Building, paths and Brush expansion DLC

With the addition of scenery items we could use new types of buildings and new versions of buildings to make our parks more unique.

New Buildings:

Grand Hotel- can have 4 paths connect to it, has a higher capacity than regular hotels and adds to food and drink rating with it's own bar and restaurant inside it. Much more expensive than regular hotels and is a electricity hog. Also requires large space of land.

Yurts/ Cabin campground. Multitude of smaller buildings with more rustic features and more landscaping inside the space. Four pathway connections. Adds to capacity and scenery bonus.

Convention Center: Adds to entertainment, food and drink (smaller amounts) 6 pathway connections. Also increases visitor numbers. One per island. Architecturally interesting with art like statues or skeletons on the grounds of it.

Seating and eating area. 4 pathway connections. Tables, chairs and sun umbrellas. When connected to a food or drink building it increases sales. Also can add to dinosaur visibility if close to a non-concrete fence.

Seating Area (Benches) Adds to dinosaur visibility when facing a non concrete fence and increases guest satisfaction. Npcs will sit and take a break on them. Two pathway connection, from front and behind.

New Brushes:

Floral brush- has tall medium and short blooming tropical flowers

Bamboo Brush- Yellow caned bamboo with green leaves. Could act as "tall grass" and reeds in water. Additional colors could be black red and green caned bamboo.

New Paths:

Black Brick Path- Dark brown/ black brick with white grout and zig/zag patterns inside. wide and narrow.

Natural stone/ pebble path: Gives a more natural look with multi-colored stones. Wide and narrow.

Thanks for reading!
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