CMDR Francisco d'Anconia here. I recently registered on your web site and and seeking membership.

Currently I do exploration in my Asp Explorer, but I've only been playing E:D for a couple of weeks now. I also would like to try my hand at mining and other non-pvp, non-combat roles!

Grettings CMDR's,
My name is CMDR Brantish, discord grotslotrocket#6574.
My main goal in elite is to discover the unknown and being promoted to scientist.
Hello Everyone

I started to play Elite Dangerous 3 years ago on PC and now on XBOX in addition to my long career in Eve Online.

Recently, with the release of chapter 4, I came back after a break to take part on the Distant World 2 expedition.
I like to explore the galaxy and to discover whatever is out there with highly customized and engineered ships. I dont mind being out in the dark for weeks or even months.

IGN: x Hyporis x (Xbox)
Discord: Slaani Ludlow#4510
Hello fellow commanders.
I bough Elite many years ago, but since none of my gamingfriends don't like spacegames, I did quit very quickly and the game was "forgotten". BUT a few days ago, I came across a video of Elite Dangerous, and I emidiently went to download the game, and I love it, but it can get a bit lonely, so I found your group :)
But atm I got like 3 days playtime, so I'm a clueless n00b, but learning something new all the time :)

Discord: Oculatus#7123
o7 Fellow CMDR's

Most friends and CMDR's know me as Boon, I originally joined the Elite community in 2015. In 2018 I really dove in head first and found a great love for this game and was surprised and thankful with how open and friendly a lot of the other CMDR's have been. In the last half of 2018 I decided to finally join in on the big event aboard The Gnosis and the now infamous Cone Sector attempt, and even though it didn't go as planned I met a lot of great people along the way in that time frame. That moment really cemented what Elite could be and now is for me, and even led me to join in on DW2. I'm excited to see what's next. Thanks for having me!

IGN: Boon_Brows36
Discord: Boon#7154
CMND Llama-king reporting in
Totally new to this game, been playing approx 2 weeks but i am getting the hang of it and just bought and started kitting out my first Asp explorer! Love the game so far and hopefully I will find something to put my name on! I hope i can be of service to your cause somehow.
Nice to be here!

IGN: Llama-King
Discord: Thellamaking #6112
INARA: (nothing really here yet)
CMDR Xianos reports as ordered


ive been playing elite dangerous on and off for a little while now, the last time being on was when the thargoids first invaded. However i left due to all my friends not wanting to play. Well im back and in full effect, i been enjoying the changes made and i really want to get into the one thing ive enjoy all these years.... exploration. See you in space!

- CMDR Xianos

IGN: xianos
Discord: Xian#1223
Howdy CMDRs.

I've been following Canonn since even before I started playing Elite: Dangerous, but never became an official member until recently.
See in the black! o7

IGN: see sig
Discord, INARA, and Canonn website (Lancelot1) already joined.
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CMDR DaneD reporting in. I've been an Elite Dangerous player for almost 2 month's now. My whole view of the game changed with a single passenger mission to the Celestial Snowman, and I've been in love since then. My in-game actions and loves are Trading, Mining, Fuel Delivery, and Exploration. Here to assist with any cargo needs delivery to or from areas of intrest to the Canonn Research group as well as assist anywhere I may be needed be that Defense for CMDRs Researching or Researching myself. Thank you for having me aboard the Squadron!

DISCORD: Naer Naer#8092
Hello, I'm Hammer. I'm an emerging explorer intent on having Exploration be the first path I hit Elite on. In-game I am CMDR Michael Hammer, and on Discord I am Hammer#1969. Looking forward to being a part of this flourishing community :)
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