PvP Calling out all PvPers!

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Based on what?
So by your own words you are basically labeling all current in game PvPers (PvPing in the games current state) as gankers?

You should really go out there and try and get some PVP done instead of blocking every PvPer you come in contact with sir.
As a reply:

(...) I also gank people around the galaxy and sometimes I do seal club out of boredom. (...)
Maybe just leave this kind of stuff to people which were doing it numerous times before, aight? :)
It's not just our squadron's organised activities, but the activities of many squadrons in coordination. There are coalitions, discords sharing intelligence and conducting daily operations which groups or individuals may or may not choose to participate in. Just yesterday I got an alert at the Citadel discord (intelligence sharing non-military coalition of lawful pvp groups) about outlaws attacking randoms in a nearby system, such reports come in most days, often there are multiple engagements going on at the same time. The outlaws and the lawfuls in ED pvp largely know each other, it's a very small percentage of the playerbase actively participating in aggressive pvp engagements, but those that are take it seriously, the big players (and I don't pretend we are one, we are not, we just dabble here and there) are well known on both sides, it's a small community. The rest of the pvp in elite is random ganking by the outlaws, cos that's what they do for fun, and why we try to engage them, we provide content for each other on a pretty much daily basis, there's enough 'real' drama going on about who attacked who and why we're at war with whoever, that imagined politics aren't needed either! ;) Anyway, it's not up to me to do your research for you, join a serious pvp squadron (or a less serious one, if you like), and see what they're doing, trust me if you're connected tot he right channels, it's a very active pastime.
Wow! Thank you!! This is exactly how I imagine organized PvP player driven content!! :D

It's weird though there is no sign of it on this game's official forums... :(
Hey Gaarp,

I agree with the messages you’re sharing/trying to make understand and your outlook on what is a likeable PvPer, but trapping a CMDR to give their username just so you can block him isn't helping your case. Don’t give people that you don’t like or respect -the people and/or their in-game or forum actions- the chance to undermine your credibility - or suck your energy for that matter. People will argue on the semantics of ‘PvPer’ and ‘ganker’ to fit their narrative and you’ll never win because they’re right, and you’re also right. Different perspectives on in-game actions makes this is all so complex. You should let go and if you're on a blocking quest go check the DG2 participants list as those were the ones proud to partake in what I consider scummy PvP that isn't likeable, guised under roleplay, boredom and sending FDEV a message.
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Hey Gaarp,

I don't think blocking PvP players in this thread is really going to cure your problem in Open.
Most of the PvP players here, even the ones that disagree with you, are the type of people who are likely to help you out in game.
Additionally, most of them are many light years away from the starter zones - the problem children don't post here for the most part.

If you doubt that fly around in a hotspot for a spell.
I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to bet, you will get ganked 50x by people who don't post here for every 1 death to someone who does post here.

If you want someone to fly with evenings during Eastern Standard Time you can join my private group.
We'll be hunting pirates around Deciat - we currently only have a 2 man wing but help is always appreciated.
Please note: We're very new so don't expect miracles or anything - I usually lose my shields to asteroids.

Im just curious, if he has what is essentially all the "bad guy" pvpers on his block list, who is he supposed to fight?
Cause last I checked, "good guy" pvpers don't tend to fight each other.
It's on topic ish.
No but seriously, thanks Duck. I'm getting carried away.
^---- Typical blood-thirsty ganker. Smells some blood in the water and has to kill, Kill, KILL! (1)

1: This post is a joke. I respect Sir Ganksalot. I might even love him. Please, no more moderation points. I wouldn't know where to put them.
^---- Typical blood-thirsty ganker. Smells some blood in the water and has to kill, Kill, KILL! (1)

1: This post is a joke. I respect Sir Ganksalot. I might even love him. Please, no more moderation points. I wouldn't know where to put them.
Love you too poopsikins 😘
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500 PvPers attending in PvP tournament, divided into squadrons and fighting 30 vs 30 matches, spiced up with some lore, role-play conflicts and so on. Wasn't this one of the reasons for Frontier to introduce squadrons in first place??!

I'm having a very strong feelings now that whatever it is you can share with me will be very boring, if such a simple task as this simple event I'm talking about as an example is so hard for you to grasp even?

Please, pretty please with cherry on top, make me wrong!! :)
Okay, because you asked nicely with a cherry on top and everything - here's why you're wrong.

- You claim to have led big player events in other games, yet you show little skill in the kind of diplomacy required to bring people together. Instead your words come across as arrogant and ignorant (a particularly toxic combination) and you immediately attack the people you're trying to sell to.

- "500 PvPers"..."30 vs. 30 matches"...it's clear you have little experience with either the existing PVP population (both the total size and make up) or the instancing limitations in the game. I'd bet real money you've never even participated in a single wing vs. wing fight involving just 8 people, let alone 60.

- You're pitching an idea to a game population that doesn't really exist. "Ganking" or "griefing" are very subjective terms which you have not defined. Based on your trigger happy blocking behavior evident in just this one thread, I'd guess that you'd disqualify 90% or more of the existing players who engage in PVP. Except for the most "lawful" oriented PVP groups, nearly everyone who fights other people in game have probably done something that would get your jimmies in a twist. Hard to know, though, because you use these almost uselessly subjective terms.
This thread has (once again) confirmed my hypothesis concerning white knight players.
I'm curious to hear this theory.

I'm friends with many white knight players that don't act like this.
Every white knight I'm friends with is happy players like me exist because it gives them someone to fight.
Honestly, I've never met a regular pvper that acts like this, this is usually the attitude of someone that has spent most of their time in solo or playing alone in open.
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