Can we have more than one train station, on the same track?

I want to build a train ride, that has more than one train station. Like they get on at one location, travel to the next station, get off and or get back on, and continue on to the first station.
Is this possible? I'm not seeing how to do it if it is.

Thank's Ozark
I did place a second train station, but had problems continuing on with the track. I will just have to keep pointing and clicking until it does what I want. lol
Thanks at least I know it's doable.

If you're talking about the Connie Express or Iron Horse, then this is possible simply by placing down more stations under the 'stations' tab. :)
Awesome, I was curious about this also. I just started playing PlanCo recently and have only done challenge mode, so there are still many rides (most) that I'm discovering yet. Thanks :)
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