Can't trade Exhibit Animals in Franchise?

So after playing Sandbox I tried Franchise again after a bad experience with the beta (still failed bcuz of money dropping so fast for no freakin reason), I noticed that I couldn't trade my Exhibit Animals like I could in Sandbox. I could only sell them? I had wild Dogs, Kimodo Dragons and Tortoise which weren't producing any babies until my Torties finally had two babies AFTER I went -9k....So with no babies to bring up my conservation points I turned to my Exhibits but I was surprised to find out I could only sell them....They were adults too! WHYYYYYY?! 😭

ALSO. Why all of a sudden on Franchise are my animals taking forever to breed when on Sandbox they're breeding faster (but at an easy pace)?!
In Franchise the Exhibit animals are cash only sell, so I don't breed them. I wouldn't know the reason why its that way. Can you sell them for CC in Sandbox? I haven't played that mode yet.
Yeah.. thought I could sell them for CC, just like in challenge mode..

Franchise apparently only allows to sell them for $... which is nice in the beginning..
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