[Bug] Navy Progression stuck w/ wrong faction?

Hey dudes so.. I keep waiting for my next Imperial Navy progression and it ain't showing up.

When I visit Federation ports, however, one is available for them, but I cannot accept it (Maybe cause I'm pledged to Lavigny-Duval)

Is it impossible to get an imperial navy mission until my federal one is completed?

Backstory - I have like 240 hours in this painful game and was hoping a new ship would make it more enjoyable but I can't buy it unless I'm "Baron."
Are you at least Cordial with the offering faction? Might even need to be higher. In any case, the mission will tell you why you can't accept it.

Have you filled the progress bar for Imperial rank up to 100%?
The way I keep track of the ranks is using inara.cz, as an example I wanted to gain ranks in both Federal and Imperial today by 1. So running missions for factions that connected to these Navy's you can see in the Commander/Ranks page of inara the progression of each rank level- as in after you obtain a new rank the progress bar starts over and you get the next offer(x navy wants you to...) for a mission and if you complete it you will be awarded the rank. In the pic you can see that I had a couple of extra missions with factions that I am Allied with after I received the new rank of "Post Commander" with the Federation and that put it to +9% towards the next rank.
I only run missions for the members present in the station that have the Imperial/Federal symbols in their banners.
AS you can see the ranks were awarded today- just a few moments ago actually.
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