Can we also show more care to our Visitors and staff?

I do hope that our care will extend beyond the animals and that when playing the game the vistor or staff won't just be overlooked. That each visitor is important to us zoo keepers so players would want to spend more attention on them too and not just put down a rest room and then that is all they need to do and forget them. And again this can come into the game over time so you build up the visitor and staff needs like the animals. :)

There could be an option to turn this off or on?
The game could have an option as i heard that you can play the game with out all the management so this could be a possibility?

I am hoping player can have an emotional connection not just with the animal but with the visitor too and perhaps can get excited to see them each season of them coming back of wanting to see your zoo more! As its not just about the creation of your zoo but to keep bringing back the same visitor and new ones! :) Even offering if they like to visit your friends zoo? If we can trade animals to our friend zoo why not the visitor so they can pay them a visit too? :)
In real zoos, the keepers work with specific high maintenance species (e.g. elephant, polar bear) or groups of animals (e.g. hoofstock, reptiles). These keepers become experts on their specific species and specific individuals in the zoo (e.g. their favorite foods). A good keeper will recognize that an individual is ill long before it becomes obvious to the casual observer. They are one of the most important assets a zoo has in keeping their animals healthy and happy. They are responsible for the day-to-day enrichment and other things that make animal's daily lives better in captivity.
I would love to be able to assign keepers to specific animals and train them on these species. We could have several levels ranging from junior to expert elephant keeper for example, with corresponding pay grades of course. This would be an advantage for larger zoos which could afford to have individual expert keepers for many animals vs. smaller zoos that have generalists for everyone. Expert keepers would be better at keeping animals happy and stimulated, training new behaviors, recognizing problems and keeping animals healthy. Losing one of these expert keepers would be a big loss to the zoo, as training should take several years. This would be an incentive to retain your employees! An added layer would be faster training for new keepers training under an expert.
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