BUG? Transport Rides

For some reason, guests completely ignore the transport ride options available in my Zoo. When the game was first released, I built a safari ride and it was fine, really popular, very busy. Since once of the patch’s, guests will not go on anything. In my current zoo I have a jeep safari, a gondola ride and a monorail - no one is going on any of them. Might get a handful of guests on the monorail and jeeps every now and then but otherwise nothing and the monorail absolute zero!

Anyone else having same issues?
I’ve saved, closed and reopened the game multiple times to no positive effect.
In my game I had to tweak the options of load and time between departures, the queue was full but people were not going in and vehicles were leaving empty. I had to turn off "dont block stations" (even while using the "any load" before departure) and put a minimum of 10~15 secs to people embark. But certainly dont seem to be working as intended
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