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Greetings commanders,

If you encounter any issues during your Alpha experience please report them as soon as possible via the Issue Tracker where our development team will be actively investigating reports.

Please find below a list of known issues that we are aware of and investigating. This will be updated as more issues become known.

Known Issues
  • Players will experience a crash when inviting others to ‘Teams’ whilst on foot – hotfix imminent
  • Whilst on foot, players unable to select a side in a Conflict Zone via their Comms panel – this is not an issue if players use Frontline Solutions, or select a side whilst still in their ship
  • In Conflict Zones, Victory credits shown are incorrect (too low)
  • When in ‘Teams’ and in a hangar, players may experience ‘invisible’ host ship
  • Player models may move through counters if sprinting, when they interact with a vendor or terminal
  • Collection mission objective may only update for one person in the instance
  • When in the 'Long distance planner', selecting your ship and moving around the galaxy UI will soft-lock the player upon exiting
  • Unable to meet up: If you are having issues meeting up, return to the front end and try again
  • Oculus Rift HMD does not display the game
  • When a crime has been cleared, it is still shown in the authority contact at the social space terminal
  • ‘Complete Missions' button may not work at station terminals
  • Players may find that selecting to transfer consumables from the ship's inventory does not work
As always thank you for your support
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