Campaign Scenario Objectives

If you could make your own custom scenario what kind of objectives would you like to see? Personally I thought the original RCT had better scenarios than RCT3 and I hope they can do a better job in PC! One thing they should bring back is multi-tiered objectives, like they had in RCT3 with Bronze/Silver/Gold or whatever it was.

In RCT3 they had these things called "Passports" which guests could collect around your park. I want to see those used as a sort of side-objective. Like have a scenario with the Passports located in difficult to reach locations, and have the challenge be to get 10,000 guests to find the Passport by surrounding the area with rides.

I wish there was a way to have an old abandoned run down park that would be in need of "fixing up" staff are on strike and vandals occupy an area in the otherwise empty dusty ruins

I always wanted to see the "reasearch and development" function be more directly tied in to each scenario. Thats what made the original RCT so great, it had the perfect level of progression, starting simple and then with each scenario getting progressively more challenging while simultaneously adding more rides and more great parks to build in.
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