Roller Coasters California's Great America Recreation/Inspiration

I decided to challenge myself, to recreate my home park and work place, California's Great America. While not all the rides are available, I can still get an overall feel for the park and replicate the park's buildings/architecture.

For starters, I began plopping down coasters I had made ahead of time into their general areas so I can get a feel for where things are going to go. I decided to start in a couple sections including Celebration Plaza and Orlean's Place, particularly the area in front of Flight Deck.

View of Gold Striker (Using RMC Topper Track) from Flight Deck's lift

Front Gate

Orlean's Place shop

Looking toward Flight Deck

Celebration Plaza at night, from front gate

Celebration Plaza during day, Gold Striker in background

Carousel with signature reflection pond

Carousel Columbia with Gold Striker (sans tunnels, I don't think I'm ready to take on that task yet of making a tunnel)

A CGA beloved attraction will be included, the Great America Scenic Railway. Since there's no Von Roll sky buckets in the game, the train will provide a transport for the guests instead.

Thoughts, feedback are welcome, hope you all enjoy my progress so far! (So much easier to build things now that I have a decent frame rate, easier to get around in the game)