Can't scan that *$%#! Obelisk...

I've just begun doing Guardian research today, and the first planet went quite well I suppose (Got a blueprint and a bunch of mats). Now I'm on another planet trying to get data patterns. On a very flat terrain, there's an Obelisk that, according to the symbols, wants to see 2 Caskets. So I have these in my SRV. But I still can't scan the obelisk. My data link scanner has a range of 15 metres. When I'm closer than that, the scanner points too low and doesn't activate. When I reverse far enough to have the upper section of the pillar in my crosshairs, I'm out of range.

What do I do?
Update: I ended up hovering with my thrusters until I got the scan to complete. But there ought to a better method?

Edit: somehow I didn't manage to link my scanner to the turret yet :/
The obelisks are annoying. 90% of the time I can just scan them, but the other 10% is turret (or hover). You never know if you need the turret until you just can't scan one :D
People don't just drive around in turret mode all the time? Oh...

(Of course, I don't use turret all the time, but the only time I'm not in turret mode is in open, long distance travel.
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