Call of the wild - A list of pristine metallic rings

We are the Carmack Galactic Mining Association.

An independent community of prospectors with the goal to collect and share information on the best mining sites in the whole galaxy.

Pristine Metallics Distances Calculator

Help us find new system containing pristine metallic rings!

How to help:

1) System should have "Pristine" level of reserves.
2)There should be at least one "Metallic" ring around one of the planets.
3) System's coordinates should be known to EDSM at the time of submission (if they're not, player should add the system to EDSM and provide enough distances to calculate coordinates).
4) Player must provide a screenshot of the system map showing both reserves level as "Pristine" and ring composition as "Metallic". Example:
NOTE: Please be so kind to provide the screenshots in PNG or JPG, thank you.
5) System should be submitted as a comment in the "Call of the Wild" thread on Frontier forums, also reachable by alternative url

EliteDangerous64 2016-01-12 23-56-57-01.jpg

Adding a system to the Elite Dangerous Star Map:
Step 1: go to and register.

Step 2: in EDSM, enter the system where you are now. They will ask you to enter 6 distances to this system. Go to galaxy map, paste each system name in search box, and the map will tell you the distance to that system. Enter the distance in edsm. Click "save distances". EDSM will tell you that the system now has known coordinates.

Pat yourself on the back, you've helped tremendously :)

CGMA prospectors competition ranking

Special thanks to my friends VicTic, RMORTI, JRB, AceRimmer & Valije for providing a massive amount of precious system data.
Thanks for VicTic for providing the distance calculator.

A big thanks to the participants of the CGMA prospectors competition:
Kjnpbr, Irisa Nyira, gonzoid, CMDR BateraVTF, pprovart, Drownerfood, Toshus, FalconFly, Donalbane, UniQueKakarot, aelson.guerra, Maxmilian Czhilli, Alun T, vhursti, galaxyutii, Gunthar, tachyondecay, Derthek, Chris Rosenkreutz, Anarch157a, Liger95, Roon, Sylon, Joebe & couger2274

Best regards,

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At the moment I am mining at HIP 51652 (1) and I must say it is Painite heaven. Just just skip other minerals and Painite is my greatest loot. More than the metals. But also quite a pirate density here.
HIP 51652 is OK, but it is a bit dark. Do you use the Res, or just drop in elsewhere ?
Do you bother with the Roids, or do you only use Belts ?

yes it's a little dark indeed. But I got no problem with that. The picture is showing the dayside:
I drop beside the RES. Like my solitude.

I don't bother with the asteroids because there are to few for efficient mining in one spot.
Only metallic rings around planets with pristine recources are listed.

Please feel free to inform about appropriate sites you find. I will edit the first post with the information.

- - - Updated - - -

The most beautyful site HIP 29239 (A1):Screenshot_0233.jpg
Found a Pristine Metalic at last. Only 22ly from the edge of the bubble

HIP 23585 (AB 1)

Interesting system, has a ringed Water World. Have not mined it yet, time for bed.
Wregoe DF-Q d5-28: pristine metallic ring (A3), and a metal-rich planet (A1), roughly one kylie out from Sol
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Salikians system has pristine reserves metallic and metal rich rings with station in around 35Ls, it's my favorite mining location.
And yes, there is painite in metallic ring :)
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My pristine metallic ring update from todays scans has a little bit for everyone...
Civilized: HR 8461 (6,7)
Not Civilized: COL 359 SECTOR ZJ-Q C5-5 (AB1, AB5 dont worry relatively close to system entry point)
Soiwns OS-A D1-68 (1,5)
COL 359 SECTOR DM-S C5-10 major reserves only

I'm sorry but I can't double check the COL 359 names, I seem to have trouble searching for ANY names from COL *** SECTOR type areas, does anyone else get that? So please don't be disappointed if these are "bad links" because my notes are misspelled.
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