Can't turn in Federal Navy Supply mission???

Hey all. Trying to grind rep for Sol permit. I got a Federal Navy Supply Mission. I was in the middle of my other mission turn in's when that mission got diverted to Babbage -- where I was heading to. So now, the mission board has the exclamation mark, but no one to turn in the supply mission to and I can't deliver the materials (Biowaste) that's currently in the ships inventory.

Any suggestion?



Hm. Been a while since I did these.

Have you actually picked the stuff up?

Did you accept the diversion?

As I said, been a while. o7
I don't see an exclamation mark on the mission board entry for Deep Space Clan. Are you at the right station?

--edit: After doing thousands of missions I could have sworm there's an exclamation mark on the faction entry too... but there isn't, it's only on the station interface. However, factions witch active missions are listed at the top of the mission board. Deep Space Clan isn't at the top so there's something wrong.
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Most obvious thing is whether you actually have the cargo aboard to deliver.

Beyond that, if you can't hand in a mission the most common reason is 'cos there's something preventing you from accepting the mission reward.
Usually it'll be because, say, the mission-reward includes some cargo and you don't have enough free space to accept it - although I doubt that's the case here.
That's possibly the sort of thing you should be looking for, though.

I spent a bit of time doing Imp' navy rank recently and I noticed that I was ranking up fast enough that I could get two or three navy missions appearing at once.
I'm guessing that if I accepted more than one of those missions at a time it might cause confusion.
Maybe something like that happened here?
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