Call to Arms for a Free Colonia

Calling free spirited Anarchists in heart, true Colonia citizens, All Independents of what ever alliegence here and from the Bubble fighting for the prosperity and advancement of the region Act Now
A bright light has been kept burning in Colonia for the last year now it is now clear that the Facists and Communist Dictators have conspired to extinguise it for their own power crazed expansionist dreams , looking to subjugate the Nebular whilst selling a pretence of "keepimg order" wanted gankers posing as law enforcers whilst killing clean traders , without a care for the work put into the Engineers here or the loss of Federal & Alliance Ships if the Nameless loose control of their Anarchy Home System Carcosa.

We Reapers can never loose as we will wreck havok on them all and smite them both here and in the systems of their shadowy backers in the Bubble but the ordinary folk of the free systems will fall one by one unless enough of you free thinking Independents and Anarchists answer the call Come swiftly and lets draw a line against Bullys and Hegemony

All Welcome no matter your experience FC,s can get you here if needed

Up Date from Isaiah Evanson 16th Sep

"Our adversaries have managed to bring up reinforcements from the bubble for this fight - as one person aptly put it, they are taking a sledgehammer to a nut. Barring any substantial support in the coming days, we do not expect to win.

This will spell the end of the availability of Federal and Alliance ships in Colonia.

As we look towards the future, it must be understood that the dynamic of the conflict will shift as the Reapers and assorted allies become the attackers, and our opponents become the defenders. I think it goes without saying that the number of factions involved in this crusade of theirs means Colonia will be, for the foreseeable future, a target-rich environment.

As with all things, we encourage direct action and resistance in whatever way you choose. You can reach us on our Discord, or here on the forums, for ways to help.

I want to extend a sincere thank-you to the pilots and groups who rallied and helped us defend Carcosa twice over these past two weeks. Each day the Nameless remains in control of Robardin Rock is another day where someone can buy these ships, and it is that fact that embodies the spirit of defiance we all share.

No matter what our enemies say, this fight is only beginning. It will not end this week. It will not end this month. It will not end this year, or next. This is a long, drawn out conflict in its infancy. Alliances will be made, proxy wars will be fought, an insurgency will rise in Colonia against these self-appointed "lawful" rulers. Their allies here and abroad will soon learn the error of their ways. Oppression will be met with resistance. Tyranny will be met with rebellion.

Stand with us in solidarity, not just for Carcosa, or Colonia - but for all of human space. Rise up and challenge the authorities. Force their hand. Refuse to be manipulated. Do not rise to their provocations. Make your own powerplays, organise embargoes and blockade their ports. Break their hold and force them out into the open. Blaze a trail. Visibility is the one thing they cannot abide.

If you are reading this, YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE. "
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I'm confused, because reading this it seems really clear?

@Pristine_Bump can you explain what happened?

Because either Reapers/ Nameless broke their word, or else EN/Sepp broke theirs?

For there to be a war someone must have broke this agreement? Only it does look like EN are the guilty party because they are the ones challenging in Carcosa, not Nameless in Union.

Seems fairly clear EN/ Sepp are the bad guys here, unless someone explains to me otherwise
Any agreement is meaningless if you cannot enforce your interests. It's a typical elite story - "there is always bigger gank".
That are my two cents as independent observer.
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