Powerplay Buying modules

I've been power play only for the modules. I'm a few modules in so far and I'm looking for advice about how many spare modules I should have in storage so I don't have to wait another 3+ weeks later on.

I made sure to have one prismatic of every size plus a couple on ships and an extra spare or two on the most popular sizes.

However for the rest I'm feeling like I should have maybe 2x the maximum any ship could have. For instance the Type 10 can have 4 large so I should keep about 8 Pacifiers. Not that I would use Pacifiers in a Type 10 lol. I'm thinking 2x so that I can have 2 different engineering styles. In the case of Pacifiers half might be double shot and the other half overcharged.

Another approach would be to fill up module storage and sell later as I need room.

What do you buy before defecting to get the next module? How many power play modules do you have in storage if you bothered to earn them?

PS- Double Shot Pacifiers in a Vulture are fun!
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