Can someone make this for me???

yes perfect!!! This is awesome. I have been working on this land and was just thinking I would have to go without these flags.
ok so what would you see as optimal? Two variations with different lengths? in the 3ds max pic it is a loosely hanging 4m cable.
The flags, as far as i've seen always follow the 5-color code Y-G-R-W-B in the model i've left an alpha plane with some uv space just in case.
Not sure about the details, will the flags do with any printing oe should it be lenient to RL reference? Would be great to hear some thoughts, i'm still figuring out
the approach (print, colorslots, variations) so would greatly help the process.
two variations would be great. maybe on slack like you have above and the second one a bit straighter? Having some sort of printed detail on the would be more realistic, but for the game and how they will be used - I would easily be fine with straight solid colors as you show above. Don't want to make it harder than it needs to be. I really don't understand the process all that well, so not sure if I even make any sense.
You're not making it harder, that's just me trying to find the right approach on the Tibetan Flags. :)
Depends on the quality really, how complicated it is.
I could do it fairly easy at the cost of repetition and lack of detail. simplest would be to just have alphaplanes for the flags. There's only 4 color slots, so
that's another question to sort for me before i make it into a ingame model. What i did so far is i made a quick high poly model for 5 of the flags, added textile seams
and from here i would normally think up the approach to take on the implementation prep. The colors of the flags, their placement has a code as i mentioned above, so technically there wouldn't be much point in tinting them. On the other hand, this is PlanCo, so the flags won't always serve the purpose of that exact theme. That's a tough one, the color question.
Not sure if I totally understand what you are saying/asking, but if its about what the colors should be...basic colors like you have in the working sample above look fine to me. Not much variation is needed as I believe in real life there are just a few basic colors that are used.
Never mind, don't worry about it. :)

Yes, in Tibetan flags there are 5 colors used in total. They always follow the same order, Y-G-R-W-B .
I was basically just trying to figure out if and how to apply a color change option to the flags.
OK - got it. for my use, not needed, but thats up to you if you want to try and cross that bridge. THX again for working through this. I'm sure it will be a great piece for many to use.
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