Can we get more Diverse Decal packs?

Its been bugging me for a while that all my Favorite Decals are locked behind the Kickstarter backers. (Aspecially The Tiger Decal personally even if it isn't my favorite tiger pose)
whilst it sucks i wasnt able to back at the time and personally wish id get another chance on some of them.
I realized outside of kickstarter decals we barely have any.. just a couple Commercial, Powerplay, Skull and Drug Decals.
Ofc if i look at that my favorites are gone be locked away.

What about:
more Animal related once (maybe some that fit alot of ships.. like an Orca that fits great on an Orca etc.)
more comical (kind of in the direction of the union heads, or a giant Eye so you can make your ship look like it has a 3rd eye)
location related. (Jaque station or some other unique station/outposts)
Stelar Objects
or ofc.. Thargoid related.
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