminated by the light from the star .

All entries must be accompanied by valid evidence.

Acceptable evidence of completing the course includes screenshots or video of your run.

Screenshots must show your ship on the landing pad of each station along the route.
The station name and system clock must be visible in each screenshot.
Screenshots may be taken using the in-game screenshot function (F10 key) or your choice of third-party software.

Your video does not have to show the run in its entirety. You may edit your video for time as long as it shows you launching from the start line and docking at each station.
The station name and system clock of each station must be visible in at least one frame of the video.
If your video is not edited you are requested - but not required - to submit timestamps of the parts which show you docking so that the race organisers can quickly jump to the correct time to verify your run.

Submitting evidence
Evidence may be posted to this thread, sent by forum private message to furrycat or emailed to furrycat <symbol: commercial at> buckyballracing <symbol: dot> org <symbol: dot> uk.

If providing screenshot evidence you can attach screenshots to your message or email.

Alternatively you can create an archive (in, eg zip or rar format) and provide a link to a website which hosts that archive. If providing video evidence you should instead link to a publically-accessible video hosting site such as Youtube. Entries will not be accepted if the race organisers cannot view your evidence. The racer organisers will not under any circumstances create accounts on hosting platforms in order to view your evidence.

Evidence posted to this thread should be in image album or video format only.

Evidence in other formats may be accepted at the race organisers' discretion.

Missing evidence
The race organisers may, at their sole discretion, accept submissions where one or more screenshots are missing. Such entries will be added with a time entered for the missing station(s) which is in line with the other visits to the station(s) in question.

Entries with missing evidence will be endorsed with an m notation.

As such, the organisers are more likely to infer a reasonable substitute time, and hence accept incomplete entries, where more laps are completed.

Entries missing evidence of one or more landings at Kanwar Horizons will be judged unfavourably.

This forum has direct support for Youtube videos. To post your video in this thread, use the [video=youtube] tag with your video's Youtube ID, for example [video=youtube;6Pk5rjMu11Q]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Pk5rjMu11Q[/video].

You are of course free to use a video host other than Youtube.

Image albums
The preferred way to provide screenshot evidence is in an image album. This forum has direct support for the imgur image hosting service.

If you have posted your screenshots (in chronological order) to imgur you can attach them inline by including the album URL in [imgur] tags, for example [imgur]ttYOV[/imgur].

Alternatively, a direct link to the album's URL may be provided, eg http://imgur.com/a/ttYOV.

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Lap turnaround
For the purposes of calculating individual lap times you may, if you so choose, submit two screenshots on each return to Kanwar Horizons; one when docking and one just before launching. The latter will be counted as the start time for the next lap. Note that entering the hangar and returning to the surface takes longer than launching immediately, so shaving seconds off an individual lap will impact your overall race time.

The rules for this race are somewhat complex. You are not required to claim a particular race position, simply to submit evidence of completing the course, to disclose, where applicable, use of frameshift drive injection and, where applicable, to declare your intention to use the "Win it or bin it" joker card. The race organisers will calculate your ranking for you.

Expand for classification key:
Race classification is be presented in tabular form with the following columns.
  • P: Position
  • R: Individual rank
  • S: Ship rank
  • E: Endorsement(s)
  • CMDR name
  • Forum name
  • Ship name
  • Ship type
  • Distance: Total distance covered
  • Penalty: Penalty time
  • Lap distance
  • Laps: Completed laps
  • Allotted: Allotted time
  • Bonus: Bonus time
  • Raced: Race time
  • Total: Total time
  • Speed: Best lap speed
  • Average spd: Average lap speed
  • Fastest lap: Fastest lap
  • Average lap: Average lap time

PRSECMDR nameForum nameShip nameShip type[size=-2]Distance[/size][size=-2]Penalty[/size][size=-2]Lap distance[/size]LapsAllottedBonusRacedTotalBest speed[size=-2]Average speed[/size][size=-2]Fastest lap[/size][size=-2]Average lap[/size]Award
111jcookieholecookieholeCrater CreatorImperial Courier681.4700:01:25131.295.1901:06:0000:06:0001:07:2501:07:25623.54606.500:12:3800:12:59Race winner
222jAken B.AkenBoschThe Crippled EndeavourImperial Courier681.4700:02:03131.295.1901:06:2400:06:2401:08:2701:08:27610.65597.3400:12:5400:13:11Runner-up
31jAken B.AkenBoschMillenium FaulconCobra Mk III656.4500:02:12131.29501:06:3600:06:3601:08:4801:08:48591.54572.4900:13:1900:13:45
432jKliggJrrobinjbBingo WingsCobra Mk III637.6700:00:09131.294.8601:05:5000:05:5001:05:5901:05:59613.03579.8500:12:5100:13:35Best single lap speed
53jcookieholecookieholeDestinyCobra Mk III637.6700:00:26131.294.8601:02:2300:02:2301:02:4901:02:49626.85609.0800:12:3400:12:56
644jTayoMakcNajaCobra Mk III637.6700:01:43131.294.8601:04:2800:04:2801:06:1101:06:11590.8578.0900:13:2000:13:37Best average speed
73cookieholecookieholeCrater CreatorImperial Courier637.6700:25:54131.294.8601:00:0001:25:5401:25:54616.22445.400:12:4700:17:41
84cookieholecookieholeCrater CreatorImperial Courier594.500:00:52131.294.5301:00:0001:00:5201:00:52636.99586.0400:12:2200:13:27
955jAlec TurnerAlec TurnerBig Chris #5Cobra Mk III594.500:02:15131.294.5301:04:3000:04:3001:06:4501:06:45540.78534.3800:14:3400:14:44
106cookieholecookieholeDestinyCobra Mk III594.500:02:28131.294.5301:00:0001:02:2801:02:28641.31571.0200:12:1700:13:48
117TayoMakcNajaCobra Mk III594.500:03:10131.294.5301:00:0001:03:1001:03:10577.8564.700:13:3800:13:56
1261<-LightSpeed->superflyguyBe PreparedDiamondback Scout594.500:03:44131.294.5301:00:0001:03:4401:03:44569.45559.6800:13:5000:14:04Fastest average lap
138Aken B.AkenBoschMillenium FaulconCobra Mk III587.1100:00:44131.294.4701:00:0001:00:4401:00:44594.52580.0200:13:1500:13:35
149TayoMakcNajaCobra Mk III550.1800:00:14131.294.1901:00:0001:00:1401:00:14580.64548.0500:13:3400:14:22
1510KliggJrrobinjbBingo WingsCobra Mk III541.7200:00:34118.264.5801:00:0001:00:3401:00:34573536.6500:12:2300:13:13
1611Alec TurnerAlec TurnerBig Chris #2Cobra Mk III525.1600:00:12131.29401:00:0001:00:1201:00:12551.51523.4200:14:1700:15:03
1712cAlec TurnerAlec TurnerBig Chris #2Cobra Mk III525.1600:00:16131.29401:00:0000:59:4401:00:00548.31525.1600:14:2200:15:00
1871Samwell DrakhyrdrakhyrPocket CalculatorAdder525.1600:01:31131.29401:00:0001:01:3101:01:31527.5512.2100:14:5600:15:22
192<-LightSpeed->superflyguyBe PreparedDiamondback Scout525.1600:01:36131.29401:00:0001:01:3601:01:36525.74511.5200:14:5900:15:24
20813d,jCheetahCheetahJetpacCobra Mk III525.1600:03:30131.29401:01:5500:01:5501:05:2501:05:25514.86481.6800:15:1800:16:21
2114TayoMakcNajaCobra Mk III522.6200:01:16118.264.4201:00:0001:01:1601:01:16551.47511.8200:12:5200:13:52
2291RaikoRaikoThe NomadAsp Explorer506.3800:02:40131.293.8601:00:0001:02:4001:02:40488.27484.8300:16:0800:16:14
2315cAlec TurnerAlec TurnerBig Chris #5Cobra Mk III506.3800:03:38131.293.8601:00:0000:56:2201:00:00542.02506.3800:14:3200:15:33
251jAlec TurnerAlec TurnerThe Fokkest UppestDiamondback Explorer498.0600:00:26118.264.2101:04:1400:04:1401:04:4001:04:40470.43462.1200:15:0500:15:21
2616mCheetahCheetahJetpacCobra Mk III478.1900:01:07113.174.2301:00:0001:01:0701:01:07491.45469.4500:13:4900:14:27
275<-LightSpeed->superflyguyBasil BrushImperial Courier478.1900:01:51113.174.2301:00:0001:01:5101:01:51496.84463.8900:13:4000:14:38
281017jTerrorsidicTerrorsidicCobraCobra Mk III473.0400:02:14118.26401:01:0200:01:0201:03:1601:03:16474.09448.6200:14:5800:15:49
291118MekajinnMekajinnYakheadCobra Mk III473.0400:02:40118.26401:00:0001:02:4001:02:40478.89452.9100:14:4900:15:40
3019mOzricOzricSlippery When WetCobra Mk III471.4600:00:47113.174.1701:00:0001:00:4701:00:47486.75465.3800:13:5700:14:35
31126MilnerMilnerBobImperial Courier471.4600:02:12113.174.1701:00:0001:02:1201:02:12476.51454.7800:14:1500:14:55
32137Hanekura ShizukaHanekura ShizukaVenom StrikeImperial Courier471.4600:02:29113.174.1701:00:0001:02:2901:02:29481.57452.7200:14:0600:15:00
3320d,mCheetahCheetahJetpacCobra Mk III452.6800:02:00113.17401:00:0001:02:0001:02:00479.87438.0800:14:0900:15:30
341421jMarkzx59racer1FiftyNineCobra Mk III452.6800:02:56113.17401:01:5200:01:5201:04:4801:04:48442.36419.1500:15:2100:16:12
35153mJakJhyrrylScrum MeDiamondback Scout409.3400:03:28113.173.6201:00:0001:03:2801:03:28407.41386.9800:16:4000:17:33
xfurrycatfurrycatDemo runType-7 Transporter382.8500:01:59113.173.3801:00:0001:01:5901:01:59393.25370.600:17:1600:18:19
361Markzx59racer1JuggernautImperial Clipper31400:01:20113.172.7701:00:0001:01:2001:01:20437.61307.1700:15:3100:22:06
37168c,dDastardly Devine_Dastardly_The PinballImperial Courier113.1700:45:10113.17101:00:0000:14:5001:00:00457.77113.1700:14:5001:00:00
3822cOzricOzricSlippery When WetCobra Mk III113.1700:46:48113.17101:00:0000:13:1201:00:00514.41113.1700:13:1201:00:00
3923cOzricOzricSlippery When WetCobra Mk III113.1700:46:53113.17101:00:0000:13:0701:00:00517.68113.1700:13:0701:00:00
401724cOzricOzricSlippery When WetCobra Mk III113.1700:47:31113.17101:00:0000:12:2901:00:00543.94113.1700:12:2901:00:00Fastest single lap
Highlight keyEndorsement key

Race winner
Best single lap speed
Best average speed
Fastest single lap
Fastest average lap
Competitor's best non-prizewinning entry
Competitor's other entries

centry cut short
ddocking computer
fFSD injection
jjoker card
mmissing evidence
xexcluded from ranking


So many rules!
Don't be intimidated by the big list of rules. The core premise of the race is simple: go from Kanwar Horizons to the three other stations then back to the start; repeat as many times as possible within an hour. All the rules are there to head off questions which start But what if I...

An hour? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
Even if you have less than 30 minutes to devote to racing you can still enter and be in with a shout of picking up the fastest lap or best lap speed awards. You only need to complete one lap to be eligible. If you can squeeze in 45 minutes or more you might even be able to earn a place near the top of the main leaderboard by racing hard in the time you have available.

Won't you get confused by your own rules and mess up everyone's classification?
I have programmed a bespoke race management application to help me manage everyone's entries.

Surely the race will just end in a tie
Although it's true that there's a strong likelihood that two or more competitors will complete the same number of laps in the the first hour, and thus be tied for total distance, separating them by penalty time effectively makes the tiebreaker a one-hop shootout with the winner being the racer who completes a supercruise approach and docking procedures the quickest. Use of the joker card to extend the race time will allow for greater distance and thus less chance of tying, and linking the bonus time to hull percentage should give a decent spread of total times.

Won't I be disqualified?
The rules for disqualification are to prevent blatant cheating. If you make a genuine mistake and visit a station out of order you can declare your entry cut short and accept a penalty time.

Won't the joker be overpowered/effectively mandatory?
An hour is a long time to race without repairs. Most pilots won't be able to claim the double bonus time. Even those who choose to repair on each visit to Kanwar Horizons will probably earn less than the maximum fifty seconds per lap. It is expected that playing the joker card will add enough time to visit one or two extra stations; not an insurmountable advantage. Additionally, racing without the joker will win a tiebreak with a racer who did use it.

What if I can't decide whether to use my joker?
Keep racing for 1h10m then decide after docking. A quick pilot would be aiming to complete a lap in under twelve minutes, and thus should be able to complete five laps within the hour. If he flies perfectly and takes no damage he would therefore earn 50 bonus seconds per lap for a total of 250 seconds which doubles to 500 seconds for carrying out no repairs. That's just over eight minutes bonus time plus the time it takes to land at the next station. Therefore in most cases ten minutes should be adequate to decide if it's worthwhile using the joker. If you don't use it those extra ten minutes will simply not count for your entry; you won't otherwise be penalised for flying for longer.

I don't understand the rules about repairing when using the joker
At the end of each lap you effectively earn half a bonus second per hull point remaining.
You can repair at Kanwar Horizons without penalty.
If you repair at any other station, or if your ship is destroyed, you earn no bonus time for that lap.
You can still earn bonus time on other laps.
If you don't repair at all during the race you earn double the bonus time from each lap.

Why do I have to declare my joker usage within 24 hours?
As discussed elsewhere, it's to prevent people from hoarding their joker until the end of the race. If you are on a good run you will need to decide whether to play the joker or save it in the hope of doing even better later. In the race in which the joker was introduced we had some days in which people did compete but did not post any times to the leaderboard, because they did not want to "waste" their joker on a time which they subsequently improved upon. Requiring immediate declaration of joker usage should keep the leaderboard ticking over.
That said, competitors shouldn't think that once they've played the joker card their race is over. See Won't the joker be overpowered/effectively mandatory? for more details.

Do I have to post an intent to race before competing?
Not if you don't want to. It's cool if you do, so other racers can look out for you on the course, but it's optional.

Will you hide the times and distances until near the end of the race?
No. Partly because I personally like it better when the rankings are fully disclosed and partly because the rules of this race are complex enough without obfuscating the classification.

Why are there three ranking columns?
Position is the overall race position.
Rank is the ranking amongst unique competitors. If a racer makes multiple entries, only his best will be ranked.
Ship rank is the ranking amongst entries for the same ship type. A racer may have multiple ship ranking entries.

Why is there a penalty time for entries cut short?
So you can't do one fast lap and claim the fastest average lap and/or best average speed in addition to fastest lap and/or best speed. One lap is enough for the latter accolades, and people with limited time to spend racing are encouraged to go for those, but the other titles will be awarded to those who show consistent performance over the full hour.

Won't the winner of fastest lap also win best speed?
Not necessarily. A racer who chose a longer route with a slightly slower laptime might end up with a faster speed.

Is frameshift drive injection synthesis allowed in this race?
Yes, provisionally.
Entries will initially be accepted. If it is later determined that FSD injection yields an unfair advantage then all entries which used it will be excluded from ranking.
The decision will be taken in consultation with race competitors.

Am I allowed to fit my ship with...
Yes. Anything goes with regard to outfitting. However if you fit shields, armour or hull reinforcement packages you will not be eligible to play the joker card.

I refuse to play in Open
I respect that. I myself refuse to play in any other mode, and have missed events I would otherwise have liked to join because of my stubbornness. You are welcome to run the course in Private Group or Solo mode and submit an entry. Your attempt will appear on the leaderboard as an exhibition run and be excluded from ranking and prizes but you will still be able to compare your efforts to others'.

Will there really be prizes?
Yes! The Frontier Store allows gift purchases. At the end of the race the prizewinners will be asked to nominate their choice of reward which will be gifted to their game account.

Why will this race have prizes when other races don't?
Because I shamelessly want to attact attention to my race am generous.

Why are the speed prizes worth more than the time prizes?
This is an endurance race and so rewards distance travelled more than raw speed.

Can I wait until Frontier have a sale and then tell you which prize I want?
Sorry, no. Prizes must be claimed promptly after the race finishes.

Are you going to try to win your own race?
No. I have submitted a pacemaker time with an x notation (excluded from ranking) using an average loadout.
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I am going to have to find a place on the website for the Buckybot! :D

Note to racers: There isn't any history or policy of prizes for Buckyball Racing Club events, and they are entirely at the choice of the race organiser. The offering of prizes for this event should not be taken as any indication that prizes will be available for any future Buckyball Racing Club event.
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Oh, this should be fun. :D
And yes, +1 for the Buckybot. Brilliant work!

Well then... I am very tempted to enter a Courier, but I don't think Robin would ever forgive me for flying the "OP medieval fascist machine" :D
Plus, there's another ship I've been meaning to get better at speed-landing in, ever since powersliding it repeatedly into the side of RenenBellot Market on the last day of BBR7. So...

CMDR: Alot
Ship Type: Cobra MkIII
Ship Name: Ballistic Doorstop
Open Play, all the way!
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Blimey, you've certainly done a lot of work on race prep furry.. I cant get my head round all the words yet. but im sure if I get to the start and find a list amongst all that text of where I need to go ill be fine. ;)
Just seen the newsletter ... nice!

And now I've just seen the OP ... holy crap, gonna have to find a comfy seat and a large cocoa before I settle down to read that!



Volunteer Moderator
Oh my word Furrycat :D:D:D

Great work getting the race into the newsletter and words can even describe how much work has gone into setting this up. Like Alec, I'm definitely going to need a while to digest all that :D

*Edit* Hmmm I'm in the middle of nowhere at the moment and so I can't check the jump range on my Eagle at the moment... It's tempting... Though I may just bring the Cobra. I'll state my intention to race now, but have to hold off on the details for a while.
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So many words! :eek:
I love Cookiebots, and I absolutely love that Buckybot! And the awesome how to-video! Really sophisticated race concept too, looks like it will be great fun! :)
Now I'll have to find out how to use Excel or just brute force my way through this opposite of the travelling salesman problem. Brute forcing with a pocket calculator might be the faster option. :cool:
I guess the ship I'll start with will be Crater Creator, because I'm lazy and she's used to crash landings. :p
At least there's still some time to think about all those fancy jokers, route options, record classes and stuff, and maybe even some calm hours to earn back the insurance money I've lost in the Art of Pandemonium yet... :D
OK, done a first read through ... wow, you've been busy!

And I see the Win It or Bin It card has made a comeback! :D

Err, so first question ... it seems like there are between 1 and 2 jumps between each of those systems for a 30ly jump range ship so I estimate about 1.5 minutes of system jumping time and let's say another couple of minutes for take off and landing so around 4, perhaps 5 minutes between each screenshot. So we're talking about something like 12 to 15 screenshots per race entry? Actually ... 20 in your example! (not complaining, just making sure we know what to expect).

And for the joker, if in your example the joker was played and the ship had 100% health at the end of each lap (unlikely I know) ... that would grant 200 extra seconds of race time? (perhaps enough time for one more lap). Does that sound about right? Oh ... except if no repairs were made in the entire race attempt, that would be double bonus (so enough extra time for maybe 2 more laps)?

P.S. as you can probably tell, all these questions are basically me saying yes, I intend to race in this event, possibly in the Fokkest Uppest ... unless I give her another respray. Oh, or possibly in the Cobra Mk III sporting a PC Gamer paintjob. Or something else. Nope sorry, really haven't decided yet.
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I am completely astounded. I am utterly confused. I am absolutely in.

From what I understand about the penalty + bonus system I am to keep doing laps until my ship explodes, the server resets, or, lemme do the math... carry the tangent..., "explodes". Ok, that one.

Aha! I don't have to wait til Monday. Will definitely participate if I can find the time after family stuff tomorrow...just need to figure out details. :)
Really nice media blitz, furrycat. I just saw the GalNet article, on top of the Newsletter article. Well done. :)
Each time the ship docks at Kanwar Horizons having not being repaired at any other station, the pilot's bonus time will be increased by one second for every two percentage points of hull strength remaining, rounded down. For example, arriving at Kanwar Horizons with 57% hull strength would earn 28 seconds of additional bonus time.

Errr, rounded down that would be 27 wouldn't it?

- - - - - Additional Content Posted / Auto Merge - - - - -

Racers are advised to continue flying for at least 1h 10m before docking at their final station if they are considering playing their joker card, to ensure that their entry is not cut short.

I worked out 400 extra seconds with double bonus was the maximum possible so shouldn't that be 1h 6m 40s?
And another joker question ...

only one joker per ship right? and we have to announce we're doing our joker run BEFORE we make the run? (or can we announce the joker up to 24hrs after the run) ... and if before and the run fails, have we spaffed our joker anyway?

P.S. sorry, technically that's many questions

---- edit ----

What if I can't decide whether to use my joker?
Keep racing for 1h10m then decide after docking. A quick pilot would be aiming to complete a lap in under twelve minutes, and thus should be able to complete five laps within the hour. If he flies perfectly and takes no damage he would therefore earn 50 bonus seconds per lap for a total of 250 seconds which doubles to 500 seconds for carrying out no repairs. That's just over eight minutes bonus time plus the time it takes to land at the next station. Therefore in most cases ten minutes should be adequate to decide if it's worthwhile using the joker. If you don't use it those extra ten minutes will simply not count for your entry; you won't otherwise be penalised for flying for longer.

Oh Ok, so we do our hour and then, if things are looking good, keep going for maybe 10 more minutes or so.

And I see we can declare joker after we've done our run.
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intent to race around madly in a circle! should be good for seeing other racers on course

to begin with i'll go with the High Flyer, coz i'm in it!

CMDR <-lightspeed->
Forum: superflyguy
Ship : Asp Ex
Name: High Flyer

great prep work by the way - muchos rep +
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Great event furrycat! Fat Tony and Little Nuk definitely approve, they're glad they decided to sponsor the event. Sadly Mrs Lonnegan couldn't make it to watch - nobody expected Ceska to make that many Spa runs, and as a result Mrs Lonnegan is currently in rehab after having one too many Motrona Experiences! During one of those experiences she did manage to make a new shopping list for 3302.

Also you and Alec's outrageous attempts to encourage pilots to take even greater risks during races has given Nuk a particularly evil idea for an addition to this year's Bootlegger Challenge...
Yes Nuk loves to see ships go boom.

Intent to race:

CMDR Raiko
The Nomad
Asp Explorer

I won't be trying out FSD boosts, mostly because I don't currently have any and I need some for my exploration plans. :)

Will probably also have a go in Spirit of Icarus (Imp.Courier).
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And for the joker, if in your example the joker was played and the ship had 100% health at the end of each lap (unlikely I know) ... that would grant 200 extra seconds of race time?

Yes four laps complete with full hull would give 200 seconds ie 3m 20s.

In the example I gave CMDR Thrust docked at Bell Station after 1h 3m 11s, which being would still be within the allotted time (01:03:20) if the joker were used. So he could continue to Watts Dock. If we assume that the nine seconds remaining from the joker were used to turn the pad around, the time it took him to reach Watts Dock would be his new penalty time and his total distance would be increased by 44.32Ly.

Errr, rounded down that would be 27 wouldn't it?

57 / 2 is 28.5 so rounded down that's 28.

I worked out 400 extra seconds with double bonus was the maximum possible so shouldn't that be 1h 6m 40s?

That would be the bonus from the example. If you managed five laps you could get more time.

I've erred on the side of caution with the ten minutes recommendation. What I want to avoid is having someone decide to play the joker card, continue racing for another four minutes or so, then later realise the actual bonus time was more than that. Better to race for too long than not enough.
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