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Cannot build log flume track over water.


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected
Track Rides

When building a log flume, it's track can only be built on land. It's station can be built over a body of water but it's first track, regardless of type, size or direction cannot be built even when there's no obstruction. The piece is haloed in red and the build button is disabled. Considering that the station can be built on water I assume this is a bug.

Also, every real-world log flume I've ever been on has been built over a body of water at least around the station. I believe this is a bug because I haven't found any other rides which have trouble being built over water.

Steps to Reproduce
Build a log flume station in a large body of water, and then try to build the track. You'll see you can't build track.
Looks like it might have something to do with the height. I can build it if I start the station ridiculously high above the water.
But not a normal height:

As I said earlier, we should be able to build track right at water level, (or at least relatively close) to be able to build a realistic log flume. All log flumes travel down a faux river! :)


Can't get in game today to try, but can you do it in reverse? As in, drain the swamp, build, flood the swamp?
I can confirm this bug. You can also see it in action in NerdCube's series.

EDIT: You have to empty the water, build the ride, then you can re-add the water at the same height and the game doesn't care. It only cares if you leave the water then try to build.
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Also, turn off auto-tunnel when building over water.

This is a huge thing! I don't know how many times I left auto tunneling on and got stopped anywhere near the water. You can get much closer to the water with it turned off without a problem.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Thanks for the report. This is something we are currently investigating, as auto-tunnel also prevents building over paths in some cases (so it's worth turning off unless you plan to do some tunneling).