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All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected
Career Mode

Hello, I am at the last mission of the career mode and I am asked to create a Russian mountain with minimum 8 excitation, no more than 5 in fear, an average speed of minimum 56 km / h as well as main fall from to Less than 100 m.

I think I have fulfilled all these conditions and yet I do not get the success of this long awaited mission ... (excitation 8, fear 4.99, as well as a main fall of 104 m and an average speed of 56 km / h Put the screen as proof)

Is this a bug or so I misunderstood something?

Need a solution to my problem thanks

Steps to Reproduce
This is a common issue, you need to get the numbers over the required amounts. Either the text on the requirements is wrong or the game is rounding up the ratings and you're slightly below what is required.

Hopefully they will adjust this as its frustrating to get what you think is required and for it to not count.
Yes it is very frustrating, and i cant rebuild a new roller coaster like that (or the fear is above 5, or the excitation is below 8 all the time)
The excitement rating and average speed are exactly as required, but the value that is shown is rounded. For example, the average speed may be 55.7 kph, which is rounded to 56 but still lower than 56, and as such does not fulfill the requirement even though it appears it does. So, as Kitano said, make sure that the ratings/stats are such that you can't be fooled by the round numbers.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
This one should now be sorted!

Please let us know if you experience any further issues.