Call to Arms for a Free Colonia

But what were the alternatives for a new group coming to the region? From what I see, this was deliberately chosen because it wasn't the home system of another player group. How many other systems can you say that for that would have avoided this issue? How many of those would have been happy to have a new group take a system without the same argument (I'll save you having to reply to the last 2, the answer is going to be 0)? That argument still looks like an attempt at exclusivity in the game to me.

But then, if this means a new group coming in means permanent conflict in the region, so be it. I'm not against that way of playing the game and this could be interesting as a new dynamic to the region.
You did choose an over-constrained problem that's for sure.

It's hard to know in hindsight what could have happened if the nameless got the system after a failed attempt at negotiating and didn't just go for a low blow but there is a chance that this conflict wouldn't have exploded as it did. It's almost as if the way this was done, the bravado, the ganker-tendencies of some, etc/etc. was intentionally designed to create a snowballing conflict, which it did and will likely continue to do. Content for the years to come! Maybe that's a mastermind plan between the 2 sides to keep us busy while waiting for Odyssey. Are we sure that we aren't being played by Fdev community managers in disguise? ;)
Funny, but all this has a life of its own.
Now we have bunch of PS4 Reapers, new people and people who wanted to quit but found new reasons to play. And all were PvE cmdrs getting more into BGS and PvP.
Honing their skills, gathering their mats, engineering their ships... Thirsty for action.
For now 8 active on regular basis with 5 carriers.
And since we are absolutely unopposed in Colonia in ps4 space, if we lose this war and Carcosa, we might/will get bored and go for Bubble, with hardpoints deployed😁

Point is: with lose of Carcosa and Nameless not in control, we don't have any reason to behave properly. And we are getting trigger itchy, because we dont have al that fun you pc guys have in open in Colonia...
But Bubble, with all this new stuff from FDev, is full of cmdrs in open...
And some systems we need to pay visit and bring gifts from Colonia as a thank you for giving us all this fun gameplay😊

@TEBORI, @LeKeno,what have you done?!? God help us all 😱

Edit: for all PS4 cmdrs lurking this thread, if you're looking for bunch of easy-going and respectful cmdrs to play with and have fun, you'll not get more group content and action anywhere else. Feel free to contact us, we will show you good fun😁
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Ok, all FDEV community managers take a step forward!

(Nope: none crossed the line yet..)
Theyre still looking left and right to see if any of the oncoming traffic has a PowerPlay banner before stepping into the road.

(We all know theres always one hiding behind the bus ready for an innocent to pop up anyway)

Point is: with lose of Carcosa and Nameless not in control, we don't have any reason to behave properly
An honourable argument :)
Theyre still looking left and right to see if any of the oncoming traffic has a PowerPlay banner before stepping into the road.

(We all know theres always one hiding behind the bus ready for an innocent to pop up anyway)

An honourable argument :)
Well, I still wait for @Arthur Tolmie to descend Thor like to deliver some Powerplay news like he did for the other issues raised...
Reported... that ☝
edit (and thx for removing it)

It wasn't an agreement, not really, they just wanted a bit of time to organise a counter-attack. There was never any interest in welcoming us into the fold. The opposing side has no interest in peaceful coexistence, so we should act accordingly.
Oh I get the level of dishonesty. Thats the main reason we're on page 60 with a lot of senseless philosophical 🐄💨
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from the charta of SPEAR: Our mission is to protect those who cannot defend themselves and to hunt down those who would obliterate them.
Hogwash, your entire involvement was to punish Phisto for hurting your pride. There is no massive ganking in Colonia, least of all Carcosa. Ok, I've done a little bit-teachable moments. However sounds like you can't even handle the bubble. Even Ganksalot thumbed his nose at your efforts in Deciat or LFT 926 or whatever hotspot.
You've seen an effect? At the start of the current conflict it was just me. :LOL:

I honestly have to say that when we started the PS4 side of the squadron back at the end of January I only expected we'd see one or two people interested. Now we have a respectable group and friends who enjoy flying together. It safe to say we're the largest group flying in open up here on our platform. It's been a blast and as @Rat Catcher says, we do have to thank the opposition as whilst I'm sure increasing the population of anarchy supporting players wasn't their intention, it's made quite a few players engage with the game and creating a story and whatever side you're on, that's a good thing.
Yeah, it's been a great experience. An ecclectic group from all parts of the world. It's been fun and enjoyable. Our PS4 group is growing and hope it continues to grow.
Hmm, afterthought....
Correct me if wrong, but FDev announced no Elite on ps5, right?!
So ps4 cmdrs who like this game could stick around with ps4 for a while, but since not so big community and spread around with not much group content or active squadrons, seems that this Colonia conflict is gathering new cmdrs mainly on consoles, don't know what are the numbers on Xbox though.
And since we never see any opposite ps4 cmdrs, seems recruiting goes Reapers way.
I don't think ps4 cmdrs are doing that for same reasons Reapers elders do it, but because there's not nuch action for ps4 universe.
With that said, maybe we should set up Bubble chapter of ps4 Loren's Reapers,
for all cmdrs who would like to join the fun, but Colonia is bit away and all this FDev stuff going on in Bubble.
I think people will play in open if we give them a reason.
because they all know this is just an echo chamber and they get brigaded.
No they don't. More special pleading. But I will state again, this thread was a call to arms not a debate on the motives of Spear although that is a major point in defending Carcosa from the foreign invaders 'coming in Peace'.
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