Cant figure out Weight problem

I keep getting the Weights for influencers should sum to one [Bad Bone Weights]. I Keep trying to fix it but nothing works so far. I am using blender 2.90 and wanted to ask if anyone can help me with my problem. I Keep wondering what i am doing wrong. Also i used automatic weights and make some changes to parts that needed to not move and dont know if this has anything to do with the error. Please help and thank you.

when assigning vertex weights for animation, it is possible in Blender for the sum of the weights not being 1, which however is required by TMTK. I created such a situation here (my vertex groups being "MinuteBack", "HourBack" and "Stationary"):


This view is obtained by entering edit mode and checking the "Items" Tab of the sidebar. As you can see, the groups weights will sum to 1.472, which works in Blender, but not in TMTK. The easiest way of resolving this is pressing F3, type in "normalize" and choose "Normalize All". You may need to select all (affected) vertices before this.

This feature can also be directly accessed when in "Weight Paint" mode. The result in my example is this:

Which sums to one (at least almost, floating point numbers are tricky) and should work in TMTK.
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