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Building filter resets automatically


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

Since i got the game since release, i noticed that whenever i select a certain type of building material, lets say i only select wood, i put down a square wall, the building tab itself closes when i put the selected piece of wood down. Now that i have done that and go back to the building tab, everything reloads again as the filter has reset again, making me look through the entire list again for that type of wood i used.

It's really annoying when you want to build.

Steps to Reproduce
To reproduce, simply select a certain theme, building material, select something and than when its placed and the building tab closes, the filter will have reset to nothing selected.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Whilst the filter will reset by default when you close a UI panel, the panel should remain open while you construct a building.
The problem is that you may want to switch between building mode, environment items mode, and/or terrain while still working on the building.

An other case where this issue comes up is when working with a building with a particular theme, let's say you build a medieval castle, then do something else, and then later come back to editing this building. It would be nice if the game could remember the filters settings per building. It would save use some time.
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