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Haunted New Orleans, Spooky Swamp Park coming for Mardi Gras 2020.


The Entrance is based on a steamboat that is haunted by the first female steamboat captain in the Mississippi called the Delta Queen, re-imagined for PLANCO.


The Main Street is based on actual buildings and businesses in the French Quarter terminating in my version of Carousel Park.

Some have the actual name some are puns on the names. There is also lots of music so guests will go dancing down the street.


A lot of research has gone into making most of the areas and rides, including the Carousel.


More images to come!
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Loup Garou is French for Werewolf so this werewolf themed coaster is rather puny. You can also see the Mansion de lioncourt which is Vampire themed on the left.


Swamp Tour is the transport ride that takes you around to park to obnoxious banjo music!


The cemetery automat based on the above ground cemeteries of New Orleans. Several of the crypts contain vending machines. Off in the distance you can see Deadside the track ride based on the comic and game Shadowman, (still WIP as of this posting).


The Stranger Tides Pirates versus Zombies Coaster, based on the book not the movie.


The two Mardi Gras themed rides I recently made settled in among the swamp trees.

For a park based in Louisiana, I have to answer in the language of Molière 🇫🇷 . (Thank you moderators)
Very happy to see French words in an American park: cocorico (French rooster 🐓 ) 🤣😋

"Félicitations pour cet excellent début de présentation. J'adore l'idée d'entrée par le bateau et ton cimetière est magnifique 🥶 Les lumières sont bien dosées et réparties. J'ai hâte de voir la suite. Depuis le temps que tu présentes des objets ou constructions seuls, je suis content de voir un parc entier de ta part. Merci, à bientôt."

"Congratulations on this excellent start to the presentation. I love the idea of entering by boat and your cemetery is magnificent The lights are well proportioned and distributed. I can't wait to see more. Since the time that you present objects or constructions alone, I'm glad to see an entire park from you. Thank you, see you soon. "
I really need to stop making more flat rideskins and finish the trackride if I am going to getv this done in time.


Work is continuing and I am almost done. Release is still scheduled for a week from today, gods willing and the creek don't rise.
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